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all right.
I hope you're having an absolutely incredible summer.
It's hot as heck Here in London is a beautiful day in August and tonight on the show, I have a man that I have been waiting to speak to for almost nine years, and that is the one and only.
Aubrey Marcus, CEO of On Its and I, first heard Aubrey speak on the Joe Rogan experience some 11 years ago.
Something like that.
10.5 11 years ago, when Aubrey spoke about his, I think, first Iowa school experience, and back then I was a banker and I was alone in my big apartment here.
In short, it's not knowing really what to do with my life.
And I was fascinated by two things.
One by these cool guys having a riel, unedited, uncensored, unscripted, uncensored conversation.
I always loved listening to these guys because it felt like I was hanging out with dudes that I normally wouldn't, and they were talking rial for after three hours, and this is back.
When J.
E wasn't even on YouTube, it was on video, and the screens were split in three and it was still done at Joe's House Really old school.
The only reason I knew about Joe Rogan podcast because I was a UFC fan and he was announcer and I trained you jitsu and I knew a lot of fighters.
So I listened Aubrey and he really opened my mind.
And funny enough.
18 months later, I had my first I Waske experience, which completely changed my life.
And of course, we made a documentary film reconnect last year when I went back in and had three more really powerful I watched the ceremony.
So I have to thank Aubrey for that.
Funny enough, we were affiliates for on it in the early days of London real.
So if you go back and watch those 1st 5 or 10 episodes, we're we're offering out for brains people.
And so we were always in touch with Aubrey.
Obviously, we went on Joe's show about a year into it, but we waited for Aubrey to come to London, and he never came, so we never actually got to have the conversation.
So I'm excited to talk to him today.
He's got great books out.
One is called on the day on his new book, is called Master your mind, and that's really about going deep and trying to understand your inner critic, and I'm really excited to talk to him about that.
Also, I want to talk to him about polyamory, you know?
Actually, Aubrey just got recently got married, but before that he was big into experimenting with multiple relationships.
And I know he learned a lot about it, and I want to hear what he learned and why.
Now he's gone monogamous.
So man, we got lots talk about I really appreciate Aubrey's got a great podcast.
He's built an incredible business.
And on it I mean, that thing is a juggernaut.
Total human optimization.
I've been using their products off and on for a long time.
Alfa brain, this room tax all that stuff and I just love the way they go all in.
Their branding is second to none.
Their dedication to they're athletes is amazing.
And, um, yeah, it's it's just incredible what he's built.
Eso I'm excited talkto Aubrey, we're gonna be streaming it live tonight.
London Real that TV ford slash Marcus.
You can watch that at five PM London time.
That's going to be 9 a.m. Pacific.
And of course, you can always watch that for free in the future, if ever you want to go watch that full episode I'm excited to speak to Aubrey.
Leaves some comments below.
If you got any questions you want me to ask him, But I'm pumped.
We're gonna be talking about, um, new tropics supplementation.
Uh, polyamory.
How to build a company?
Austin, Texas is gonna be absolutely epic.
So I'm really excited.
I look forward to seeing you tonight, and I hope whatever you're doing in the world, you're out there crushing it.
You're out there pushing it, and you're out there spreading out positivity and great energy.
Jeopardy around.
All right.
Peace of love.


AUBREY MARCUS - ONNIT的CEO在英國下午5點直播,談論迷幻藥、燃燒人、多角戀?

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