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I am in Guatemala on Lake a tit Lynn and I had a villa call bs.
It took 3.5 hours total almost four hours to get your from Guatemala City airport.
There's quite a journey I'm used to long dirty.
But this one was through the mountains and I never get motion sickness.
But this was my first time.
I actually got nauseous while going through all the twists and turns the mountains And I never felt not just before May I throw up?
But I just over here you have this right, soon.
So the shuttle was set up through the villa and it was a private chauffeur.
Me and my friend Paulina that's here with me.
And we're staying here for four days, Friday through Tuesday.
They have yoga retreats here, and we decided to dio our own yoga retreat kind of customized our yoga retreat and a four day package.
So with our package comes to yoga sessions that you we also get one massage and just hang around this beautiful villa, and I want to give you a little tour of this room to show you how beautiful it is.
So this is our beautiful nook area where we could just my lounge and read.
We got a little guidebook here to go over all the good things this villa offers.
Got some keys, Teoh, Our room.
This is room number 10.
We're actually very high up, so we have to go through, walk up a lot of stairs to get here.
But it's worth it for the view.
My friend and I are sharing this queen size bed.
It's not the most comfortable bed, but we slept pretty well.
So all good there.
Of course, the view from here is fabulous.
Look at that.
Oh, such a gorgeous day today.
Two very windy, but gorgeous.
It's our entrance over there, and this is her closet.
Got a good amount of space here.
You hung up somewhere.
Close 1000 shelves here, Teoh.
More stuff.
You have extra blanket up there.
Safe box.
And over here is our bathroom.
It's kind of like a tree house environment of the tree is actually coming through this think area and a lawyer brushing your teeth This precious view.
Since we are in a natural environment, you will see some books here in our okay.
could see.
But there was, like, some little ants earlier.
Some hands in there and some bugs in the water.
But it's kind of expected in places like this.
Thing is our shower.
It's like coming from there, make showerhead lovely tiles, toilets on the other side way storage space here.
But But we didn't actually had to store my stuff in here instead of leaving it on the counter because all the bugs were kidding.
Do it or the little ants.
So just a tip to store your things in here.
And then this is my favorite part.
The balcony.
Yes, but I have this nice view from our balcony, and we could just relax on this.
Hanak, I read a book and just relax.
This is our entrance into our room.
You have a little chair.
We could sit on the door room number 10 balcony across.
And then if we go down a little bit, there is a nice open terrace here.
So you get a better view of that gorgeous volcano.
How magical.
And then down there is the dock where the boats come from.
And that's where we got dropped off became, uh, walked all the way up, you hear Then going up to our room.
The room is up there.
Some nice exercise.
You're going up all these stairs all the time.
On the other side, there is Ah, a little trail here.
It's like another terrorist out here.
Just discover this right now.
You can go down here and get another lovely view on the other side.
Another relaxing area here.
So another another tires here where you can relax.
Oh, so pretty.
Look at that.
That's a different paths he could take.
Can't gorgeous spots you just find on the wind.
Number 10.
So that's the room tour.
There's so many more things getting a discovery here that I just found.
You know what other little terrorists?
I'm sure there's some other things that we haven't found it.
It's actually pretty huge.
This property.
We're on the west side.
I believe there's an east side of the villages.
Well, so or the villa.
So really excited.
Teoh, check out the rest of the scene here.
Very, very beautiful, beautiful area.
So, yeah, today we're probably just going to relax around the villa and enjoy the pool.
The views many Smithson in the lake a little bit, Uh, a couple earlier.
Doing that this morning is actually a chilly morning.
So now is actually really great.
It's about 75 degrees in the morning was about 65 degrees, but not that cold.
Surprisingly, what you know about bag on.
Then we had a yoga session.
So now we have breakfast.
The package comes free breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and dinner buffet.
And, um, you could also order chicken or fish with extra cross, and you just have to or that ahead of time.
So why?
Why is $3 a day here?
Although it doesn't work very well, but it's OK.
It's not like I was really dependent on it while I was here.
It is a place to just relax and not be bothered by technology, but yes, I'm gonna test out the WiFi.
How well it works.
I also brought my sky room personal WiFi hot spot that seems to be working on an office.
Well, I think it's just such a remote area.
They're just not gonna get a very strong signal around here.
Way going down to these are all the steps I have to take every time whatsoever.
Carrie, here it's different since flounder That's us.
Their pool area.
Okay, is my last day at the Esa Maya.
It was such an incredible stay.
It was relaxing.
It was educational.
It was bonding.
It was everything I imagined.
And more It was Oh, spiritually.
Of course, since I was a little retreat, everybody here was so great.
The staff is wonderful.
The tour that we had with Bolton Tours Hetero Waas.
Our room was excellent.
The stairs, though you do have to consider the stairs.
Because although we had privacy and we were, you know, up in a great area with a great view with, you know, the hammock in the balcony, you do have to go up more than 100 steps that was challenging every day.
We did get used to a little bit, but just keep in mind that you have to go up and down those stairs at least three times a day.
So I don't know if I'll do that next time if I come back here, but you know, does something to keep in mind.
And our yoga sessions were great.
Our teacher's name was Emma.
So if you could be a semi a highly recommend him.
I was a beginner and my friend Waas advanced.
She knew how Teoh, you know, going between for the both of us, so that was awesome.
Views while you're doing yoga here are just stunning just to look out on this beautiful lake in the mountains.
And, um what else?
Oh, the vegetarian food was great.
Every day, something was different.
Another thing about our who, Even though that tree was cool going through a bathroom, we did have bugs and ants come into the bathroom a lot.
So we always had to cover a lot of things or put away a lot of our things.
So that's just something to think about.
But we are in nature, so I think it's just expected Teoh expect some bugs.
We wish we could have explored more towns, but we also wanted to enjoy the SME itself because it's such a lovely property.
And we wanted to enjoy the views and relax ation at the pool and, you know, talking with some of the yogis here they were.
Some of them were, like, really friendly, especially Nexia.
She is leading a yoga retreat here, and she is so, so sweet.
So thank you.
Next up for being so lovely to us.
Um, everything that I mean, you know, I highly recommend via semi on Lake A Taelon.
It's excellent.
It's, You know, if you want relaxation, you could do that.
If you went a little bit of adventure, you can go off to some different towns and explore.
There's lots of different towns.
The main ones, I think, are San Marcos, which is known to be a hippie town.
Um, San Juan, which we went to you, which was great.
And, um, there Santiago, which is a little bit further away on a hotel where we came from.
That's where we took the boat from point a child to hear after we got off the shadow.
What else is there?
There is a San Pedro, I think a couple other towns, but those that, like, mostly the main ones and they have great markets to Okay, so I got a go down, eat some breakfast and head on out of here.
If you like this video, please give it a comes up.
And if you want, watch more of our videos, please subscribe to our channel.


瓜地馬拉阿蒂特蘭湖上的蘇馬亞別墅的經濟實惠的瑜伽靜修會。 (Budget-Friendly Yoga Retreat at Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala)

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