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- What up, what up, what up, fruit lovers?
It's your boy, Little Apple.
- And me Regular-Sized Orange.
(laughs) - Nyah.
Anyway, hope everyone's hyped for today's episode
'cause today we're showing you
how to drive a monster truck!
(motor hums)
- Yeah, I'd see we're in for a wheely good time!
- Nyah!
- What's the matter?
Do you tire of my jokes?
(laughs) - Yes I do!
Now then, you ready to take it for a spin?
- Sure am.
Let's get trucking?
- All right, then.
First things first.
If you're gonna drive a monster truck.
You're gonna want a helmet and a fireproof suit.
- Safety equipment, shmafety equipment.
I only drive monster trucks in the nude.
Everyone knows that.
- Dude, why wouldn't you wear the safety gear?
Who are you trying to impress?
- Oh, you know, the chicks.
(chicks peep)
I've heard monster trucks are a chick magnet.
- Yeah, I'm sure they'll be real impressed
when your butt catches on fire.
- Aw, don't worry.
I had Mexican earlier,
so my butt's way ahead of you.
(laughs) - Ahh, okay.
Step two is to climb into the monster truck.
Now these trucks sit super high off the ground,
so it's a really complicated process
getting up into the--
- Done.
- Wait, you're already in?
- Yeah, it wasn't that high.
Not for a regular-sized orange like me anyway.
(laughs) - Nyah, orange!
Steps two through eight were all gonna be
about climbing into the monster truck.
It takes me like 20 minutes to get up there!
- Guess you'll have to wing it.
Am I right, chickees?
- Ooh, okay.
Well, after you're inside the monster truck,
the next step is put on your six-part seatbelt system.
- A six-part seatbelt system?
I'm bored even thinking about counting that high.
Besides, remember what I said about driving in the nude?
- Yes, I remember.
It's gonna haunt my dreams for years to come!
(motor hums) - Can't hear you.
Figured out the ignition.
- Okay, next you wanna familiarize your self
with the controls.
- Familiarize, shmamiliraize.
How hard can it be?
Steering wheel, gas pedal.
Plus I'm not encumbered by any clothing.
So this will be a real breeze.
- Actually, it's really complicated.
There's front and rear wheel steering and--
- [Orange] Wow, truck yeah!
- [Apple] Orange, look out for tha--
(truck crashes)
- [Orange] Ah, I did it.
I survived and I didn't lose any nonexistent limbs.
- And we're all super glad to hear it.
Anyway, that brings us to final step.
Learn how to fix and maintain your monster truck
because if you're gonna drive 'em hard,
they're gonna break down a lot.
- Yeah, yeah.
That sounds fun and all,
but I'm gonna pop over and check in with the chicks.
- Orange, come back here and fix my truck!
- Can't hear you.
No ears.
(laughs) - Nyah!
- Hey there, chicks.
Did you see me driving that monster truck?
(chicks peep)
Oh, you noticed my butt?
(chicks peep)
And you think it looks hot?
(chicks peep)
Well, I guess Little Apple was wrong
about me wearing all that dumb old safety equipment.
- No, I was right.
- Wait, what the--
Put it out, put it out!
- Find some water!
- Ah, it's okay.
All better now.
Found something even better than water.
(fuse explodes)
(Orange laughs)
(upbeat music)



27 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 13 日
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