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good morning good morning good morning guys oh my gosh it's our last day last
nut day last moments in Esquel we spent eight nights here yes fantastic
you stay so far yeah fantastic stay here we'll talk a bit more about that at the
bus station but in the meantime running a little behind and we still have an
apartment tour of Esquel to do yes so our taxis gonna be picking us up soon but before
we leave we wanted to show you guys the place where we update so we're gonna
give you a super quick tour Superboy you know the routine and then we'll roll our
bags out and the cat is out the cat has come to ask for food not even to say
goodbye will so how do the county benefit let's begin the tour let's begin
the tour so this is obviously the front door yeah we had a nice big table or
five chairs we dining areas here we did a work here just a fantastic place to
hang out very comfortable moving on this kitchen is always hilarious because I
only noticed the TV's when we do the tours we literally doing yeah we don't
watch TV we call the explain that a million times to you guys but it's kind
of hilarious oh there's a TV I think I'm leaving a few things behind we have some
slices of salami we have some olives it's just so hard to travel with all
that food my baby's home this was the heater for basically everything in the
house in terms of hot water yeah so this would turn on when we turned on the
shower or when we're washing the dishes with hot water
nice piping hot showers and we needed that because there's chilly in the
mornings is crucial yes so again this bizarre little sink you carry us and
carry yet you can see here that there's a nice amount of cups for us we had
everything we needed we have wine openers we had all the good stuff we
didn't actually cook our use of stove we didn't cook but we ate at home twice a
day we've made basically had our breakfast and our dinners here at big
lunches oh so it's perfect okay moving on so I'll see you guys
stairs but not right now first let's go into the bathroom I will standard
Argentine bathroom fit a toilet nice spacious shower so much hot water good
water pressure what we're getting let's move on to the bedroom the cool
thing about this place to you is that it kind of has a has a cabin vibe within
and apart mentally I'm helping me turn on the lights for you guys nice big bed
we had a closet I don't think we utilize that no we didn't really unpack or
things are just scattered yeah all around and the only other place to show
you is up the stairs so and you fell down the stairs last meltdown last night
guys I hate it on here I just love funny
because like I hit it so hard that I lost my balance
and I just went smack her down my back look I'm lucky I didn't get more
seriously hurt I mean I have like this part of the plane of my upper shoulder
and neck is so sore that's what you get for being too tall oh my gosh so I'm
gonna take you up being very mindful of that yeah I don't have that problem in
my head yeah I'm just beneath the threshold so
basically this this this loft part is for family with you yes very simple
single beds three little ones yeah this place was fantastic it was fairly
centrally located let's see about three blocks into the center of town yep
exactly three blocks into the center of town in Esquel but yet where we were staying we
felt a little bit removed from all the traffic and things like that
we had it really good time here but we do have a bus to catch yes talk more
about our time here at the bus station another bullet wound
though guys you guys we got to the bus terminal with plenty of time yes
fellas get to show up early yeah we have basically 50 minutes yeah there's this
nice little cafe this was actually our first introduction to this town it's
where we had breakfast on the day we arrived yeah so what did you think of
Esquel I loved it we absolutely loved it we spent eight nights here waits for
it and an average traveler would be a bit too long yeah I mean but that being
said there's so much to do here so many day trips so I think four nights would
be about perfect would you say yeah I think if you're the kind of traveler who
can do two activities per day yeah then three to four nights here is fine
but because we're like working and traveling as we go we were just doing
like one activity in the day and then exactly so good so there's a lot to do
here and the town is that was still a little bit underrated it's not nearly as
famous it's like bariloche or a large antelope fan base so by coming here
you're kind of exploring a part of Patagonia it's still a bit underrated
but yet has so much to offer and yeah I mean we loved it it would be cool to
come back here also in the winter to see what it looks like the snow but yeah
this is this was fantastic and maybe this is bulb I teach one of one of the
favorite stops on this trip so far I agree in a place that we didn't even
think about yeah it was not on our radar at all didn't we end up here we read
about it in the guide we ended up here because we wanted to cross from east to
west yeah the bus came to ask us honestly why
well honestly the only reason we came here but as we started to research it
but we're like wow there's a lot to do here and that's why we stayed so many
nights so it was fantastic did you have an encounter with a dog you want to tell
us about yeah I found this is the sweet stray grand ol time I went up to the
other side of the bus home started fighting it started off with playful
voice and it started to hurt a bit they were nibble Sam I did push it aside
a little bit Sam is still getting used to being around dogs he's a cat man I
like dogs but I don't want playing with them but I didn't know what what this
one was up to because it was getting more aggressive so I was watching this
unfold from inside and I'm laughing my head off because the dogs being all
playful and like jumping around and trying to nibble you and you were like
backing away from it oh there it is look the little guy yeah this week doggy got
some pets early on yeah I had to feed him and lure him out of the station
because he followed Sam into the cafeteria it's funny with some of these
dogs once they lock onto you they follow you throughout the whole terminal
because of other people but I got a few little nibbles this morning not just eat
but also on me well guys we are leaving scallop aboard but to date on this trip
we're both talking about how it would have been so nice to happen
coming from Esquel you would have slept so well it's just so comfortable
like not extra legs baby's blanket and pillow there like the cherries cherries
are more comfortable cushion oh we have curtains
when Audrey gets annoying of course once Sam gets annoying when I get tired of
having my husband around what see yeah kind of like that we have pillows we
have blankets there's a little arrest like breasts thank you we have chargers
like an outlet so if we wanted to work on our computers or charge our batteries
we can do that it's such a short journey though probably only two and a half
hours yeah Julie this to the max if we somehow take a nap we'll just be
arriving this this bus continues all the way too far low child so maybe even san
martin de los andes I'm not sure but it keeps going north yeah and that about in
I so excited all the phone
done the journey now as usual I had yes because that's the first thing that has
been sleeping about 80% of the pillow no el bolson I plan to stay awake for the
other half of the trip but I mention the price I think maybe we mentioned it
yesterday when we bought the tickets just in case you guys didn't watch that
video to childhood from his skin to anyone's on return bucks great deal too
journey we saw a beautiful rainbow it's el bolson
funny I would describe the journey so far it's almost like going on a
sightseeing tour
yeah our first impressions are very it's very cool our host it's a young guy
probably about our age his grandma baked bread for us it's still thanks very much
they gave us some Jam raspberry jam from a local farm just like industry Argent's
you know one yeah I love how products in Argentina always have the plague
oh yeah exactly look I need to get a nice I'm not
destroying the core bread well it's so nice to be in el bolsón this is a place
I wanted to visit for so many years yeah has been rambling about in voice thorn
yeah yeah even though we've never been here just known about this piece I'm
gonna wrap it up cassette on and getting cold protect that bread have to keep it
safe keep it safe you ready for some jammy macam Reese's yes we are planning
to go out for lunch in el bolson any minute now what's your better solo
just is it okay let's try some of that grab some jammy Jam Jefferson you know I
wasn't planning on eating before lunch but I'm gonna have a bit of that too
look how is it perfect uh also I think we've got Parrilla on our mind we may go
for one yeah yeah really happy here I know
we are back from lunch in el bolson parrilla oh my gosh that was good parrilla like
unbelievably good everything was outstanding the salad was
so good so many different ingredients and the pumpkin puree ooh
pumpkin mash that was amazing next level and the meat was delicious a good wine
just the nice setting inside yeah welcome to the elbow zone so the total
for that meal was 925 which came to 22 US dollars soda water full bottle of
wine a good one too so that's a Julia salad bread hey another love potato mash
pumpkin gosh and we only ordered one piece of meat to share but it was huge
we ordered a dessert to share also it was huge so like the body was
outstanding well you got a full course meal for 11 US dollars per person like
you could I could go back to a place every day tired of it yeah groceries how
much did we pay in terms of pace got the bill here so it was 10 27 in pesos I
gotta say though you got two expensive items one of them being your coffee
which is almost $10 ridiculous okay curricula this is the only coffee
instant coffee I've been able to find in Argentina the Nescafe which is obviously
imported that is that doesn't have sugar mixed with it I hate having sugar mixed
with it especially like on a day-to-day basis I like to just have my black
coffee all the Argentine breads have mixed
sugar there's so much cheaper but I insist on not having sugar so I paid a
premium the one the one strange thing now the real fine I have a feeling could
be this wine its Bianchi henesys genesis Tennessee Tennessee's and it's a 2013
Cabernet Sauvignon so six years old yeah yeah it's gonna be our table wine while
we're here yeah quickly the rest of the tour so we got the large bottle of soda
water 2.25 liters we got more green tea we're getting low three giant banana
catcha Fez cookies which we just love this brand and make awesome alpha horns
they also make awesome cookies we got salami we got local cheese we got
a little bit of fruit and avocado in a cocoon bug okay Thank You cumber yeah it
was 23 years old it was it was 24 but to be fair I was in loss is it you a common
budget so really I've learned my lesson if when we when and if we travel in
Argentina again I'm actually gonna carry instant coffee from Canada because this
so much cheaper to buy it there what's the plan for for the rest of the
afternoon what is to have a giant's yes they were
so full yeah that's such a good lunch that's what meat and wine will do to you
it's like immediate you're like nap times like it's like a happy sleep you
just you feel so satisfied you're like oh and you just can't wait to get into
bed it's not one of those like guilty knocks you just feel like oh the best
thing ever I feel guilty I feel like me and I have work to do
well we do and this meat is like money I mean how are you
so that's what we're gonna say goodbye hope you guys enjoyed this travel vlog
and we'll have a lot more from el bolson



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