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Everyone needs a summer job, but you just had to go and get a part-time position at
The SCP Foundation, didn't you?
Technically, you're massively underqualified, but the employee turnaround at that company
is so crazy that they can't exactly turn applicants away.
Sure, you may die horribly at the hands of a number of beings – or get terminated for
knowing too much – but the pay is decent, and the dental coverage can't be beat.
However, you're now staring down the barrel of your first containment breach, and three
of the foundation's most terrifying creatures are on the loose: SCP-173, SCP-096, and the
dreaded SCP-682.
Talk about a trial by fire.
But don't worry – we're here for you, with all the tips, tricks, and techniques
you need to get these monsters back in their cells, or better yet, wiped from the face
of the earth.
So, steel yourself, agent, things are about to get horrifying.
Are you ready to Secure, Contain, and Protect?
First up, we have SCP-173 – a creature you should really be keeping an eye on.
If you take your eyes off of this spooky statue for even a second, you'll find yourself
laying on the ground with a snapped neck.
While it may look like a giant concrete fetus, this beast has left hardcore Class D personnel
mined straight from Death Row in crumpled heaps on the ground.
If you were going against this thing in a hand-to-hand battle, or with small arms like
a handgun or a standard rifle, you'd be better off turning the weapon on yourself
before the entity had a chance to get its hands on you.
Thankfully, you've got the nigh unlimited resources and state-of-the-art weapons technology
afforded to you by the Foundation, so you at least have a fighting chance.
But, no weapon in the fight against these mysterious beings is greater than knowledge
– With “know your enemy” always being the first rule of conflict.
So, let's get to know this nightmarish living statue, and see whether there are any cracks
in its concrete armour.
SCP – 173 is a Euclid class being – meaning that the object has a certain degree of sentience,
is difficult to contain, and is often unpredictable due to our lack of understanding of said object.
SCP – 173 was moved onto the containment site in 1993, and has caused a number of brutal
deaths since then.
The exact origin of the creature – and how it's able to move and cause damage – are
still a mystery, as it never moves while under direct observation.
Despite apparently being a sentient creature, Foundation tests indicate that it's constructed
from concrete and rebar, with the addition of some Krylon-brand spray paint.
It also somehow produces blood and feces, despite having no obvious digestive or vascular
That's just one of the many perplexing things about the biology of this seemingly impossible
Typical containment procedures involve confining SCP-173 in a locked container, under perpetual
direct supervision from at least three Foundation personnel.
When the observation personnel are relieved from their duties to change shifts, at least
two are required to maintain direct line of sight observation of the creature until the
other personnel have safely vacated and locked the chamber.
The creature is exceptionally fast and strong – even the half-second it takes to blink
is enough to get your neck brutally broken by this snap-happy statue.
But these containment procedures apparently weren't enough, and now this wannabe-Weeping-Angel
is on the loose, snapping its way through every SCP Agent who can't maintain constant
eye contact.
How can you possibly fight a creature you can't look away from, even for a fraction
of a second?
As the creature apparently lacks a conventional vascular system and doesn't appear to have
standard, carbon-based biological organs, it can't be poisoned or gassed into submission.
You could go in guns blazing with a heavy artillery weapon like “The Metal Storm.”
This terrifying machine-gun, created by an Australian company with American funding for
use on US Navy ships, is a 36-barrel nightmare literally capable of unleashing upwards of
one million rounds of parabolic hellfire within a minute.
(use this image: https://tinyurl.com/y942fekw) Surely this would reduce SCP – 173 into
rubble, right?
Well, perhaps, unless the initial blast causes you to blink.
If that happens, then the creature is equally likely to dodge your firestorm and snap your
To truly beat this SCP, you won't need a hyper-advanced machine gun, but you will need
a little help from one of mankind's oldest annoyances: The common housefly.
Unlike humans, whose eyes need moisture to function properly – and thus, need to blink
– flies have perpetually-open compound eyes.
This not only affords flies a wider field of perception, but the ability to stare forever
without blinking.
If you release a swarm of these annoying little creatures into a room with SCP – 173, it'll
essentially be paralysed by the perpetual gaze of its hundreds of tiny guests.
And when this slab of malicious concrete is rendered inert, it can be disposed of the
same way you'd dispose of any troublesome concrete structure: TNT or C4 charges that
could blast this prolific strangler to kingdom come.
The resulting rubble could then simply be destroyed in an industrial furnace, leaving
no trace.
Quite literally “Done and Dusted.”
But that murderous piece of modern art is child's play compared to your next opponent:
SCP – 096, a creature whose chronic shyness could be the death of you, and potentially,
the death of everyone else, too.
This is another Euclid, but its combat potential is devastatingly higher than its concrete
According to all physical descriptions, it's a freakishly tall, humanoid creature with
white skin devoid of all pigmentation.
Its limbs are incredibly long – described by official files as being “grossly out
of proportion with the rest of the subject's body.”
Despite having an emaciated, almost malnourished appearance, the creature has seemingly impossible
strength and ferocity during combat mode.
The creature displays no higher intelligence or reasoning, and appears largely docile while
Containment procedures dictate that the being must be kept in an airtight steel cube with
no surveillance equipment whatsoever.
Because this creature becomes truly dangerous when you see its face.
That's right – if anyone, anywhere, sees SCP – 096's face, whether it's physically,
or in a picture or video, the being enters a state of severe agitation.
It will cover its face, and begin crying and wailing loudly.
When this period of despair ends, the creature begins a vicious rampage after whoever saw
it, relentlessly tracking down its prey and eviscerating them, regardless of what's
in the way.
Witnesses have reported the creature tearing through doors, walls, and tanks with no effort
whatsoever, and experiencing severe physical damage – consistent with the destruction
of most of its internal organs – and barely even flinching.
The creature's skeletal structure appears almost indestructible, and the only thing
that can stop its rampage is the total annihilation of its target.
So, here's rule number one of taking the creature on: You cannot, under any circumstances,
see its face.
So how can such a thing be achieved?
How can you fight something you can't really look at?
Well, there is where some key details come into play.
While, in a combat scenario in which SCP – 096 is in attack mode, it has been shown to recover
from damage sustained from around a thousand .50 calibre bullets and sustained fire from
an anti-tank gun, it may not have this same level of invulnerability in its docile state.
Perhaps you could catch this self-conscious creature off-guard by approaching it while
using the T7 Thermal Imaging FLIR Binocular Goggle System.
The creature becomes an unstoppable killing machine when its face is seen, but through
utilising a thermal imaging system, you'd merely be viewing its abstract heat signature
without any real facial definition.
In other words, thermal imaging goggles like this would allow you to view SCP – 096 without
really seeing it.
And when the creature kills its target and returns to its docile state, you finally have
the opportunity to show it some real firepower.
While this SCP is incredibly effective at ground combat, it hasn't shown the same
prowess against aerial vehicles – like the devastating MQ-9 Reaper UAV, a remote-controlled
drone with ungodly firepower.
While this creature may be able to survive an anti-tank gun while in its offensive mode,
could it survive a volley of immensely powerful AGM-114 Hellfire II Anti-Armour Missiles fired
from above while in its docile state?
We can't be exactly sure, but it's unlikely that – even if it did survive – whatever's
left could put up much of a fight.
Injecting the skeletal remains with powerful fluoroantimonic acid, much like a spinal tap
procedure, might be the final nail in the coffin for this emotionally volatile monster.
Even the most powerful acids, however, don't mean much to our third and final combatant.
That's right – the utterly horrifying SCP – 682, otherwise known by the foreboding
nickname “The Hard-To-Kill Reptile.”
Even this feels like a gross underestimation of the power of the creature.
It's the first Keter-class SCP on the list here – meaning “anomalies that are exceedingly
difficult to contain consistently or reliably, with containment procedures often being extensive
and complex.”
That's right – the other two Euclids were just a warm up.
The Keter-class are the big daddies, and SCP – 682 is probably the most dangerous and
durable of them all.
It's an extremely intelligent and ferocious reptile-like creature with unparalleled regenerative
ability, reflexes, and strength.
It also seems to detest all forms of life in our dimension, and is bent on the destruction
of any living being it can get its claws on.
The beast is also so adaptable that it's almost impossible to use the same method of
attack on it twice – even other SCPs have proved unable to terminate the creature during
In order to contain SCP-682, it's perpetually kept in a sealed vat of powerful hydrochloric
acid, continually melting its body to prevent it from reaching its full potential.
If this thing gets out while you're on duty, you better either prepare your last will and
testament or get ready to negotiate a raise.
There is no proven way to take on this nigh-unkillable beast, so any methods of assault would ultimately
just be guesswork and wishful thinking.
Still, we believe there are a few potential methods for putting this misanthropic immortal
lizard out of commission, even if not all of them are permanent solutions to the problem.
The first option involves a lot of creativity and a lot of bullets.
Remember earlier in the video, when we mentioned The Metal Storm, the experimental Navy machine
gun capable of firing a million bullets per minute?
Such a weapon would be a lot more useful against the fleshy body of SCP – 682.
Coupled with high-intensity flamethrowers – which are illegal under the Geneva convention,
but hey, legality has never stood in the way of the foundation before.
If over 87% of the body is damaged or destroyed, the body will be compromised enough for temporary
If you act fast, this is when you'll have the greatest chance of survival.
If the incapacitated body was once again placed in high-intensity acid, this containment unit
could then itself be transferred to the payload of an autonomous rocket – much like the
kind used to launch satellites into the far reaches of space.
If you want to truly be rid of this immortal lizard, firing its desiccated, still-living
carcass into the infinity of space is definitely one way you could go about it.
Not to mention the fact that, given the Foundation has almost unlimited resources, a SpaceX style
private launch would definitely not be out of the financial question.
Though, of course, if you want a less complicated solution to your SCP – 682 problem, there's
another form of rocketry that could come to your aid: Nuclear-armed Intercontinental Ballistic
There's no way of stating with 100% certainty that one or even several Nuclear ICBMs would
actually kill the beast, but there's pretty much nothing else these bad boys can't kill,
so you're in there with a chance.
If SCP – 682 was caught within the hypocenter of the blast, which is anywhere within one
mile of the direct explosion, there's a good chance that its organic matter would
be reduced to atoms by sheer force of the blast's thermal energy.
However, seeing as the SCP Foundation keeps any facility holding SCP-682 around 50 kilometres
away from developed human settlements, you wouldn't need to stop there.
If anything did remain, the area could be salted with napalm and the same powerful hydrochloric
acid used to contain it.
In prior tests, the creature had been damaged to the extent that only around 20% of its
biomass remained prior to regeneration.
It stands to reason that the most thorough way to ensure the beast's destruction is
to strike with such rapid and overwhelming force it doesn't even have time to adapt
or repair.
In other words, the only way to really kill SCP – 682 is absurd, heavy-artillery overkill.
But that's a small price to pay for not only your life, but the survival of the human
And, of course, your end of year company bonus.
Check out the rest of our “You Vs” Playlist for more exciting battles between average
joes and pop culture's most formidable foes.
Thanks for watching!


你與SCP基金會的對比--你能戰勝並生存在這些SCP(SCP 173,SCP 096,SCP 682)嗎?

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