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you've written speeches for Richard Nixon?
Nelson Rockefeller.
I mean, you know, you've you've were mentored, I think by Henry Kissinger.
Obviously, Ronald Reagan quoted your work a lot.
What's it like working with these these powerful people?
I've you know, I actually at my rule when I worked for politicians with to see them as little as possible, the crucial thing ISS that they want.
I was a speechwriter.
And the key thing is, they want the best speech they can get for a particular audience.
And, uh but if I if I've talk to them before the speech, I have to pay excessive attention to what happens to be in their mind at that particular time.
And ordinarily, the meeting with the speechwriter is not a central activity of that day.
And and I find it a waste of time to talk to politicians.
You, you you want I used to work at night.
I go to the offices at night and write the speeches during the night where I wouldn't be interfered with and then deliver the speech on the politicians dust the next morning and go back to my apartment and sleeve eso I didn't wreg at the worst.
My worst job was working for Jacob Javits, who was a really brilliant guy who cared a lot about speeches and wanted to tell you exactly what to write.
I had nothing to offer for Jacob Javits, but the best person was Nixon.
Uh, Nixon would read word for word, everything you wrote.
I mean, he was just, Ah, he hired good speechwriters, and there were they really were terrific from, ah, Pat Buchanan to Jeffery Harte.
Uh uh.
And I wrote a lot of speeches and and and he would read them word for word it.
And, uh and he did very well with the speeches.
Nelson Rockefeller was dyslexic and and not especially good at delivering speeches.
Particularly had to read.
Um, So Nelson Rockefeller, you you didn't want him to be reading speeches.
You wanted him to be talking extemporaneously was very good.
That at, uh, talking extemporaneous leak you couldn't read a speech of Bob Dole was impossible because he liked telling jokes and doing anecdotes.
And I worked for Bob Dole.
And he was, hey would sometimes laboriously read the first paragraph of the speech I'd written for him, and then he throw it away and and lunch onto a serious of his very entertaining monologues.
I had a lot of I enjoyed my time with politicians, but I didn't spend much time with them.
And they call you up because you were the Economist that knew what he was talking about and can help to communicate.
Well, I was.
In the early years, I was just a writer.
Okay, I wrote it.
I've spent a whole year in Lansing, Michigan, writing a book for George Romney called The Mission and the Dream.
And this was when Romney was running for president and he ended up not running for president.
I ended up not getting paid for the book, which meant I pretty much had rights to everything in it, and I converted into wealth and poverty 10 years later.
That was why could write wealth and poverty in time.


WORKING FOR POWERFUL PEOPLE: Why George Gilder Wanted To See Politicians As Little As Possible

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