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  • - [Narrator] Go on an adventure with princesses

  • who sail the ocean

  • and escape from towers,

  • who find new worlds

  • and magic powers,

  • who read and ride,

  • swing and slide,

  • and aren't afraid to go inside.

  • (gentle music)

  • Get ready to sing with teapots, fly on magic carpets,

  • dance with friends, team up with dragons, talk to trees,

  • and travel to magical worlds.

  • Disney Princess.

  • Adventure awaits.

- [Narrator] Go on an adventure with princesses


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B1 中級 美國腔

像迪士尼公主一樣做夢!| 迪斯尼公主 (Dream Like the Disney Princesses! | Disney Princess)

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