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  • school starting up by studying testimony on you and for many of us who were the

  • reagan through it is all nighter is and what we're going to rely on is not just

  • like crowded libraries with our friends to persuade but also coughing

  • and so but the interesting thing that that that's going on in the midst cited

  • literature is

  • every here it seems as the positive parts of profit-taking as a negative

  • parts we've got a story this from c_n_n_ where the sum up

  • but the newest in latest research all the good bad things were coffee because

  • it'd be drinking so much that i thought that we would give you

  • some of those details

  • uh... but before we get into the specific science um... how much do you

  • or did you look at the time college relied on coffee

  • los angeles neighboring that because uh... i don't know if he knows about me

  • right now actually don't drink coffee at some time again that all of you know i i

  • mean i will occasionally alike if i go out and meet somebody for coffee have

  • a cup of coffee but not anti coffee

  • i don't wanna get addicted to anything they did get addicted to it in college

  • and especially kids and worker really weird schedule i don't have to rely on

  • caffeine everyday

  • but when i was in college and he said work on this this t_v_ gavin college and

  • i was always staring at a computer

  • you know it's it's hardly been your conference tourney computer for eight

  • hours a day so i would think on the ass i drink coffee and then one day i had

  • this terrible headache and i went to the scenes and i got coffee and i how does

  • it than i had it was gone and so i knew i was addicted nice like okay and from

  • then on i think i can give you a copy drinker if you do drink coffee there are

  • actually some some good benefits from it so

  • to solicit couple those up its it's the actually be top sources inside oxidants

  • for americans which

  • according to stuff i've read is good for you i guess yesterday i decided that for

  • a second the reason

  • at the top stars of the antioxidant independent are not doing enough

  • within that small communities and downing a copy of having a big mac

  • emeritus of us

  • elliptic

  • antioxidant come from plant foods and that's just admit that communes

  • americans in the insides of any accidents people

  • an apple played yet it's sorta like seeing the light

  • potato chips the biggest source of minerals and died and it shouldn't be

  • ensuring the identified there are some so also it's an antagonistic dancing

  • receptors

  • onto arenas in u dot uh... but actually these receptors analyst slowdown neural

  • activity with a chemical dosing binds them producing a sleepy feeling but when

  • you take coffee

  • uh... it speeds up mural activity

  • sons growing like population up exactly that is and it feels that fills with no

  • inside conversion didn't go here for the part science tom

  • it also appears to lower levels of insulin and estrogen

  • uh... which is perhaps less than last year from the lower risk

  • of endometrial cancer

  • that's pretty good and also it seems to lower the risk of prostate cancer

  • uh... lower it

  • park and possibly percent up prevent type two diabetes parkinson's

  • parkinson's

  • uh... it's also has into the process that's almost every positive i think

  • can't buy

  • that also

  • on the family planning anti copy card here

  • cabinet into greater but caffeine can be in the fall and in big dozens of

  • especially when you start to confine and inviting laid out and i like that and

  • then do you know you see or hear people injuring red volitan

  • and mike

  • and just think it's important that this study is not necessarily because of the

  • caffeine it's more from the beat of the copies which like this out have an apple

  • and when i was not going to like high blood pressure insomnia irritability

  • urinary urgency out

  • we shouldn't by having taken a break after this story done anything to

  • consume docking not exactly contrast heartbeats of various things so

  • you're never you're probably going to drink coffee at some point for a college

  • many of you who don't drink coffee might think

  • no it's disgusting and i could do that whatever when clearly free and fish

  • paper

  • uh... but don't go overboard

  • did have small small amounts dispersal and promised i'd better then like cclc

  • if you need not copy i don't know how the

  • have fish is here to tell you that it has a negative effects

  • i had a terrible headache i took a little bit of cocaine i thought that are

  • you had a problem

school starting up by studying testimony on you and for many of us who were the


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咖啡:你可能不知道的健康益處和風險! (Coffee: Health Benefits and Risks You Might Not Know!)

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