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“I give happiness, and then I take a life,” the woman thinks as she walks down the street
on the way to the dating agency.
“Those that succumb to my allure deserve everything they get,” she muses, impressed
by her own heartlessness.
“They come to me desperate, like hypnotized fools, enchanted by my deadly charm.”
She catches a glimpse of her reflection in a store window, appraising herself for the
effort she's made to look beautiful and serene in her aging years.
“Pity those idiots,” she says under her breath, as if speaking to an audience, “because
anyone who falls for me will soon get bitten and die.”
The woman walks into the agency, exuding confidence, elegantly dressed, dolled up for the profile
photo she'll soon be taking.
“What kind of fella are you looking for,” asks the agent, completely unaware that he's
setting someone up for a death sentence.
“Hmm,” she replies, knowing full well what kind of man she's looking for.
It's not as if she hasn't been through this routine countless times before.
She turns to the agent, feigning innocence, and tells him.
“Well, I am not a rich lady, and life is hard being a single woman without a proper
income, so I think I'd like to meet a guy who has a certain amount of wealth…Oh, and
just to keep things uncomplicated, it would probably be better if he doesn't have any
In her mind she's chuckling, thinking, they won't get me for this…and even if they
do, and they hang me, I'll die with a smile on my face...men...men have been the bane
of my life.
They deserve to die.
And that was one of the ways Kaheki Kakehi, possibly the world's most deadly “Black
Widow” serial killer to date, found her men.
Over a decade she racked up around $8.8 million from the men she killed, making her certainly
the richest Black Widow.
She made men fall for her, and she was a genius when it came to that.
Before she killed her man, his will would state that everything he owned would go to
The term “Black Widow” when related to murder is given to a woman who kills her partner
or husband, just like the female black widow spider may kill its partner.
Those female spiders sometimes engage in what's called “sexual cannibalism”, meaning they
sometimes kill and eat the male they've just mated with.
In Kakehi's case, we must use the plural, partners and husbands.
How many men did she dispatch, well, we'll get around to that soon.
She was born on November 28, 1946, in Kitakyushu city on Japan's Kyushu Island.
She grew up in a middle class family and got all the things she needed when she was a child.
As she neared her late teens she wanted to pursue a career, and before that gain a higher
education, although her father clung on to old fashioned values and told her she must
forget about education and find a good man to settle down with.
Kakehi dutifully followed her father's advice, except her idea of settling down was perhaps
not what her father had envisioned.
Her relationships never seemed to last very long.
Over the years she had serious relationships with up to 14 different men, and many of those
guys died a mysterious death.
Kakehi would support herself in between relationships with a job as a bank teller, fitting for a
woman who would spend the rest of her life taking other men's money.
As the years went by though, Kakehi just couldn't seem to make a relationship stick, her boyfriends
had a nasty habit of dying.
Her traditional father wasn't too happy that his 21 year old daughter still hadn't
met a man and let him support her while she did the traditional womanly thing and had
Lucky for him though, a few years later she would meet the man of her twisted dreams-
or so it seemed- and finally settle down.
Did she have murder in her mind at first sight?
No one can be sure, but there was only one way this relationship would end…
Her father was delighted though, not only because she had settled down, but because
the guy she had met soon went from being a truck driver to becoming a very successful
entrepreneur with a fabric-printing company.
They also had two kids together, and to all that knew her, she was living a very ordinary
That was far from the truth, though...she had a bloody plan in mind.
There's something you might not know about the fabric-printing industry, and that's
the fact that something called potassium cyanide, a colorless sugar-like substance, can be used
for dyeing and printing.
This poisonous substance would come in handy for the world's worst black widow.
You might also not know that death from cyanide poisoning can look like death from a heart
attack, or other natural causes, and the victim can go in a matter of seconds.
As any former Soviet spy would have told you, when you want to get the job done and want
to get away with it, cyanide is a wonderful thing.
In 1994, when Kakehi was 48 and her dear dyer of a husband was 54, the man was taken into
hospital having suffered from a heart attack – or at least that's what it looked like.
After seeing a doctor he was soon deemed to be in a fit state and he was told to go home.
The heart attack had been minor, he was told, he was lucky.
Sadly, after checking out of the hospital, he wouldn't make it through the night.
After her husband's death, Kakehi took over the business, but over a period of nine years
she ran it to the ground.
Business was never her strong point, murder was .
Kakehi was broke and down on her luck, but just a year after her business failure a silver
lining formed around the cloud above her head when she met a 66 year old man who worked
as a pharmaceutical wholesaler.
The unfortunate man had met Kakehi through a dating agency, one of many dating agencies
she would go on to use.
This relationship lasted around three years, and then the lovestruck gentlemen died suddenly
from what was thought to be a stroke, another type of death that cyanide poisoning can mimic.
To those that knew Kakehi, it was starting to look like she had some pretty bad fortune
when it came to husbands.
At least, they thought, she inherited fortunes when her beloveds passed before their time
was rightly up.
The problem was, whenever she got hold of her lover's cash, she squandered it making
bad decisions on stocks and investments.
Kaheki mourned her loss in public, but at home she soon began cooking-up her plan to
meet another guy.
She was no spring chicken at this point and was approaching 60, but in a country where
people tend to live a long time, there was no shortage of aged, single, lonely men.
The lonely old man industry in Japan was booming then, and still is today.
Her modus operandi never changed.
She would get spruced up for the photo and tell the agency that she was looking for a
childless man who was self-made and financially secure, or at least he must earn above $80,000
a year.
He had to have his own place, although she always said she didn't much mind if the
man had any pre-existing health issues.
She would of course “take care” of him if need be.
She soon met the ideal man, a 75 year old named Toshiaki Yamamoto.
He was down on his luck and feeling all alone when Kaheki seemingly became his perfect match.
The guy was smitten with her…obsessed with her sultry charms and her way of making him
feel wanted and secure.
Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last very long, and this old boss who ran an agricultural
cooperative, suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack just three months into their
We don't need to tell you by now that he didn't die of a heart attack.
While married to Yamamoto, she had met a man by the name of Toshiaki Suehiro.
Yep, she was a cheat, and it wouldn't be the last time she'd cuckold a guy.
In 2007, Suehiro suddenly collapsed in the street, as one might do when they have been
poisoned with cyanide.
But the man didn't die right away this time, and for two years he was kept on life support.
He would however die of cancer.
A convenient turn for Kaheki.
In 2011, she met the wonderful Mr. Masanori Honda, a man who also ticked all the boxes
at the dating agency that Kaheki was using.
The two got engaged after six months and just as love was blossoming the man went out for
a bicycle ride and never came back.
The cause of death was said to be an abnormal heart rate, or what's known as arrhythmia.
There wasn't really a pseudo-mourning period this time, because while Kaheki was engaged
to Mr. Honda, she was also seeing a sickly man who'd once worked as an architect.
This man, one Minoru Hioki, died in 2013 after having dinner with his lover.
The death certificate said Mr. Hioki had died from his cancer, but that's highly unlikely.
Something in his dinner might have pushed him over the edge.
Just weeks after old man Hioki met his end, Kaheki married yet another man and he would
be her fourth and final husband and the man who's last name she would keep.
She would have his surname when her world turned upside down.
Their relationship lasted a matter of weeks, before Mister Kakehi suddenly died from what
looked like natural causes.
We should say here, that the police and the media don't exactly know just how many men
Kaheki dated, or killed, throughout her life, but what was becoming quite apparent was the
fact that this woman had something of the Medusa touch in her.
The fact didn't escape the media, and not long before Kaheki was finally arrested she
was interviewed by a Japanese newspaper The poor woman was asked about her ill-starred
affairs and it was pointed out that it was strange that so many of her lovers and husbands
gave up the ghost so soon after meeting her.
Kaheki replied, saying, “I want to know why all these things happened.
I want to make it clear.
I am not the type of woman who wishes to remarry.
As it happens, people that I met happened to have a strong desire to marry.”
That, of course, was an outright lie.
She was the seducer, not the men.
The police were now on to her, and they went to the hospital where her former partner,
Mr. Suehiro, had spent two years on life support.
The hospital still had blood samples from this man and it was soon revealed that cyanide
was found in that blood.
Now things started to make sense, but there was nothing they could do about the men whose
bodies had already been turned into ashes.
When Kaheki was finally arrested the cops found traces of cyanide in the trash can at
her home in Kyoto.
The police also discovered medical books at another apartment in the same city, books
that contained advice relating to poisoning and the administration of drugs.
At the time of her arrest in 2017, she was dating another man already, a guy that had
fallen head over heels for her and told a court that she seemed like a really sweet
The police even unearthed an email she had sent him that read in part, “I will stay
with you for the rest of my life.”
What she really meant was, I will stay with you for the rest of your life.
The trial lasted 135 days and hundreds of people queued up to get inside the courtroom.
Kaheki was eventually convicted of three murders and one attempted murder for Mr. Suehiro.
As you can see from this story, it's likely she killed a lot more people, perhaps as many
as ten husbands and lovers.
During the trial, Kaheki was asked by a journalist, “But didn't you feel fear when you killed
With an angered expression painted across her face she replied, “You are bold enough
to ask me such a question!”
At first she refused to say anything at all in court, but the evidence was conclusive.
In the end she admitted to killing her last husband, telling the court that he was greedy
and gave other women his cash.
She admitted to hating her last husband, although she didn't comment on the other men she
had been accused of killing.
When she was told she was going to hang by the neck for her crimes she acknowledged that
and told the court that she would “die smiling.”
She then said, “Please hang me.”
Alas, she withdrew her statements and her lawyers argued that she had dementia and didn't
know what she was saying, in spite of her being so calculated when finding men and quickly
dispatching them to the afterlife.
Maybe Japan didn't want to see an old woman hang from a rope, and that hasn't happened
yet due to the fact her lawyers managed to persuade the court that her dementia diminished
her responsibility.
As we speak, the Black Widow's home is a prison cell.
In 2019, a judge in the Osaka High Court rejected Kaheki's lawyers claims that her dementia
played a part in the murders, and she still may hang.
The case is ongoing, keeping the Japanese public on the edge of their seats.
Now you have to watch this show, “America's Strangest Serial Killer - Ed Gein (The Butcher
of Plainfield)”, or have a look at this, “The Most Evil Person in the World - The
Bikini Killer.”



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