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Obviously we've seen a few examples Where the police air pulling back or non existing?
They know when the Chazz that was there and then gone and we're seeing more shootings happened in New York City.
Where do you stand on that?
And do you think the public is starting to understand what happens when the police is un effective and how dangerous that is?
Or do you think we have a long way to go on that?
No, it again looks like much like people.
The public is not on the side of on the please wildly left wing Logan.
And you know what my job is to demonstrate the people that, like as the Democratic Party is still supporting, this radical leftist Democratic Party is looking for ways to reimagined belief so they might come up with some nicer words for it.
But in the end, it still made moving money from one place to another.
That's what it means, and it means more crime.
Um, I like to point out that the left is having us all of these battles within their own ranks.
Um, just if you take a step back, all of these cities with problems are have been run by Democrats for decades and decades and decades.
Um, the history that Democrats are contending with his Democrat history Republicans have always been the abolitionist party That was the birth of our party was as an abolitionist party.
We're the ones who voted overwhelmingly for the Civil Rights Act.
The Democrats were more split.
We freed journalists after progressives jailed journalists under Woodrow Wilson.
We you know, all their heroes, their progressive heroes.
FDR, Wilson.
Um, they're the ones who implemented some of these terrible laws, and and we're deeply racist.
Ah, that that Democrats were complaining about today.
So, you know, we need to do a better job demonstrating that two people we've always been the ones who stood right there in the right place, right?
Individual liberties, the constant over character matters.
The Democrats swing wildly from one side to the other.
There, over.
They've always been about group identity politics.
Before, they were racist, anti anti black, and now now they Now the pendulum has swung the opposite direction and moved into the the into the realm of grievance politics where where you know, bids.
But it's in the end, they would still group under of identity politics can, and it's still all about power, one group having more power than another on.
But it's really dangerous and it's very, very device way.


POLICE PULLBACKS: Does America Realise What Will Happen With No Law Enforcement? | Rep. Dan Crenshaw

9 分類 收藏
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