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Is this for a thing, or is it a joke?
Okay, guys, this is Chris Appleton's ponytails.
Take this'll is Chris Appleton.
He's celebrity hairstylist, has worked with some people you might have heard of.
He's going to show us how to do three of his most iconic ponytails thing.
Look, I'm going to show you Is Kim k inspired?
I actually did this point out.
It was a low ponytail, which is a pretty classic of, you know, she always wear such an amazing, clean middle part, which I think is possibly the most important part.
So what I like to do is to choose a mist of water for out the part that will help kind of manipulate the hair into shape.
Some is gonna work that down there, just a little mist.
I always followed from the nose in the middle of the eyes.
I use a telco.
I use the point just to drag that for the middle and get a super clean part, keep their tell part of the code of flats of ahead.
What's gonna make all the difference is laying the head down, get a nice and sleek.
That's what's gonna make the ponytail of polished clean, my favorite product.
To do this.
The color while court favorite hair spray has a great amount of hold, but it doesn't contain any alcohol, so it won't change the color behalf.
And it's really gentle now, which I like.
So if you think about it, almost is like an orange like orange segments.
Just use your finger and just take kind of half inch to an inch.
Sections all the way down to saturate the roots with spray.
This is going to give you low to control as you've brushed the hair down into that sleek pony town.
As I get to the front, I usually spray a little bit more of the head going backwards.
So basically the length of the hair from you know the top going into the ponytail.
I try not to get the ends, keep the ends nice and fluffy, but I want the roots control because that's what's going to be sitting close to the head.
So I like to use a Mason Pearson brush.
The reason I like it is because it gets through the hair, especially thick hair like iShares and lays it down Super Super flat.
What you don't want to be doing is doing this and Brittany all the way back.
This part should fall into a middle part and then slowly took behind the years on Be nice and low because you're gonna end up with a ponytail.
That's not that low.
It's going to go higher here.
We actually want it right in the nape of the neck.
What I like to do is, well, sometimes we hold Miss Brooks just gonna spray the house races.
A nice little tip.
I just sometimes spray the hairspray onto the brush.
The reason I do this is just cause then I get control as I'm brushing over the top of the hair.
It is a few flyways or any areas I've missed.
Gives me a nice, clean controlled finish to tie the hair guys.
And when was this bungee cord?
Now you can use a regular elastic, but if you want to keep hair is close to the head, it's possible to make a point.
It's already tight.
Hook is the best one to do.
You know, if I tied her hair in a ponytail, wire heads down, although it looks flat when she puts and neck, or what happens is this gets big.
Can you see how that look at the back of the head?
So you get all this bagging this here.
So this now is all loose if you put your head backwards when you tie, and then if you lift your head up All that happens then is it actually gets tighter and flatter.
So it's a really good technique not to go like this too much, because that's when you put your head back up.
You just end up with loads of volume and so simple technique.
But honestly, in my experience, it makes it all the difference.
So the whole goes in at the bottom, gonna put the hook in on the underneath and then just keep as low as possible.
So the structure around the bottom you can see it's kind of like a middle of a ponytail, but it doesn't look as dramatic.
So what I would like to do is add an extra happy Smith with This is a hair extension ponytail so relatively expensive.
This one is from glum.
Seamless is really easy.
There's a hook that you hook into the base of your ponytail.
And then there's a rap which will just take this now off so you can see on the rap runs around the base of it.
So what I'm going to do to make sure the ponytail doesn't go anywhere, it's Adam, never elastic, just below the base of the ponytail.
The reason being is because if you hook the ponytail in the base of what you've already done, it's going to really hurt your scalp because what we do that is cheated.
And we actually put the hook into that elastic below.
So it sits just right underneath and then use this piece of hair over the top just to kind of basically hide the root of the ponytail effectively like this.
So now what we're gonna do guys to create that wavy effect is we're gonna take sections of her.
It was more of the court favorite hair spray, and I'm going to use this wave in iron when I'm putting in.
I like to kind of rotated a little bit.
So this rocket open down the house, you don't get too much of a line, and then basically it's clump away, of course.
And now you put the waving their or we're gonna do is just brush through the wave.
How's it feel?
Because I feel very weightless, guys.
So this is the Kim K.
It's by ponytail.
You can see from the back.
She's got this nice textured along pony.
It's nice and sleek and then these little details at the front.
But the key part is that really nice middle part.
Keep it nice and clean and sharp.
Lo is by ponytail is in a different positions that this one is bang in the middle of the head.
The idea is with this is that you follow the airline.
So basically, from where the airline is, you go straight back, and that's the position of the ponytail.
Again, we're gonna ply product.
So I always like to use the court favorite hair spray opened up the house.
You get the products throughout the roots, so when you pull the hair back, you get that really laid flat.
Look, remember the important part Teoh kind of assess when you're doing this is to keep your head back so you get a really nice clean neckline, so it's gonna use my hands to literally push over the hat flat.
It ends with scout.
I got a good grip.
I'm gonna use the bungee cord, though, when George goes on the underneath.
And then when your time, the bungee cord.
You just want to make sure you keep its flat with scalp as possible.
Now, for me, especially if you've got fake hair, bungee cords, all the best thing to hold the hair.
So it's nice and close to the head.
If you have fine hair, you might get away with just using a regular elastic.
I'm kind of like all or nothing.
So I go whole of the home, so I usually use a couple.
I'll usually go over the top.
This is a buying scholastic, and this gives the hair a really good griffin just stops it from slip in.
The most important part about my ponytails and I think why they look different is because they're close to the scalp there really fitted, inlaid.
And then you have the hair that kind of looks more dramatic.
Okay, So, guys, now what we're gonna do is just add a little more volume on a bit more bounce to the end.
I like to use the color while extra shine spray.
So I spray on the first.
This is going to give it some love and some shine and make it look a little bit more luxurious men to shoes in a large Carl and I and just wrap it around.
So you get a nice bounce in that you don't need to use anything too tight.
But the idea is that you give the hair a bit of love.
City ends this kind of a bounce, and it really doesn't matter if he has longer or shorter in the J.
Lo picture.
It was a little longer than this, but honestly, it works on alarms.
It's good.
It's about getting that nice sort of pull on the face from the front.
Okay, so now we called the ends of the pony town.
I'm going to spray some more shine spray to my brush because I really want this point it out to look glossy and polished, and now we're gonna brush it out.
But we're gonna brush it out in one go.
We're just gonna get the ends A little bit of love push them together.
So it has a nice kind of bounce to it.
So that way, then you get that nice kind of switch.
If you just move your head from side to side Oh, show you can see the has got, like, a nice bounce and nice wish.
It doesn't have to be super Curly.
It's not really about being Carly is more just about having a bounce.
So when you kind of move, you have you just flick it from side to side.
It kind of swishes and have some volume to it.
Now we're gonna show you the Ariana Grande Day inspired Ponytail said, This is high, its full are.
So what we're gonna do is disuse, some hairspray for at the roots, just breaking up the hair a little bit.
So you got a nice, clean finish.
I tend to like to open up the hair and put my product in there, too.
So you can really kind of got those roots going in the right direction.
So now we're gonna dress the hair of your high pony toe.
The idea is that you get the hair as high as possible.
Now, honestly, for you guys at home, when you're doing this, I would just put you head upside down.
Isn't that to use the air?
So if you to get your head upside down view, lean over for me.
Besides, putting the head upside down instantly makes everything a lot easier.
If you're trying to do it with your arms up in the air, you kinda going to give you self are make and, quite honestly, you're probably not going to get the ponytail as high as you want.
Now I'm gonna use the bungee cord again at the roots we're gonna talk about underneath.
What I would do at this point is it looks pretty sad when it's flat like this, so I wouldn't normally do is take a second elastic On the first of all, I would put it around the base, especially just cause she's got really, really big.
You're definitely gonna have more of a chance to be slipping out.
So just looking this and over the top will make a big difference.
Then we're gonna use the second elastic about half an inch above what we just did.
Now, if you don't want to use a hair extension, this is a great way to give yourself more volume.
You can see instantly gives you that kind of bouncy A fuller look.
OK, guys.
So we're gonna now be tell it a little bit to use this to first.
This is kind of like a detail in brush at a little bit her spray and just go up and make sure you follow this eye line.
So this is what's really gonna make the hair kind of clean and what we call snaps.
I think my idea about snatch ponytail is when the hair is really laid.
It looks really polished.
And it's kind of nice and tie.
Okay, so we have a nice planets, I'll just move.
You had around.
Move it around.
They swish it like, flip it over.
It's not gonna go anywhere.
What I'm gonna do is, if you want to kind of add opponent Island.
When you use this second elastic that we used his volume, it's actually hooker ponytail piece in.
So you get more dramatic finish at this point, I just want to talk to you a little bit, actually.
Don't before we add any about how important the airline is.
So we've done three things.
We followed the part down.
We followed the airline back, But now we're actually following the cheekbone up.
So when you follow the cheekbone right up, that's what you're pretty tough When it sits, there is when it really pulls on the face and gives you that snatch kind of resort to guys went out this ponytail peace.
Now, remember, I'm gonna use that elastic that we tired over the top.
I would never put this ponytail around the base off the head without kind of doing so.
So this is just gonna velcro in now and you can see you get that much more dramatic ponytail.
Are you sure?
How does it actually feel on your head?
Does it feel having or does it feel good?
It feels good.
Very light.
Oh, good.
So it's gonna wrap that around.
Actually, I like wrapping it around as well because it gives it a little more off security and almost a bit like scaffold in a bit more hair spray just to lock it in place.
And then we use the hair dryer guys just to really lock it in.
Now we have the long, sleek ponytail.
At this point, I'd like to add a bit more shine and then use the color while extra shine spray point on its handle.
Izing brush.
I like to use a tantalising brush at this point just because I find it gives me a little bit more control so you can see from the back you get that super chic kind of shiny, glossy glass like her, which I think looks amazing and in that really nice Olympus.
Well, it looks great.
Now if you look at the profile, you've got that really nice snatched look here.
So it's really nice and clean.
Remember, before we said we're following the cheekbone, which gives you that really snatched Look, it's complimentary on the face and really kind of just, I don't know it's girly, but at the same time, I think it looks pretty fierce.
I think out of the free ponytails, this is probably the first its most confident because it's poured high.
It's tie and you got that real dramatic.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
Feel great.
That's been my free ponytails.
We've gone from low, medium to high.
If I had to pick a favorite, I would probably say hi.
Pony time never goes out of fashion because is probably one of the most confident dramatic blocks.
But it's also technically, possibly one of the more difficult wants to do, because when you dress in the Herald about high, you're going against gravity.
You really gotta make sure it stays in the right place.
I expect to see you rocking.
This will be you should keep e.
You should.
You've been a trooper.
You've gone through the free free, different ponytails.
Thank you for being my model.


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