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hey guys sam here back with another india episode and today is going to be a
non-veg food tour of chennai having flown from bangalore earlier that
morning my friend david and i met up with our local guide deepak
who showed us around some great food spots where we sampled all sorts of beef
and chicken dishes our first stop was sukubai a restaurant
specializing in beef biryani but we ended up trying a whole lot more
including beef brain and beef liver wow look at that guys i have never had
beef brain i will be trying that for the
first time that afternoon we enjoyed some filter coffee on the beach right
next to the chennai marina lighthouse and we also visited the fish market on
marina beach which is the longest natural urban beach in india
then in the evening we had dinner at adaba this is a type of roadside
restaurant usually off the side of the highway
here we ordered a grand total of 13 chicken dishes plus
roti some of the highlights included maharaja chicken
maharani chicken and ramba chicken everything was so colorful and each dish
tasted better than the last so bring your appetite and let's kick
off this non-veg food tour of chennai
all right good afternoon good afternoon guys greetings from tonight india
it is our first day here and i'm joined with my good friend deepak
thank you for coming along and today we've got a special episode because
we're going to be trying biryani local biryani and what kind are
we going to have like we're going to have like beef
biryani a lot of beaches from beef oh my gosh wow that sounds
incredible this place looks bustling they just brought the biryani and the
restaurant by the pot can't wait to go inside and try some
this restaurant is called tsukubai and they serve some of the best
biryani and chennai as usual the place was packed
these are some of the dishes that were recommended to us beef
keema yeah beef grain beef liver beef fry beef cutlet beef papaya
beef masala beef biryani
oh my gosh i'm so excited for this lunch what a feast of feast we have an
absolutely incredible spread of food it's basically
biryani and a number of beef dishes a lot of meatballs
now time for a tour of all the dishes in front of us we ate
parrots which are flaky layered flatbreads made with maida flour
beef cutlets which looked a lot like beef patties and had lots of spices
beef paella which is the lake bone beef keema
which is ground or minced beef and then of course there was beef liver
beef brain deep fried beef and of course beef biryani
this meal basically is all about the beef okay so i'm gonna start with some
paratha so as you can see i'm just gonna break
it in half oh my gosh it looks wonderful okay so now that i
have that we'll start adding we can call these curries i suppose
beef curry perfect i'm gonna make sure to soak in the sauce here
absorb all the curry
oh wow that's really tender meat it just melts in the mouth
so typically i'm not a huge fan of liver but i'm going to give it a shot let's
try it here oh wow look at this big cube of it
whoa oh very strong liver taste but you know what
i'm not i don't usually love liver but this tastes pretty good
this is some of the most tender liver i've ever had most flavorful very tender
oh my wow
just take a piece wrap it up i've never had brain guys
this is uh this is a very exotic experience oh
it's a i can tell just by picking it up in the hands very mushy
very mushy as you would exactly i like jelly
as you would expect from brain
oh that is incredibly soft oh that tastes good i didn't think i
would like it i thought it actually was i was actually like prepared to feel
like oh but it's tasty it does have a very
gelatin like consistency it's mushy and it's incredibly soft in
the palette full of flavors too i'm going after some
more of that that brain this rain is good
oh my gosh
and it's kind of like ground grounded up yeah ground up
the flat bread is incredible it's just it's the perfect way to kind of grab a
scoop of whatever you're trying oh wow look at that you can see that
it's very juicy the sauce is running down the juices are
running off of my fingers time for a bite
that's one of my favorites oh yeah that'll be easy to chew
oh dude that's incredible look at the size of that check that out
oh my gosh guys that is the beast the sauce is oozing i think i'm gonna go for
the sauce first look at this
oh that's pure fat guys
chewy chewy delicious fat some people don't like fat i do thai
because i'm dying oh yeah
okay and this is what this restaurant is known for right it's famous for its
biryani some say it's the best in the city some say it's the best in
the world let's find out grab a little bit in my hands but i've
got to say that biryani is just unbelievably delicious
i can see why people think it's some of the best like so many flavors the rice
absorbs just about everything you throw at it
and the best part about this experience was just seeing how they were preparing
it outside and bringing it into the
restaurant adding the gigantic pots beef brains it tastes like gelatin but
i'll tell you it is the best thing out of everything here you just get the
what is it
you go in you just get this thing right here look at this
it's like a brain taco
oh it's straight up tastes almost like a mix between the
consistency of butter and yogurt just like it's like oh
so good everything's so good
i don't want to get big but i can't stop eating
oh my god that'll be too spicy a little spicy huh
and now i'm moving on to dessert and guys i have
a wonderful bread halva in front of me inside of it we have bread obviously we
have raisins we have seeds i think it's flavored with
cinnamon and cardamon
oh my goodness it just melts in your mouth
i love it i love it i'm gonna eat the whole thing
all right guys what a meal what i loved was the beef brains
and the price cannot be beat that entire feast was 700 rupees
i know 700 rupees that's less than 10 us dollars it's like 980 or something and
that's for both of us both amazing incredible value and where
we're going to head to next next we are going for the marina
oh wow we're going to be trying something like mud coffee
never had that before i can't wait to try it
guys so right now we're at marina beach and the mud coffee isn't an option at
the moment it's gonna open at six o'clock
so yeah we'll go there another day really looking forward to trying that
but in the meantime we're at chennai coffee
and yeah let's go in and see what we can find inside of there
so we're just chilling here by the beach there's a nice breeze coming through the
air it's comfortable the people come here and just have a
coffee and they just walk inside if you watch the previous
bangalore videos you know the drill pour the coffee back and forth from cup
to cup to cool it down and make it frothy
we paired the coffee with a masala vada which is a bit like a fried veggie patty
with onions herbs and all sorts of spices
oh that's nice when they were preparing it they put in quite a bit of sugar so
it's nice and sweet the coffee is delicious too it's got a
nice nice strong taste to it after that coffee we stopped to visit
the fish market right on the beach
so wandering around the fish market has been fascinating in fact some of the
stalls are just actually opening up they close during the hottest hours
which makes sense and then open up in the mornings and evenings
now you can find all kinds of different fish there's shrimp
there's crabs almost all type of fish we can find here
like the falls the crabs after the sun sets they'll open all the
shrubs they open them yeah and they're also open in the
mornings as well mornings and uh mornings and evenings yeah deepak was
telling me that these houses here have been built for the fishermen it's free
of charge and it allows them to live nearby their
work and have a comfortable place to stay
walking around the fisherman's area here by the beach
there's so many boats there's so many nets all over the place
apparently the fishermen go out around four or five in the morning come back at
seven bring the fish to the market and at that
point in time restaurants and other customers will
come and purchase the fish for the day it's fascinating to see it up close and
in person like this
and now guys where we're going is the border we're north to the border
of tamannadoo and then telangana so we're going to have a drink
and this drink is made from a palm tree it's actually an alcoholic beverage
and it's legal in talangana but it's illegal
down here in tamannaah
long story short we had quite the adventure we drove
an hour and a half in search of a drink but
it's not available right it's not available until march so remember that
we're going to redeem the night because we're at a great dabba
so basically daba is a it's a restaurant right on the highway it's
open air as you can see they have a lot of non-veg dishes
what i'm excited about is the the chennai masala
that's like chickpeas with delicious sauce i don't know what else i mean
we're gonna get some chicken
so by far the coolest feature about this roadside restaurant is that there's an
open air kitchen we're going to go check it out from what
i've seen there's about four guys in the back
one of them's rolling roti and other guys helping to prepare as well
someone's doing meat someone's doing rice there's a lot going on man
yeah man this is amazing this is part of the the best part about this place
absolutely so we're gonna go check it out and show you some scenes of that
right now
dinner that night consisted of 13 chicken dishes plus roti
i'm going to let deepak tell us all about them this is andhra
okay and this is rotis yep this is the boneless chicken
boneless chicken yeah and this is uh the drumsticks drumstick chicken yeah this
is the pepper chicken
rambo chicken yeah and that is uh kashmiri chicken kashmiri chicken yeah
this is uh guys if you haven't guessed the theme
we've got a lot of chicken to eat like it's basically the biggest chicken
feast you can have in india like have you ever seen so much chicken
no no me neither this is incredible this is absolutely
incredible yeah that'd be awesome so i'm noticing
some cashews yeah this is a little bit spicy a little bit
spicy rambo chicken is the most spiciest one rambo chicken is the most spicy one
okay these are so nice and thin i can't remember how many they prepared
for us but it was a lot like 30 30 roadie oh my gosh all right look at
that guys oh my gosh absolutely really creamy yeah no the
chicken is tender and i'm tasting a bit of crunchiness of
the costume this is rani rani yeah maharani the queen yeah the
queen's dish yeah is this something you've had before
no this is the first time your first time to try it wow so again chicken
i'm grabbing some of the egg i'm also noticing onion in there
oh my gosh that's good you taste the egg on the outside
that one has the most amount of flavor so far it's just like a flavor explosion
so let's go to the king we've done the queen now we'll go to the
king and this one has a green colored green color well it looks like neon so
yeah i'm noticing big chunks of cashews i think for some of these dishes they
use some of some similar vegetables oh yeah look at that green egg guys look
at that green egg wrap that up in a blanket here and pop
it in the mouth oh the king is more spicy than between
and i also like that one better everything we've had has been delicious
so far i mean i just can't believe we have this many chicken dishes
i've never seen anything quite like this hydra buddy
hide it ready yeah okay let's do that one well this one has
the most amount of basically salad on top
guys i should mention that each dish has completely different spices
every single thing you try is different from the next cucumber in between
oh yeah it cool off a bit feeling a little spicy now
so that you can feel the difference between the dishes right
it kind of um it resets your power yeah boneless chicken
oh man that's awesome super super crunchy on the outside
tender i remind you of popcorn chicken steak chicken
oh man this is similar to um what's it called the lollipop
lollipop chicken oh my gosh it was amazing these are the same things
so crispy like this blows any kind of fast food
chicken i've had in canada or the us like out of the water imagine
having a bucket of this just taking it home eat the whole thing
this is like deep fried chicken heaven here in india
but let's drink that you could be driving down the road
at any point in time but stop over and get a meal this good
it's amazing so we've got three left if you're gonna believe it
we've gone through quite a bit i'm just gonna grab a clean roadie here it's a
green chicken and uh i haven't tried this one before
i'm seeing onions yeah just um mix it with the greens okay
not spicy but you really taste the spinach then look
i found more cashews i can't get enough of those the next one is going to be the
spiciest one spiciest one
i better have one right now and after and after
wow this is also one of the um the most
oh yeah i feel the spice oh yeah i'm feeling the spice even more
it's delayed onset but you know what i'm enjoying that spice so much i'm going in
for some more if you're looking for a spicy dish this
is the one to try yeah is that one of your favorites
that's what i was my favorite is the cashew oh your favorite is the kashmir
and that's that's what's coming yeah oh my gosh maybe the best for lunch
this is a sweet one so we tried the most spicy one
now we're trying the sweetest one so i think actually maybe what gives it the
sweet taste is some dried fruit which i'm noticing in there so this
one's your favorite yeah this is my favorite that's cool i don't like spicy
foods you don't like spicy that much okay grabbing a huge piece right here
milder taste i'm just i'm tasting the dried fruit guys that was an incredible
feast like if you have an opportunity to come
and try something like this in india you have to do it like
we're also going to get this much chicken and the crazy thing is it's
right on the side of the road you're driving down the highway you'll
notice like it's a certain color yeah it's like colorful lights
in this particular instance it's neon green so if you see something like that
it might be one of these kind of places is it like an indicator but we are going
fast we can slow down our vehicle you can you can
slow down and just pull in have a nice meal what a fantastic idea i
love this anyways it's time for dessert dessert
has been served and it looks like there's a whole bunch of different
ingredients in there it's got a bit of a liquidy soupy
consistency i'm noticing jellies i'm noticing uh cashews what's this one
called uh buy some yeah buy some okay so what
is it made out of it's made of milk milk that uh noodles
type this one okay there's some noodles yeah those are
grapes grapes oh grapes oh wow look at a little
bit of milk made oh wow yeah let's get after
oh wow and it's served warm it's kind of funny it sort of reminds me a little bit
of of rice pudding but without the rice
that's a very similar kind of taste with the milkiness and then oh wow
i'm loving the jellies i'm loving the mixed fruit it's kind of refreshing too
after having all the spicy chicken look at this bite man
wow yum it's absolutely delicious all right guys that was the ultimate
chicken feast i have epoch to thank thank you so much you said you've come
here quite a bit yeah it's a favorite spot for you i can see why
fantastic food great atmosphere reasonable prices
guys if you're gonna come to india try this type of meal for sure
and if you've enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up please subscribe to our
channel samuel and audrey the man behind the camera david's been
here and my good friend deepak how can they follow you on instagram
deepakrajendron.com follow him and we will see you with more food and travel
videos from india soon bye for now



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