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How can I turn it on?
Corker will, if you'll concentrate on him.
Next turn on the radio.
Makes it turn on the radio.
Next you turn on that radio going next.
Go ahead.
Turn off that radio.
Yeah, well, you kept me from seeing a fire dragon Me over here, but I'm gonna listen.
Another one, Murdoch.
Weight in Gilbert goes into a clinch.
Referee handlebars Gilbert misses with the left were not close.
The right.
Take over.
10 up to the body on the right to the body.
We're not crowding Gilbert into the ropes.
He shoots over a right cross.
Oh, there's a hard left jolt to the chin.
Another right, Another left.
Lightning punches that hit their mark like bullets.
Gilbert shoots one high to Murdock's head, but it glances off.
Murdoch comes back with the right and left to the body that Murdoch's a great fighter, Joe.
And you'll do it in your heart.
Would even like to be like may another right to the head.
Gilbert swings wild.
We're not We're not staggered.
And all of a sudden Murdock's quit.
I don't get it.
Gilbert didn't even touch him that wild bunch, Only I don't believe it or not, but I was going like a bunch.
So why should he fold shot shot by gamblers from the ringside?
Because he wouldn't throw the fight.
Told the man left you did you would Freud.
Otherwise, they wouldn't give him a chance of the championship.
But once he got in the ring, so they shot one of the cleanest guys in the game.
And Gilbert is swarming all over him, cutting him to ribbons.
He's down.
Murdoch's down.
He finally dropped felons.
He did right?
I wish I could finish that fight for him.
You can jump.
You mean I can take Murdochs?
Just got time to make it.


喬丹先生來了 (1941) - 打開收音機的場景 (7/10) | 電影片段

10 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 10 日
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