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way had a little bit of a decline.
And now we have to go back up on an incline on getting sick of these inclines already.
Hi, Kristen.
Travel pockets were sisters who are half American and half Japanese.
And we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.
That's why we love traveling so much way.
Post videos weekly and would love Frida Subscribe to our channel always along on all of our adventures Bernie iss September 4th 7:16 a.m. And it is currently my phone has my watch.
The 69 parking is actually almost full right now.
I have heard that a lot of people start Mistral early, though, um, you have better to do it earlier before the sun starts getting 30 shaded with all these rise Right now, I think I saw people going to the right.
We just went back to the car to get some food out, just in case so so doesn't attract bears are signs saying don't make Yeah, so we got snacks on the car.
I'm a little bit chilly, but it's like freezing, but yeah, sweatshirt.
We'll warm up.
We're gonna go uphill near the waterfall right next to the water.
So we'll see how far we make it up.
There's too options, basically.
Actually, three.
But the third one, I think you have to be a real expert.
I believe I need a permit, but, uh, we're gonna do the first one for sure.
It's a mile and a half height and then do another hike up after that, which will make it three miles.
I think I don't know, like, Okay, we'll see way.
Think we're on Mr Held?
There's no signs leading to miss trails a little bored.
There's a trail, but no signs.
So we're just assuming this is mistrial.
But we just ask these other hikers and they also Yeah, we're like, I think this trail Sure way do here.
Water nearby.
Let's just say Oh, good, good about the plants.
Thank you.
Finally a sign.
This is our first sign here.
It's very small messed trail.
Go back this way, Fan.
I guess we're going towards the fan when we come back.
I think we part around here.
The FBI was found way want to hear the restroom, and then we're going to the mystery.
Top of vernal Fall is a mile and a half.
It's 1000 ft top of Nevada falls less than next one of 3.5 miles.
People want to go on and then top of Half Dome is 8.5 miles, but definitely won't do that's so pretty year and make our way call.
Then, if you want to keep on going about this bathrooms Interesting guys.
Next, candy.
So if you do hike to have, don't you need a permit?
Your country.
So I want to keep on going.
I need a permit.
Oh, fruit already.
It was a pretty steep incline.
I think we've been up less than half a mile, and me candy are dying already.
So we're not even at footbridge of the first.
Definitely not gonna make it to Nevada balls.
I know that already.
The better I like the first was really getting going to get tough again.
They're waiting way had a little bit of a decline.
And now we have to go back up on an incline on getting sick of these inclines already.
I'm gonna make Oh, no, go.
I don't know.
I'm just kidding.
I'm being dramatic.
Gonna refill water here.
That's nice.
Have it.
So that was the bottom of vernal fall.
And that 0.7 mile hike was already brutal for us.
There's the first attraction to see Beautiful begins playing in.
I'm walking, walking like an old lady.
All right.
If you guys keep on go, what can no, another break break, like every every minute.
Their 0.3?
Uh, no, I die.
We're almost there.
The steps are kind of crazy.
Thank you.
I have to have an audience going a little further.
Yeah, I way saw the sign that we're only, like, 0.3 miles away.
Were like, Okay, we continue.
Yeah, I like I should do it, but yeah, definitely couldn't go on after that.
I can't do another 3.5 miles after that.
There's no way.
Actually, first of our group couldn't really do it either.
Or another apply, hungry or tired.
We're candy.
Her knee is so bad.
So bad.
It is just me like, oh, she has a bad eye.
Yeah, she's using a stick and going down slowly cozy.
No, going down is pretty close.
It's great.
Tough of my calves, actually, permissions, but few there so you could do it.
Do it.
So you know, it's, uh, 10.
30 and we've been out for 3.5 hours.
We start the hike at seven.
It was around 60 degrees.
It was great whether when we started and, um, coming back down, though it's really hot now it's eight degrees.
There's more people on the trail, so it's definitely very to go, Uh, early in the morning, close to sunrise, I think.
I think we pointed out pretty well.
Um, it was Amy.
Probably needed.
Were, uh, maybe hiking sticks, expandable or collapsible hiking sticks And maybe some, uh, high tops are hiking shoes to support my ankles.
And if your knees are had, uh, knee brace for candy?


徒步在優勝美地國家公園的迷霧步道--不可思議但艱難的徒步旅行! (Hiking Mist Trail at Yosemite National Park - Incredible But Tough Hike!)

47 分類 收藏
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