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  • And that concludes Mabel's Guide to Fitness

  • With Waddles, the jog hog

  • You want that sundae?

  • You gotta jog for it, jog hog!

  • Look at his little shorts

  • Ma-ma-ma-mabel-mabel

  • Mabel Mabel Mabel Mabel

  • Today: Mabel's Guide to Dating!

  • As we all know, I'm a dating expert

  • In fact, I can't get the boys to leave me alone!

  • Mabel, I love you so much, baby!

  • Why won't you let me into your life?

  • You know what you did, Zack!

  • Today, we're going to test the date-ability

  • of three of Gravity Falls' swingin'est bachelors

  • Soos!

  • Get ready to fall in love, America!

  • Am I, am I looking at the right camera?

  • Dipper!

  • Who are you even making this for?

  • Grunkle Stan!

  • I'm only here because you promised bacon

  • I'm pacified

  • And now for a simple 9000 question dating quiz

  • "Should men always pay for dinner?"

  • What is this, Russia?

  • "How many kids would you like to have?"

  • Seven, preferably

  • That's one to love every day of the week

  • "How do you treat a gal?"

  • Uh! Well, hovering nearby

  • And laughing at everything she says obviously

  • Nailing this

  • While they're busy working, we give you...

  • Grunkle Stan, on a scale from one to five...

  • You scored a three

  • Yes! Yes!

  • This will limit your dating pool to

  • widows, lady plumbers, and convicts

  • I still consider this a victory

  • Dipper, your score is...

  • Eesh! You know, scores don't really matter

  • You should just focus on being you

  • Soos, on a scale from one to five you scored...

  • ...A twelve?

  • My grandma was right all along

  • I am the world's most perfect man

  • Love is all around us

  • And if it seems like you two aren't the right fit...

  • Force it!

  • Oh, no! The squirrels! They're back!

  • Aaah! Save me, Mr. Rhino!

  • Save me!

And that concludes Mabel's Guide to Fitness


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重力瀑布--美寶的約會指南(俄) (Gravity Falls - Mabel's Guide to Dating (RUS))

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