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today we're going to be taking you around Esquel and showing you three
of our favorite restaurants in town Esquel is a popular hiking destination
plus it's also the starting point for numerous day trips so chances are by the
time you're back in town you're going to be very hungry and
craving something party so in today's video we're going to show you three
restaurants that specialize in three classic staples of the Argentinian diet
pizza pasta and parrilla aka barbecue now let's go eat
well we found themselves a nice little cozy place for lunch we sure did so our
host recommended this parrilla place it's called De Maria yeah we've ordered
bife de chorizo which is a classic we got vacio another classic yeah back
home one right dad barbecue well we did we actually had it in Belgrano yeah yeah
I mean a salad in a while since we last ate salad this one has a beetroot
carrots and egg and we also had some bread they brought us a nice little
bread basket with some white of ye-yes this was like a lentil piece yes really
tasty and some Mayo no so excited so ready for parrilla I've been craving I told
you this morning my are do we hope to have parrilla it today it's been so long
and talking about this for hours I think it's been over a week since I've had a
parrilla and that's wait that's way too long in Argentina and Carcassonne a wine
which is the cheapest house wine available thankful that you tell you
it's it's decent it really goes down it goes down he says does it go down we
believe it's not the smoothest one I've ever had but it's a nice potent in red
which will go perfect it's gonna cover the meat and it's gonna be its kind
honor on our pocketbook today is the cheapest cheapest one in the house okay
I got the vacío and actually it's two cuts of meat so I'm having one piece I'm
sharing the other one with Sam yeah we're splitting the meat so you guys can
see over here yeah and I've gotten way look at how pink it is the genuine asked
me how I wanted the meat they just did it right this is how it's meant to be
gotta love that you love the confidence in the grill master right it looks so
cheesy from over here we need to give Sam a chance to try this be for the
Trudy so yes please ready beyond ready okay now I can call the camera oh my
gosh guys the beef de chorizo this is the half cut out over here
that's Audrey's yeah so we're gonna share very generous portion of parrilla you know the
nice thing about having the grill here at the table is that we can keep cooking
it if you think it's too juicy keep it warm - yeah so just like you did I'm
gonna try it without chimichurri without salt
oh I could eat this all day every day juicy in the middle so much flavor Oh
drowning enough seriously this enhances it so much I can't wait to see your
that's like next-level garlicky isn't that lunch was amazed balls Sam has to
take off his glasses to the camera so people don't know he wears glasses yeah
well you don't actually like them you've been trying to secretly get rid of them
for a while guys are like 15 years old come on they've been around for a while
but they've better like it like a trusty old friend so I keep them and keep them
in the Arsenal anyways what we're doing now is we're trying to organize some
tours well first we're trying to tell people how much the meal cost under 30
US dollars yeah so something you asked 15 per person think about the value guys
we drank a whole bottle of red wine made a nice big bread basket thought to be
lots of lots of meat and a really nice salad so oh and soda water I would do
that again for sure yeah I'm in that place highly it came recommended to us
by our local host in fact so breathe great suggestion and now guys we are
going to be having lunch we are heading to a place called Don Chiquino no Sam
chose this restaurant apparently it's one of the best in town and they
specialize in pastas and I'm hungry
one of the reasons we chose this place is because of the decor yeah I knew it
was gonna be interesting inside but not this interesting this is like oh did it
a bodegon on steroids it's so fascinating the
collection they have in here it's like a museum yeah I mean there's license
plates there's football gear there's honestly any kind of trinket or tool
that you could ever think yeah we're not the farm tools old photographs own beer
bottles so it's super fascinating and I mean after we place the order like I
couldn't put my camera now I'm just walking around the full restaurant it's
not just one section it's the entire restaurant that's covered mm-hmm you
have to look up because there's oh yeah Google's free almost the ceiling with
the display pretty impressive
well the pasta has arrived it sure has these are the Sorrentino
sideshows wonderful like look at that presentation so like I mentioned these
have ricotta walnuts mushrooms lots of chopped walnuts over top and I chose
like you can choose what sauce you want on your pasta and I look for the
specialty of the house which is called the don't cheeky no sauce I'm gonna have
to be the ingredients is there's a whole lot so it has special Mel tomato sauce
chicken pancetta and mushrooms Wow let's not 1 in half down the middle so you can
see the filling look at that those are stuff ooh let's dip it in sauce extra
creamy they had a huge selection of cream and tomato based sauce is probably
like 10
the mushrooms give it a really nice distinct flavor and it also has a
nuttiness from the walnuts - I'm very happy yours looks really good - I mind
that one
lasagna our guys I'm having one of my favorite Italian dishes lasagna but this
isn't just any kind of lasagna this is lasagna that includes patagonian
lamb yeah vessel T of this region and I can't wait to try it again monsterpiece
Mississippi it's a behemoth and again I was able to select a sauce like garlic
you were so I went with a napolitana which is basically tomato based sauce
yeah which i think is perfect for a lasagna it also has a bit of olive oil
yeah I'm herbes and spices so yeah I can't wait to talk into that bad boy ooh
and there's cheese in front of you lots of cheese if you want to load it up
indeed okay guys let's try some of this you gotta see it's loaded we're getting
the filling right now Wow very nice mmm it's just packed with flavor I'm
surprised by how soft the texture is it just melts in your mouth
the lamb is so tender it's very good so good we're gonna cheat at some point so
we can also try oh gee I can't wait for you to try the lasagna I'm still amazed
by the size of him like wow there's a lot of different
ingredients inside too isn't there yes we've noticed noticing that it seems
to have lots of like carrots peppers garlic the onion too I believe
soft on everything you're right that is so creamy and smooth it's like it melts
in your mouth you barely have to chew it the ground lamb is so tender you did
well I think we've both done well although I still haven't tried yours
yeah this place has been fantastic so far huh sure cannons are the same you
can so excited to try this guy's sorentino's are just stuff to the box
but actually dense you can feel it when you're picking it up at the fork mhm
we've been seeing sorentino's a lot on the menu mmm they're super popular here
in our commission mouths laughs huh oh yeah nice creamy sauce a perfect one
I think the waitress recommended it in shape hmm they really taste the
mushrooms I love the crunchiness of the walnuts
it's just fantastic and you look at this plate and think oh it was actually not
that many sorentino's but they are super dense filling no filling and we still
want to eat dessert well we decided to get dessert and what is this this is an
andean mousse mousse from the ND with whipped cream do so the lid or
every quarter chocolate of its walnuts lot of good things going on it looks
super decadent let's find out if I was exaggerating or if this really is magic
with cocoa powder tears I've got some dulce de leche yes I'm in for the mousse
deep down a bit of everything get it in there well it's one of the
best desserts beside of our AJ no it's like some fluffy and chocolaty creamy so
incredible built-in chocolate flavor it's into chocolate flavor you heard it
here first it's a path with potent chocolate flavor
I feel like a blind bat this afternoon because I forgot my sunglasses and
there's the popper a German Shepherd popper be sweet don't work there he is
there he is he looks like a what was there gonna see prices yes I wanted to
talk about the cost of the meal because we kind of forgot to mention that so the
total was 27 u.s. dollars and to remind you we had two amazing pasta dishes wine
soda water that decadent chocolate mousse her dessert basket of bread with
the dip and yeah just a really cool setting it's not every day you get to
eat in a restaurant that feels like a museum and just has a quirky collection
of antiques and the old farm equipment and photographs on its walls and
ceilings so I really enjoyed that aspect
well and Gaucho man you're looking pretty cool over there
these are mystical eyeglasses yeah I mean couch ins don't worry y'all so
funny and green glasses from Korea do not not typical Argentina ones that's
for sure okay so we came in here and we noticed
that there's a few special promotions mm-hmm or did the Pizza Napoletana it's
gonna be forced on the big portion it also comes with these delicious little
garlicky bread bites well good comes with the Europe soda first coke we've
had in a long time long time long time the bottle this is incredible it is a
glass bottle of weighs a ton it's kind of like the old fashion style bottles
that I think coke you know was originally made from that you don't
really find in North America anymore listen to this I think you need longer
nails I do hear the clinking Wow guys the first slice you see here cheese have
you some more thoughts heavy in a hand like when you ordered pizza in Argentina
they do not skimp on the cheese and it's such a good quality of mozzarella
amazing you look like a real couch over there so amazing for me loving this hat
guys my favorite hat purchase in years
mmm does the Gaucho like his pizza juiciness of the tomato mountain of
cheese nice buttery crust yeah this is what beats is all about this go to
approve the Bisbee's on her to hear first guys how's the pizza Audrey
anytime anything pizza salad fries I go crazy you're loving it yeah I've noticed
in Argentina that it's a very liberal use of garlic we had garlic on our fries
the other day no maybe not great for date night but I mean we've been
together a long time so we have garlic worth the drop that they will good stuff
though Audrey what do you think of her new hats
right I'm trying to see if I could pass as a gaucho it's not even a word to go
to that maybe a bit more nice people
we both rocket yeah belly full bellies are full indeed Raji you only have one
slice of pizza I had five hours ago and I had a big slice of pizza to be fair
you did so we're taking some home that's for you tomorrow slices lag yeah and
yeah it was a really good price the provo was ten US dollars at
currencyxchanger slee big pizza Pete I'd like one big coat garlic fingers not
garlic fingers to make garlic keep its red bits it was good yeah that's so
actually one of the cheaper cheaper meals we've had a long time and we're
going homeless food yes go skill has three restaurants here so yeah now walk
home yeah it's nighttime we need maybe we'll have
a cat waiting for us maybe first that would be awesome and we need a good
sleep because we have a busy tour tomorrow we
have a busy tour but we're being picked up by nine in the morning which is
pretty nice because last time we had to be up super early so yeah I'm so excited
for tomorrow's excursion so we'll say goodbye now
so there you have it our foodie recommendations for Esquel these are
three places where you can eat well the portions are large and the prices are
good of course there's only so many restaurants that we could hit up on our
visit so feel free to share your favorite restaurants in Esquel in the
comments below they can be pizza pasta parrilla or otherwise


ARGENTINIAN FOOD TOUR: Eating PARRILLA + PASTA + PIZZA in Esquel, Chubut, Argentina

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