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How is the morale with people on the ground?
You know, when it comes to police and National Guard?
There were no around this, you know, without without the support.
And, like you said, also just the abuse that get it must get exhausting as well.
It does.
I mean, listen, mine was a temporary deployment.
I'm not doing that on a nightly basis, but I'm also hearing from and in touch with a lot of officers that are first of all, they do their job because they love their country and they love their community and they're doing it the right way.
And that's that's the vast majority.
Vast, vast, vast majority.
But second of all, when you see the demonization of you and your brothers and sisters for simply doing your job, it doesn't impact your morale.
It does impact the feeling you have about how safe you'll be when you do your job, and then the well known Ferguson effect is real.
If you feel like you're going to be scrutinized for any action, why would you be proactive or aggressive in encounters that you have when you could instead stay in your patrol car?
Or you could stead, not intervene.
You're going home at night.
Yes, the criminal activity happens.
But if you tried to intervene in the first place, you might have been the one who is deemed the bad guy.
So you get the crimes.
Massive crime spikes you've seen we've seen recently in Chicago, in New York and cities across America.
And so morale is not good.
And it is we're losing officers to early retirement because they say, Why do I want this on your demeaning a profession that we're gonna need the best of Americans to enter into?
So it's it's a bad place and it's not gonna get better because these inner cities air run by defund.
The police woke leftist Democrat mayors who are catering to the loudest socialist left wing voices in their community because they're scared of them on.


AMERICAN POLICE MORALE: How Law Enforcement Are Dealing With Abuse They Are Facing | Pete Hegseth

24 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 14 日
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