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This is the bestest English video to watch.
I'm sure you'll understand better as I explained the most commonist
English mistakes when using superlatives and comparatives.
There's something wrong.
You don't know?
Well, if you don't, keep watching.
Hello, guys.
My name is fanny.
And in this video, I'm going to talk to you about huge mistakes that my students
keep making when using superlatives and comparatives in English.
And it drives me crazy!
So I want you to fix them if you keep making them.
So let's and take a few examples.
For example, “I am more taller than my sister.”
This is absolutely incorrect.
I hope you know this.
The comparative form of 'tall' is 'taller'.
You don't need more.
Okay. 'more' is a double comparison.
It's grammatically incorrect.
So you just say, “I am taller than my sister.”
Second example.
“His house is the beautifulest in town.”
You have to say, “This house is the most beautiful in town.”
As you know, when it's a long word, the superlative is 'most' plus the adjective.
And then we have, “His older son is badder at math than her.”
This is also incorrect because as you know,
'bad', is an exception.
The comparative form of 'bad' is 'worse'.
So you should say, “His older son is worse at math than her.”
“I'm tireder than yesterday.”
Again this is incorrect.
Because the comparison for 'tired' is “I'm more tired than yesterday.”
With two syllable adjectives, it's a little bit tricky.
Most of the time when they end in 'y', you just add 'er'.
When they don't, you use 'more'.
So in this case, we say, “I'm more tired than yesterday.”
And finally, “This is my most happiest day.”
Again, double superlative.
This is incorrect.
You can just say, “This is my happiest day.”
I know you know the rules, but please stop making these mistakes.
If you do, that would be really nice.
Thank you for watching.
Thank you for watching my video guys.
I really want to carry on telling you about your English mistakes
so please show me your support by liking this video
by subscribing to our channel by putting your comments below
and by sharing the video.
Thank you very much.
See you.



33 分類 收藏
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