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I think is really that's key to the game.
Describe w things in English and me and dig well and then get your Jake's gonna win.
Obviously, obviously, just talking here.
I'm going here and we feel so fresh.
Thank you.
Guys have awards.
Now we're going to help getting game.
You have punishment, I was told.
It's a spoonful of something.
Okay, My strange English So dry.
My character in Japanese.
Yeah, I'm like food.
It's Ah, cookie or something.
Point is cake in the oh, it has the red bean inside.
It's a little pancake with the red bean inside right now.
Number two to Japanese sports.
Judo, kendo, karate Something one of those to come up only Japanese month.
I don't think that you know my house and tell me Oh, Jake and Shake.
It's taking baked.
But that works.
Doing another 30 soothe number.
Give up.
Just describe what does he sound in summer sun?
It's the color that way.
Hooting, cheering, cheering in the way.
Oh, candy is a who is between handling the ring.
And so whenever you put it's next to the window, so you get so so inject In Japan people think about that as summer visit.
It's like the winds coming through.
Fading sound is cool.
Number 50 English chips No more beating a bigger building like a meaning Fruits Yeah, Plum, Japanese stopped.
I know that I only may, Mr.
I Notice is and always Mendel's paper paper It's this little thing that it's red and has, like, a thing.
You go to the thing and getting the money sitting all your official documents hung coal hunka hunka Wait, You knew that Shorty didn't you just gave that one to me?
Did you just say next?
Oh, school Children back.
Oh, look.
Type Yes.
Yeah, the overhanging back.
I know, actually, really cool The culture of like they all have, like, these cool hats on that Got a little backpack, got swag Next old Japanese hobby sports frag ball line Bramble lounge around hum hand and bowl Lying like born is Kana met.
Maybe late usually lets on the type side of type side of that under type spot.
It's on the string and it's actually really trendy recently They have, like, you're like I've seen in Sabrina's Kingdom, condemning I think they've got Kingdom a group like the outside.
Like doing dances and big from a big fire.
For what?
Yes, I did last night.
You know, July 4th, Independence Day for us.
My friends had American food and Tokyo and my fireworks and everything.
Oh, whatever.
Can't fry Who?
What, right?
Yeah, I Oh, that's good.
She so that Because in America, we also just say she said e was good, but I think just plastic that can go wrong Sweets in Japan, you know, Ma t?
Yes, yes.
Side by side, in many ways.
Much aside.
Menu, old name, jungle, old name Samarai.
Many, many?
Yeah, cake, cheesecake.
Everything is cake snacks.
Stephanie's sweet cold log.
I see 60 names up in Tokyo.
Nice Jake.
Today that can answer many times.
I want means expensive.
It's like the Beverly Hills of Japan.
Oh, be your good food.
Um uh, quick food.
Yeah, No way.
Last two amas casino name drink, melon soda Car keys meets es sider.
Oh, make you what?
Kiku liquor.
Zero u u e I used to when I was an alcoholic.
Just It's very popular for everyone in Japanese people, but for foreigners.
When they come here, it's always like strong zero.
It's got a drink But I think after other different two years after about the first year, value started to drop off cause it's really good for you to drink a lot of strong zeros in one night I came out only strong.
You know what the strong but to recently also can have you seen the super strong?
No percent last question Jump up, creates jump hands up only one Push the wire in Japan Drinking after one shot for you toe happening bar Do not waste your crazy like Monceau hotel fun.
It's fun Every everybody, everybody My mind was in the wrong area I find it like Did she lost weight?
No, no What is it edible?
Is it Vegemite?
Those series I'm not better help you on the table right here, Mom.
My Marmite and the best eyes.
It makes mix type frozen more My Jake Loose bats game But game this high Corn Are you serious?
Must hurt.
I don't need those knows.
Oh, I don't need to know stream anymore because it burned.
It'll out Juicio No karaoke.
A hotel Not very emotional.
Kill that very to know she So Stacy, this on the bus game with me?
Oh, my God.
Next time we're gonna have me explaining things in Japanese.
You guess it?
I think, you know, get probably.


與瘋狂的日本人玩猜字遊戲(ft. JakenbakeLIVE和來自日本國外的夏樹)

31 分類 收藏
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