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you know, I've had talks with my community manager at YouTube.
I mean, luckily, I can have a call with them because we've been partners there, but it's just it seems like a few people are kind of determining policy, and it's an election year, and it just seems, I don't know.
It's it seems like a very few or controlling speech, and that just seems very dangerous.
It certainly Facebook seems to be the only one that really tried to hold the line of doing extent.
But even obviously no problems there.
Google seems to be the worst culprit a so far as I can tell from people's complaints and and what we've seen across the board, uh, Twitter as well, But but it's Twitter is less problematic.
I think people give Twitter a bit of an outsized do influence it really.
I think most regular people aren't on Twitter.
I think a lot more people are on YouTube and Facebook.
I don't think that I know that is from the from the data, um, and so about.
That's where this stuff becomes problematic where, like you said, taking down videos, um that are very clearly simply a different opinion or not that this is not inside a any kind of violence or harm against anyone.
But they get around that and say that this is sort of the double speak that it's occurred over time is that they get around bad argument by saying, Well, speech could be harmful speech Gonna be violence.
People can be physically hurt by speech.
And this is this Is this this This is how they've been able to circumvent that and and sort of appeal to the kind hearted liberal sentiments.
Um, again, liberals are being trampled over because the problem with liberalism is again.
It was It was always a bit naive.
Um, in many ways, uh, but as long as liberalism stood for liberal principles, uh, we were OK that that has ceased toe happen.
And the left is very good at manipulating and then destroying the left.
The liberals where is, you know, we need liberals.
Liberal conservative arguments are okay.
I think that's a healthy balance in a society that we're not having that balance anymore.
Liberals have been trampled over completely, so it seems like conservatives are the only ones fighting for basic liberal values of using reason and science and logic and fact based investigation and free speech and negative rights.
You know this this this notion that we have a right to life, liberty and property.
Um, and that's that's being that is being trampled to death by the left.
And I don't see liberals standing up for the way I would like, way.


POLITICS VS NAVY SEALS: The Biggest Challenge Rep Dan Crenshaw Has Faced Whilst Being A Politician

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 8 月 3 日
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