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Yeah, you mentioned political.
I mean, we're watching this from over here in the UK, and it it seems just massively magnified the fact that the elections coming up and it seems like you know the left is using this as any last ditch effort to spoil that.
Is it that simple, or is it more complex than that?
It's more complex than that.
This is just the latest iteration.
It's sort of the icing on the cake if you consider what's been done to this president over the last four years, from the surveillance of his campaign to what they did to Michael Flynn and the attempts to undermine his administration, from the beginning to the deep state to the Mueller investigation to impeachment.
Two screaming racism, Adam at every turn.
Now they're trying to talk about the economy being his fault, even though everyone understands the impact of the China virus.
And now they're trying to say, You gotta lock it all down and it starts to I feel very political because look at the debate right now happening in Washington, D.
Nancy Pelosi's put forth a $3 trillion bill that's a grab bag for every leftist priority they've ever had.
I mean, the priorities of it, our ballots and bailouts.
They're bailing out blue states that can't manage their budgets to begin with.
Their pension funds are out of control.
And then there's money for the U.
Postal Service and mail out ballot facilitation.
And then they want to blame Trump, as if the Postal Service being messed up was his fault when we all know how it's been.
So this is the latest iteration off a leftist rejection of the Trump presidency from the beginning, which is really just a rejection of all the people that voted for him and what they believe in and I think is the tip.
It's the tip of the political iceberg of how deep the tentacles of the left are in American society, and that's we don't need to jump into my book now, but that's a lot of my book talks about is that politics feels like the last quarter in which patriots and conservatives can still win because you look at media, you look at social media, you look a culture, you look at entertainment, you look at education, you look at churches, even look at the military.
Leftists and political correctness have seized on these businesses.
Big businesses seized on him in a way that eyes surrounding freedom.
And and Donald Trump is sort of standing strong against all of that.
A thwart all of that.
And November 3rd is that here's the other challenge, what with all this mail in ballot nonsense and everything else.
It's not clear we'll know anything on November 3rd either.
And that's the scary part.
How long could that go?
Chaos and confusion is something left often uses, so it's it's bad.
And I wrote the book before Cove in 19 with subtitle The book is Our Fight to Stay Free and Boy, Are We in the middle of a fight to determine whether a small gym in New Jersey, where I live can open safely with social distancing and proper protocols.
When Wal Mart, right down the street, has tens of thousands of people going through it every day, the same registers the same miles.


THE UPCOMING ELECTION: The Leftist Agenda Is A Rejection Of Donald Trump & His Views | Pete Hegseth

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