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when a liberal I might predict my prediction is this follows Liberal will succeed reasonably well, like we chat has right, which is Chinese Remittance system integrated with which, at the probably the world's best social network software.
So then Facebook will get Remittances integrated with the Facebook messenger, and we chat, which we'll get.
Some uptake will be interesting.
Then you're going to see some horrible hacks and privacy scandals, which Facebook seems bad and avoiding.
You're going to see some developing world countries try.
They clamp down on it because they don't want all the financial data from their country going into Facebook's databases and not theirs.
I'm probably as a result of that.
You're going to see some fundamentally decentralized, Cryptocurrency based Remittance system come afterwards as the next phase after Facebook liberal.
So I think in in the end it will get some adoption.
Some bad things will happen.
You'll have some AB reaction against it, and finally, you'll see like a decentralized, Cryptocurrency based payment infrastructure from about so.
But he'll help that process along.
I think it I think it ultimately will, just like I ultimately think you're gonna have a decentralized Facebook instead of Facebook.
You have some social networking platform that isn't owned by by a big company, but it's just sometimes humanity needs to go through that learning process, even in ways that might seem obvious to some of us before head right.


FACEBOOK的未來。美國科技巨頭能否開始與微信競爭?| Ben Goertzel博士 (THE FUTURE OF FACEBOOK: Can The American Tech Giant Start To Compete With WeChat? | Dr. Ben Goertzel)

23 分類 收藏
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