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How to Improve Your Communication Skills by Speaking Better English. Practice makes perfect,
especially when you want to improve your communication skills. You can find help to polish your English
in a host of environments, and a wide array of media. You will need Repetition Media Dictionary
Internet access Books Sticky notes and diary. Step 1. Study mouth movements as people converse.
Repeat what they say, preserving tone, volume, and rhythm. Utilizing media like television
and films and listening to music or books on tape all offer a chance to absorb English.
News broadcasters must neutralize the emotions, so don't mistake their delivery for the way
you might hear normal conversation. Step 2. Familiarize yourself with the dictionary to
improve English communication skills, transcribing words, pronunciations, and definitions to
improve. Speaking and reading aloud in English for a set amount of time each day strengthens
your abilities. Step 3. Ask friends to pronounce difficult words. Listen, study, and repeat
with their help, especially focusing on the endings of words. Record your voice and critique
your skills later. Some websites offer daily, short English lessons sent to your email or
your phone. Step 4. Switch your search engine or mobile phone settings to English language.
Find online chats where you have to respond quickly in English. Step 5. Re-read a book
from your past, but this time in an English translation. Concentrate on the dialogue,
which is more similar to what you would speak than the narrative descriptions, which might
not come up every day. Some books and magazines may be too difficult at present. Don't be
afraid to quit one and find an easier level text to learn from at first. Step 6. Teach
English to your family. Passing knowledge to others is a proven way to permanently fix
that same knowledge in your own brain. Step 7. Label objects in your home by putting their
names on sticky notes, which serve as visual reminders. Play a radio regularly to reinforce
the English language, giving you a subliminal flow of words into your unconscious as you
work. Try listening to a talk radio news show. It will provide more English speaking than
a music station. Step 8. Keep a diary of a running conversation with yourself in English,
using words associated with your daily experiences. They will eventually become habitual choices
and part of your everyday interactions with others. Did you know In 2010, the more than
42,000 students in Pennsylvania who had limited English proficiency spoke 175 different languages.


如何增進口說能力,讓你講英文更流利 (How to Improve Your Communication Skills by Speaking Better English)

15443 分類 收藏
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