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You know, I don't know about you, but I'm confused as hell.
You know, when I read the news and when I see what's going on around me, uh, none of it makes sense.
You know, here, in Europe, countries that we were told we can visit, we're now being told we have to be quarantine on.
Ah, we're hearing about a second wave that's coming down the pipe.
We're being told you have to wear masks in the tube.
You have to wear masks in the shop.
And now I hear that phase three clinical trials of a fast track vaccine or happening, and Madonna is also finding that 80% of those people are, uh, having adverse reactions to it.
And yet this is the thing that's going to allow you to travel again.
This is the thing that's going to allow you to assemble toe, allow your Children to go to school, or maybe even you to goto work.
And it just doesn't make sense.
And it feels like we're what we're working upto a winter that could potentially be unlike anything we've ever seen.
And as the cold comes in and the flu is come in and everything gets classified as all these different things.
I don't know what's gonna happen to this world, and when it turns out that the only way I can speak to you is through digital technology, I can't see your face.
I can't come close to you.
I can't talk to you.
And then if I want to communicate you, it has to be digitally.
So I have to compete with all the other digital Nonsense is out there that's coming from all sorts of other groups with questionable funding and questionable countries like China and Russia.
And then it's being censored.
On top of that where I can't speak the truth because I violate community policies.
It's no wonder that we're all confused.
We're all in fear.
We all don't know who to listen to and who to talk to and who to trust.
And that's why we need the answer.
And there's only one man with the answer, and that's Mr David Ike.
And this man has consistently delivered every single time that we have called upon him for his wisdom at London Real this year, and this will be the fifth conversation with David Ike on August 2nd, we're going Rose, like five.
The answer.
And we're gonna be beaming this live from London real at five PM UK time and asking David again, you know, asking him, begging him to give us some answers for what's going on here to put his reputation on the line held to put his life on the line and take his 30 years of research his 30 years of contrarian thinking and say things that no other human is willing to say.
No one else is capable or willing to risk their reputation, their livelihood, to tell us what the F is going on.
You know, I don't see anybody else stepping up.
I don't see anybody else qualified.
I don't see anybody else with the conviction, the knowledge, the research base, who's gone through the science and who's willing to take the heat for his reputation, being ripped to shreds by some and him be celebrated by others.
You at the London Real Army and us and what we dio and celebrating him for his freedom of speech.
Now to broadcast this message, we can't do it through any other means.
I can't do it through any others.
Technology platform or social platform.
Hell, we've been shadow band D platform bands and censored from all of them at this point.
So the only way we do this is on the digital freedom platform.
The only way we even have this platform is because over 34,000 members of the London Real Army gave their hard earned dollars to allow us to build the technology to stream something like that.
But that's what we're going to do on Sunday because we will not be silenced and we will not be censored and we will not be stopped.
And as David says, we're not Avidan anymore.
We're not having it.
I don't want to wear a mask.
I don't want to be told what to do.
I don't want to be quarantined.
I don't want to stop the whole world for someone else's agenda for something that looks a lot like a flu.
And yet I probably can't even say that right now, and so that's why we're looking to David.
We're looking for the answer and he's going to give it to us in ah in a way that no man can And I spoke with David this week and he said, Brian, he said this I'm bringing that.
I'm bringing it hard this weekend and I'm gonna drop signs on all of you and this book that I was writing.
I wrote it before the pandemic, and it predicted the pandemic.
He said, Brian, because all of this was predictable.
And the longer we're going on, the more people are starting to really wonder what's happening out there.
I was on on Ah, on an episode today with Judge Jeanine Pirro, and she said, Brian, does this make any sense that during the lock down, all of a sudden a black lives matter protest?
There's a There's a bunch of bricks that are just sitting there.
Does it make sense that all these people are ready to go and wreak havoc on our country?
She's like, I don't think it does.
And I was like a Zijin even watch tonight, Cavagna And she said, I don't know, Brian, there's too much coincidence here.
There's other actors.
This seems like it was planned.
It seems like they're isolating us.
They put these masks on us.
We can't communicate with each other.
We're scared of each other.
That's what she's saying so A lot of people are opening their eyes, and I appreciate that.
And David has been right every single step of the way.
Every rose, like this year.
This man is basically predicted.
What's gonna happen?
And if you want to know what's gonna happen the rest of the year and next year, as we come into this second wave or whatever they want to call it, then you need to tune in, tune in, watch it, record it and hold it because I can't be guaranteed of anything anymore, whether it's still gonna be up or we're gonna be up or we're gonna be around because I never even know what's gonna happen.
And I've seen some strange things these last few months, so join us.
Freedom Platform dot tv ford slash Ike.
You could also go to Freedom Platform that TV Ford slash band tow watch previous band videos of David and get up to speed with what's going on share with your friends.
Sunday, August 2nd 5 PM UK time.
12 noon Eastern Standard Be there.
It's going to be epic.
We're going to be giving you the answer, and I just want to say thanks to David for putting itself on the line, His reputation on the line.
It's epic what he does, and I look forward to seeing you there.
It's gonna be a special time and important broadcast.
We'll see them.


What Is The Answer? David Icke Returns To London Real This Sunday August 2nd 5pm UK 12 Noon EST

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