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little cat friend is not very happy that we are going out for breakfast I'm sorry
but you can't stay inside while we're gone but you're not getting what's here
can always wait you've been fed you have pets what do you think well well cat
friends survived will survive well we need to get fed we're going for breakfast this morning it's gonna be like
that all day we've had such good luck with the weather it's good on our final
day in Esquel you know we're just going on a nice warm meal because it is going to be cold today
waffles con dulce de leche here today Emma
you chocolate a brand grazado oh so that's what you're getting
yeah waffles I'm thinking cake toasted sandwich grilled ham and cheese some
coffees living the good life in argentina
well good breakfast has arrived yes it's a bit of a banquets happening
so a typical Argentine breakfast technically it could be coffee with mini
medialunas which are like sweet croissants yeah or coffee with facturas which are
little pastries or you could have like bread with the jam and butter this here
is a bit more elaborate more special like a we get like a weekend breakfast
yeah so along the same vein of coffee and something sweet yeah so we have to
cafes con leche - that's coffee with milk yeah it's nice and foamy nice and frothy
I think it perfect way to start the morning I just can't have it in the
afternoon for merienda because then and I can't seem to do it the other day I was up to
like 130 here's why why it really eight or nine hours out there let's start with
the sweet shot leisure so this is a cake I already had once before here it's
amazing it's chocolate dulce de leche whipped cream and raspberries
chocolate bits wonderful I never got to get it again Sam got himself a fancy
waffle so it comes with dulce de leche the caramels bread cream and then like
these chocolate sprinkles and then look at the cherry on top I thought yes those
a famous Argentine cookie with dulce de leche in the middle these are called the
mine thing not all around my son it means it's made with corn starch right
and then one savory item this is qualit estado
it's a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese it's just really nice I know
we're really skewing towards the the sweet stuff that's how you doin Tina
yeah it's a sweet breakfast not a Seabee breakfast and don't expect to find like
scrambled eggs or the Pam bacon beans so how's the toast for the sandwich if you
say just a bit lovely lots of cheese I'm looking forward to the sweeps guys I'm
so excited to be trying this pancake how did the other day it's so delicious
so basically it's like a very story I color pancake it's a waffle it's a very
light waffle in terms of like this not too much batter but then you have a
really thick layer it's also de leche and you have quite a thick layer of
cream chocolate sprinkles on top but it does have a pancake II consistency
consistency coz I tried it the other day I mean it's delicious either way I'm
just addicted to that stuff you have to get me out of Argentina before I blow up
we can't do fat anything that all the time
are your clothes fitting that's the the treat em yeah well I've been going
jogging lately and trying to have like a later lunch is really trying to have
veggies and stuff but I still can't stay away from the sweets that's for sure
and this is really cool they give you soda water it kind of helps cleanse the
palate a little bit yeah eat more of the sweet stuff which is good you know I
used to think the soda water came with the cake but the soda water
yeah it's meant to accompany the coffee yeah that's how they serve coffee here
comes your little glass of soda water genius coffee I haven't tried mine yet
no sugar and yours just a bit there's so much sugar with these cakes and that's
very true actually yeah well they do a good coffees in
Argentina yeah this one is especially milky especially frothy
love this man this is the best breakfast so yeah no time for cake this cake has
a double filling I'm trying to get all of it in one bite there follow so good
yeah save them I'm so good one layer is the dual solution yeah
um the other one is the cream yeah with raspberry filling and then the exterior
is coated and more than soda to incur din chocolate bits this is Sam's
favorite part of all as well most requests the backend of it I'm like
Audrey you can eat the rest of the cake just give me that chocolate shavings
yeah but it's just such a lovely moist cake okay like the contrast between the
raspberries that are a little bit tart and just weakness of the delusive hm hmm
it's a really nice piece of cake you know what there are a lovely display of
cakes as soon as you walk into the restaurant like right by the door that's
right lemon pie apple pie planned this masterpiece it's great if you come here
get this cake it's called the chocolate cake but it's so much more than job it
is Oh guys let me introduce you to the upper floor probably my favorite
Argentine sweet it's basically you've got the cornstarch cookies on the outer
and bottom layer then you have the dulce de leche normal spread and then some
sprinkles of coconut flakes it's delicious how many times a week would
you feel eat these everything daily I was like you know what I'm getting fat
so I'm living it to like once or twice a week now I think
what's so nice about them cornstarch cooking part cuz i just crumbles in your
mouth to perfect complement to the dulce de leche and coconut oh good time to pay
the bill the total was fourteen US dollars not bad a lot of food it sure
was so good that was more than breakfast it was like brunch yeah basically and I
ended up getting a second coffee and another coffee and so yes three three
three drinks a whole bunch of food yeah and yeah I feel great that was such a
nice sweet start to the day yes and now we've got to walk 10 blocks
over to the bus terminal to go buy our tickets for it in the rain in the rain
blocks in the rain what happened your umbrella
the infamous Patagonian of winds happened my umbrella
what is this it's like bent out of shape huh
there's no this cheap the cheap umbrella we bought is no match for the winds
soaking wet anyways we're gonna buy a bus ticket
okay so we guard our bus tickets to Elvis song yeah the total just slightly
over ten bucks yeah pretty good deal and it's cama to
finally camera finding seat for the long term I'm not complaining though I'm glad
to get it yeah and at that price now the only thing that was a bit tricky was
that we were hoping to maybe leave closer to noon and they only have early
morning departures or late in the afternoon so we actually got the last of
the early morning at 9:30 9:20 yeah so we checked with other bus companies the
earliest we could have gone in the afternoon was 4:30
that's way too late because we have to check out over a place at 10:00 in the
morning yeah so this puts us into elbow zone I think headquartered in 11:45
which is pretty good it's gonna be nice to be on a short ride
we are back in the apartment and them is pretty happy non-pom guys because I've
discovered the secret for buying wine in Argentina I don't know if it's a secret
but it's something that took me a while to figure out so I think the best place
is to get wine or actually not at chain supermarkets or necessarily vino TECO's
because the vino technicals have a nice selection they tend to be quite
expensive and the chain supermarkets you just get like 2018 2019 2017 but if you
go to these like kind of like Family Mart family supermarkets these random
places sometimes Chinese grocery stores in Buenos Aires for example you find
some some really interesting wines and I was able to pick one up today just over
three hundred pesos it's really strong brand name Norton is one of the more
famous bodega you'd like nortz and we drink a lot of wine but guys 2003 Malbec
2007 is it very dull Petit Verdot and 2008 Tennant so it's a blend of three
wines that's crazy so the old it like the mole back here 16 years old this is
like getting a vintage wine like this for I paid just is the equivalent of
about eat something US Dollars and yeah what I find
mm-hmm so this bottle we're not gonna be drinking it right away we're saving this
one for special guests will be seeing in a couple of weeks yeah we're gonna be
carrying this around sharing this in our suitcases this is gonna make a grand
journey across the country oh I think we picked a pretty good day to have a
workday and just stay indoors because look at this weather it's just coming
down so guys since tomorrow we have a very early departure I'm gonna pack
tonight I'm in charge of packing sins in charge of data management
I prefer packing so much more so let's get started


Sweet & Sugary ARGENTINE BREAKFAST at a Cafe in Argentina | Esquel, Chubut

24 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 31 日
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