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well good morning good morning guys good morning guys greetings from lake puelo (lago puelo)
back in nature back in nature today we are on a day trip from el bolson we came
to lago puelo (lake puelo) to spend the day we actually booked a little boat trip we
did it's gonna happen in the middle of the afternoon at 3:00 p.m. but we're
here at roughly 11:00 in the morning it gives us plenty of time to hike kind of
appreciate the scenery on its own yeah guys let me tell you there isn't a cloud
in the sky the visibility like it couldn't be better today literally
perfect and you know it's pretty cool though today's boat trip is that we're
gonna be going to the border with Chile we won't be crossing over but we'll be
at the border hello hello come back it's gonna be fun
so first up let's talk about transport because even though we're doing a boat
tour in the afternoon we had to make our own way to lago puelo (lake puelo) and we did so
using the bus you did and it went well the name of the company it's called la
Golondrina you see it right there and it leaves from el bolson from the center of
town avenida san martín which is the main avenue yeah the price is 26 pesos
if you're going to lago puelo (lake puelo) the town yeah 30 pesos if you're coming into the
lake into the park so you're talking like 75 US cents to come into the lake
and a little bit 60 something to come into town yeah also something to point
out is that the bus driver did have change so you don't need to have an
exact fare which is nice that's sometimes you do yeah and what was the
most interesting thing about the journey we had to we had to change we had to
switch buses yeah because the town of El Wilson is in the province of Rio Negro
and the lake is in the province of Chu boot back into boot the bus stopped at
the border we all had to get off and get on a separate bus also run by the same
company yeah and then we continued on our way
obviously drivers from different provinces yeah at least that's what we
think pretty cool oh we didn't mention it was about a 40-minute trip took 40
minutes the thing is we were admiring the scenery and really enjoying the ride
exactly track of time I just remember we arrived
shortly before 11:00 and the bus picked us up shortly after 10:00 so it's about
40 minutes another cost to mention is entering the park lago puelo national
park the price for foreigners is eight dollars and someone from the park comes
onboard the bus and charges you the fee or if you're coming by car you pay right
at the entrance we are currently on a little walk through the forest
these trees are something special they are called our adonis or irish honest
you're going for the Argentine accent and look at the color of the the bark
the tree trunks are like a reddish orange color almost a big coppery it's
pretty cool
and before we start hiking we figured you know if you know us it should come
as no surprise yeah there's like a little food stand with sandwiches they
have fried cakes which is kind of like a donut yeah
artisanal beer chocolate chips candies that kind of thing all your monkey needs
be here so we each got one we got one and we also got our cold water because
we only had only had enough water to fill up one water bottle
sweet everone now so in terms of pricing the sandwiches were at around 3 bucks
right and then the water was one dollar for the day
what's tasty bread feels fresh fluffy how's it gonna fortify us for the walk
the word surprised and hungry when it comes to you is it a little bit hard a
bit of a stretch
redhead in the wild this is the time of day when Samuel must strip and begin
applying sunscreen oh my otherwise the redhead suffers he burns
he peels he screams oh my the sun is attacking me
we have chosen a trail I sure have nice to get a little bit of shade - it's
really warming up this afternoon oh yeah yeah so this one is called middle or the
lago puelo which means lago puelo lookout point yeah so it's gonna be
steep it's gonna be upwards yeah all right this is intermediate on the
intermediate fitness it's gonna take 40 minutes
it's 949 150 meters long and there's also I forget the scent we are ascending
anyways it's it's kind of a perfect way for us to spend this time because we
still have like two hours and 20 minutes before our boat right yeah so we'll do
this we'll probably get back down check out the beach a bit more maybe have
another bite and yeah that's all right
already getting some cool views of the lake
so guys we've just reached this little info point and I have learned something
new here it says a forest is a community of trees where the majority belong to
one or two species and a jungle has numerous species where it's a bit more
difficult to distinguish which ones are more abundant than others I had no clue
I always thought forest is more like pines you know those type of evergreens
and that a jungle was more tropical so a new bit of information there maybe you
guys learned a little something new - there's layers those layers are coming
off what's going on Suns coming out we're gaining altitude and yeah you got
a dress for all seasons when you come to this part of the world I mean it's
literally really cold in the morning it's warm by like late morning and it's
hot by afternoon
well this is a very nice part of the trail when in the middle of the forest
temperatures are a much cooler we're crossing a little creek and it's just so
green it's really nice I'm so glad we came out today because it's meant to be
a lot hotter these coming days this area is experiencing a bit of a heatwave so
it really is the perfect day to be out look at all this Moss growing on the
trees on the stones
we have come to the end of the trail back where we started and it is snack
time snack time not time for blackberries there are lots of motifs
there's a plant called Sat Samoa which I recognize because I mean we even have
this in Cordova coming down to just gonna add that
oh yeah walking downhill beautiful what a difference but let's pick some berries
come munch on so sorry Mota horrible prickly plant it has thorns it hurts you
even the leaves scratch you but the fruit is wonderful this is called morta
you know they're ready when they've turned black so sweet forest berries
this what they make Jam so yes you can use it for Jam cakes juice can you
didn't fruit salads just blackberries and whipped cream oh it's really nice
but as you've seen the plant it's horrible it's considered a bit of a pest
because it just grows and spreads and it kills all other vegetation around it yep
good berries
picking sweet so we got very lucky we found food stand that was making
hamburgers yep and these are some massive to be here
they've got him yeah and cheese lettuce tomato mayo
mustard ketchup and it's a regular and a regular burger patty as well regular
beef burger patty it's in there somewhere
dessert of course a corn starch I just for hard with doing to the ditch and
coconut for Sam got a little lemon scone jitter aid and I found some artisanal
beer Rojo the guy poured it rate from the straight from the top love it man
about 30 minutes before the bus departs the bus boat the the bus of the sea yeah
we're just gonna eat and be on our way
all aboard all aboard the trading y'all I just think the boat we keep calling it
bosses string the floating train yeah I mean it's gonna be incredible
I've just slathered on some more sunscreen the Sun is out in full force
it's just gonna be beautiful right I'm gonna wrap you outs aboard Oh
people per capita mention pizza pellucida community venimos not serve
and all the typical Accord Akira cantina a pelvic Anatomy
well guys we are now on land beginning the hiking portion of this tour the boat
ride was about fifty minutes just under an hour and now we're gonna be hiking
about two kilometers through the valdivian forests until we reach the
border with Chile pretty cool you can actually hike from Argentina to Chile if
you're doing like a camping trip bringing all your own equipment your own
supplies and of course you bring your passport do passport control along the
way but it can be done on foot now checking out some Rapids oh my
nearly got left behind and lost our group because we wandered off in search
of shade and next thing we noticed everyone's gone and we're looking what
that clapping we heard earlier he's probably trying to gather the group
that's us we're the missing do
so we are back from that little boat excursion yeah that was phenomenal
I mean her the trip itself is great the weather was even better the views you
can't beat that and just it was such a cold water it's like you you were fell
asleep of who either I did on the way there on the way back you guys know me
yes the time on boats so much fun hiking and you know technically going to Chile
mm-hmm voter passports no stamp to prove it yep towed over the line we have a
sign to prove it and we're just cooling down with a local drink it's called
paso de los toros well mellow which is like a grapefruit kind of soda so
refreshing sweet sour yeah just overall like an incredible day
here well uh-huh yeah and now we're just waiting for the bus apparently it's
passing by every 30 minutes now so it shouldn't be too to increase frequency I
guess there's increase if you can see early in the morning and around this
time of day yeah other parts of the day it's on the
hour mm-hmm yeah overall an incredible day trip I mean if you stay in Obul zone
you absolutely have to come here it's so close and it's just like it's a slice of


LAKE PUELO: Visiting the BEST LAKE IN PATAGONIA? Trail to the Border of ARGENTINA ?? & CHILE ??

76 分類 收藏
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