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you know, when I grew up, you know, the hero was someone who went through adversity and and thrived, you know?
And the victim was never the hero.
When in my day I'm just I'm 49 so I just wanted When did that switch and why did that switch?
Because it's very obvious now that the victim and the person that was wrong is now this hero, even when they haven't actually done anything except been offended, have been victimized.
They've shown no resilience and no fortitude.
How did that change?
The wider that changes it because of all this underlying cutting away the culture and the Marxism.
I don't know.
I don't explore the origins about rageful for about much in my book.
The book is that each chapter is a lesson in how to be more mental resilience and be that hero you want to be.
And so the entire reason, even right about here archetypes was I think it's the first of the first chapter, but its second chapter.
It's because you have to envision what you should be, and then you work towards getting there, and basically every other chapter after that is different lessons, whether it be still or don't live with a plan B in mind, or learn the proper sense of shame and sense of duty.
Do something hard every day.
All of these air lessons that help you get to that vision of yourself, the right hero archetype.
And so I didn't spend a lot of time trying toe trying to do a historical analysis of where it came from and also because I think a lot of books have already done that, um, but victimhood culture at I mean just off the top my head.
Where does it come from?
It has been around a long time again.
It really Marxism is a victim of culture.
It's just it's just a class struggle.
What's what's happened since the sixties in America?
Is that Marxism?
Because we had a a well off working class that had no desire to revolutionize the whole system.
New left thinkers like Herbert Mark use brought in identity politics into the mix because they need to find aggrieved groups.
And what they've done over decades and decades and decades is is one net.
Make sure you never saw that groups problems, that's that's their That's what's really gross about what they dio, but also keep telling them that it's the system.
It's the institutions.
It's the country's that.
It's the country's whole that is keeping you down.
You can never succeed.
You can never.
No matter what you do, you can't succeed.
So they're always under their thumb, and it creates resentment in it.
Crepes, Um, group identity politics.
Um, that's manifested over time.
Unfortunately, that's been there a long time, I think, Um, but I think the parents that the people of the sixties had kids millennials and and they I think they have broken through the culture, the cultural wall of Americanism, they've broken through that in a way that they had not succeeded in the past.



34 分類 收藏
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