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I know you.
You ran for M e p.
But are you kind of happy to kind of leave the politics aside for now in Britain for now?
And is that something that you might revisit in the future?
Yeah, I mean, burning bright.
Maybe I I mean, um, that was that was Ah, that was something which was, you know, quite fun of time.
I think the British political world has got more stability to it.
Now, um, you know, you really had, you know, kind of the last.
The last lap of victory could be done when we left the European Union on the 31st of January.
But on that debate was settled when the Tories won the election in December.
Um, now, what I would love to see in British politics is a conservative government which has the full belief in Brexit.
Um, you need you need to take advantage off this golden egg which we've been given.
And if you if you let people down, you know, shame on you.
Because that is a really area, you know, and it worries.
It does worry me.
It does worry about the Tory party.
It worries me that the Conservative Party is a conservative in name only on it.
You know, for example, it worries me that it took, you know, this kind of global backlash against China for the British government to reverse its decision on Hawaii.
Now you know, why are we waiting for a global outbreak off virus coming from China to reverse our decision on it.
You know, we should we should We shouldn't have given them the opportunity in the first place.
So you need Riel conservatives in Britain to continue that fight.
And that is I mean, I will.
I won't be, is actively involved.
But I will still always be involved because, you know, I take great interest in the UK I think it needs.
I think the Conservative Party is its own worst enemy.
It is it it attracts an enormous amount of, you know, it's so it's too broad brush in many ways.
And this was the great thing about the Brexit party in that this is a great thing about Nigel is that you know, he was a great balancing force, you know, no matter how much the Tory's couldn't stand him, he was always there on as a result, you know, you always had this great balancing force on the right of the Conservative Party to provide that voice for those millions of people who felt that the Conservative Party didn't represent them.
You know, Andi, that's what you need in Britain.
And so I really hope that in the aftermath, the Brexit on what we've got now in Britain is that the Conservative Party doesn't try and follow the Labour Party down the rabbit hole off, you know, tax and spend.
And unfortunately, they are doing a lot off that eso you know, you need to have that strong right wing voice to pull.
You know, the party back to its core origins off low taxation, low state interference, you know, personal freedom, personal property, individual liberty, freedom of speech.
You know, you need to have those core tenets of the Conservative Party constantly hammered onto the door of the conservative I did.
We always They tend to forget it, and they tend to try for the Labour Party down there much easier.
You know, the kind of wide soft part is the Bible says off, you know, on the road to destruction on the road to socialism on DSO I will never be truly out of the UK Well, I'll always be interested.
And actually, I've also quite enjoying now being able to kind of, you know, actors a little bit of a go between in terms of just putting people together in the U.
Putting to be people together in the UK, you know, being able to tie those two worlds a little bit closer together.
Eso that that's also quite, you know, enjoyable for me and provides another layer of kind of interest in activity, which I never expected to have way.



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