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hey guys Samuel and Audrey here over the past few weeks we've been publishing our
India video series and editing all that footage has got us craving Indian food
that's why for today's video we decide to get some takeout here in Brampton Ontario we
ordered some Punjabi food and also got chatting about our very first solo trips
to India exactly ten years ago before we knew each other so get ready for some
baby face photos and some delicious Indian food well good morning and morning everyone
good morning guys greetings from Brampton Ontario Canada yes we are still
in Brampton and it is almost lunchtime it's 11:30 so we're gonna be ordering
some food what are we having today not just any kind of food it's gonna be
Indian food and specifically Punjabi food Punjab because guys we just we have
you been following the channel we've been doing a Serie of food series from
Amritsar and here in Brampton there are options galore so do you remember the
restaurant you chose yeah it's called a taste of Punjab okay and when I was
typing in like Punjabi food and Brandon there's so many restaurants popped up so
I actually took the time to find a place that has really good reviews okay
we've never had anything from there before well really excited they have an
extensive menu and we can't wait to show you like just the different options that
you from what you can order right from the online menu we're feeling hungry so
I think it's a good time to place our order let's go choose some dishes let's
do it options option so the menu is really
cool so they have combos which is basically there's a couple different
thali sets and a couple other things they have Kulcha which is obviously a
very unique food from Amritsar Punjabi food you food pakoras samosas then they have
a tandoori special which is really oldest chicken tikka
sheesh kebab then vegetarian delights this is probably the most extensive part
of the menu we've got koorma masala different
kinds of paneers palak paneer one of our favorites oh I'd love to have some
of that that might be my number one yeah one of the foods I tried when I was an
Amritsar that's on here that's really really good is that dal makhani
they also have I remember chole from editing the videos
Chole I'm not sure I haven't seen that one yet but there's also a non veg just
butter chicken that's a must we're probably gonna order a combination
of veg and non-veg so it's gonna be exciting to order all right options
options the door hi hello can I place an order for take-out okay sounds good Paneer Masala Palak Paneer small One Daal Makhani small One butter chicken small One aloo ghobi One chicken tandoori chicken tikka One veg biryani Two butter naan One garlic naan One Amritsari kulcha 45 minutes sounds good
thank you very much we'll be there food order has been placed it's a lot of food
so it's gonna be 45 minutes which will be 12:30 that's a normal time for lunch
yeah we we intentionally or exam all so that we can try a lot of things exactly
you can get medium and large you know figure varieties good no because he
drinks water and then just leaves yes everyone your dad's out today he's on
the he feels he's doing extra guard duties every time he hears the little
guy bark he's like and he does his indoor line yeah it does not please so
yeah a little work for a bit longer and then we'll drive over it's only 12
minutes away from our place so not very far at all and would you like to try
some it's going to be Tuesday morning but he might like the chicken tikka all
right guys so we are driving to the restaurant to do pickup because the rest
they're technically still closed for eating in there doing delivery only and
yeah I met are really excited I haven't had Indian food in a long time how but
for you since you are back from India I have my mom eat Indian food wait a
minute yeah she's done a few things but like
like like real authentic and it's been it's been absolute ages and like editing
the old series I shot with David like that wasn't filmed recently obviously so
yeah I'm super excited for this food me too Celina apparently a 30-minute drive
yeah it's a really close by it's just this restaurant it's kind of like in a
commercial / industrial area yes so it's not in an area that I Drive by very
often that's why I had never heard of it like I've just never been to that one
there's other Indian restaurants closer to home that we go to
guys this is so much food I have five bags of food amazing this is crazy
it wasn't that much it was like $60 Wow and it's a lot of food I need to find a
place where to put it all so should we do a food tour
would that be the best thing to start okay yeah so we are back in the kitchen
yeah the food order was just massive yes also I only ordered five somehow we have
six in front of us hey we got a bonus there's a bonus one
there's a mystery ones you don't see what that one is all about okay so shall
we go through lets us commence we have we've got vegetable biryani very
colorful it's not from you can tell look at the saffron colors yeah really nice
looking rice it's thought peas carrots and corn and yes the aroma comes aromas
so this is our bread tray which is NaN and the culture yeah so this is the
garlic naan here and then we've got a stash of butter naan which we were going
to of and this is the Colton this is a dirty culture yeah being made in the
video oh wow they like put spices and other things into it yeah yeah yeah so
you want to give it to her okay over here we have our chicken tikka comes in
a tandoori oven it comes with some onions carrots and we've got some white
cabbage and then we have
it'll pass little Barca interlude mom got an Amazon package Curry's let's talk
about the curries right so let's start with what we know we've got the aloo
Gobi with a cauliflower hey doesn't cauliflower yeah good it's one of my
favorite vegetarian curries right of course palak paneer
with spinach and cottage cheese I think that's our favorite no yeah that's
that's that's up there I mean I also really like this one here the paneer
masala okay so it's it's also the JumpShip paneer with masala sauce is
amazing yeah and then the the one non-veg option here is the butter
chicken and then over here we have the dal makhani looking good
I watched Sam eat this almost every single thing and our it's our yeah so it
looks good this is the mr. one and that is the mystery one yeah so they're good
just again let's start yes so one thing one thing we learned from our mistakes
in the past especially we had Indian food in in Japan aha is that we
shouldn't be taking the bread and dipping it right in so I have I have
serving spoons for all the different all the different curries and then loaded up
on your plate okay yeah I'm gonna start with my favorite there's lots of spinach
I'm looking for the Oh see this is a paneer there's something here dal slow
cooked lentils I'm gonna start with three why don't we keep like three
different ones sure aside from the Pollack okay
I'll take some butter chicken - you want to look me up okay this one can be yours
I'll chew everything else otherwise we're all trying the same thing yeah so
do you wanna do you want to try the culture the do you want to have a girl
or do you want to do garlic yeah no you know
I would love to try the cool show because I've had butter naan and garlic
naan or I know what that's about let's do three rounds and this is real
well oh my goodness okay you're gonna grab
this mystery one let's see if I can figure it out Oh chickpeas oh it's like
a toilet I mean I don't know if that curry was meant for someone else and it
just got mixed up but I don't know thank you or sorry for somebody who didn't get
what they tried the dal makhani they asked us if they want to mine is very
spicy and I was that bran yeah on the phone he was like how spicy do you want
it and we're like we like spicy it's so rich so rich and buttery love is
on fire but that is good okay I'm gonna try the chickpea curry here I'm trying
to pile up veneer this is delicious yeah all right guys we have loaded up our
plates because it was just so delicious that we kind of started eating and we
got carried away so let's do systematically you're you're you're in
charge you choose let's begin with the dal makhani which is dealer's straight
out of Amritsar so I already had someone cool too this time I'm trying it with
garlic naan okay and can you tell us a bit about this dish since you eat it so
frequently what I love about this particular curry the black lentils
buttery creamy sauce so rich spicy what do you think the lentils are just so
soft they like melts in your mouth and I like that the sauce is like really
buttery mm-hmm and almost a little bit creamy yeah yeah that is very good how
does it compare to what you were eating in India it's good it's sounding for
sure yeah and the real flavor is a real deal okay may even be spicier than some
of the ones we had because I they asked us over the phone you money
nobody seemed or like the a break it yes we like spice what are you gonna try
next okay let's do a logo we only farm potato I love the soft texture of the
cauliflower popular it melts in your mouth you don't even really have to put
much effort into the two intros hmm I was mostly having the cauliflower mmm so
good this is a fun way to eat cauliflower knowing you're a kid and
your parents want to feed you something all these are like probably probably
flour well my parents used to have to disguise
the broccoli like smothered in cheese or something because otherwise it's a bit
bland but when you add all these spices to it oh Allah Gobi is actually one of
the first Indian dishes I've ever had I ever tried yeah what should we try next
um how about one we both love palak paneer okay let's go for that Pollak mmm
nice and spinach II yeah a deep green hmm so rich mm-hmm and like this is
probably the spiciest palak paneer yes we asked I see across the board mouth is
on fire see we see out of all six I would say that palak paneer is the
spiciest of them all yeah I think your oh I need some water actually um all
right so chicken so far that's been my favorite I'm gonna actually how about
with the garlic for me butter chicken honestly it just brings back memories of
high school because where I live in Brampton we have a very large Indian
population so a lot of my school friends we're from India so when I would go over
to their houses for birthday parties they would usually have butter chicken
and there were also be like samosas and then we'd end up watching Bollywood
movies and then we have the Bollywood dancing in the base it was like so much
like yeah that's when I whenever I eat butter chicken it just brings back those
memories of like birthday parties in high school again that that's that's a
that's typically a gateway dish for people trying Indians
for the first time in Canada a lot of times butter chickens on the menu it's a
hit with everyone yeah like you said it's just so
delicious I think you're gonna really like the next one why don't we try the
paneer masala mmm that's great just such a richness nothing I love it and last
but not least what slice we have the cheese I need more bread
huh mm-hmm I'll take some garlic mm-hmm and then I'd like to hear some stories
from you from like your early travels in India before we knew each other yeah oh
there's plenty well it's totally awesome like they're all delicious
it's a the butter chicken in the palak paneer are my favorite so I'm loving
this nan the garlic one yeah it has like minced garlic and it is loaded okay oh
this is so good whoo it's bringing even more flavor to
the curries mm-hmm so tell us about your early travels in India well first time I
went to India I was a cultural hardcourt backpacker I probably had a budget of
less than $500 for the month oh wow I found India especially back then that
would've been in 2010 I was really able to stretch my budget okay like I also
have found accommodations for five to ten dollars a night I would this is back
before like online booking agencies we were common okay yeah I just I totally
just show up I get dropped off in a in a backpacker
friendly kind of area mm-hmm but then just wah I hit I hit the pavement and
start visiting places sometimes I'd have a few in wine that I wanted to check out
other times I totally win it and yeah that was such just such a different
experience back then that was a whole part of the adventure not having a smart
phone at the time not having a map yeah just arriving not really knowing where I
was so it was just that like it was like a different youth like almost like a
different universe in those days and it's a little bit more
adventurous I mean I'm not sure if I would give up the modern technology we
have now to go back in time but there's definitely it kind of like a nostalgic
feeling you have kind of like I don't know when you when you used to listen to
like records or VHS you know videotapes or whatever welcome in yeah yeah this is
just some of the stall jaqui memory for that type of for that period of time
and what I was doing is just kind of going out with my camera and just
wandering around for the day sometimes I'd have a couple attractions in mind
that I'd like to check out but other times I just like what a lot of it was
going with the flow I mean I I wasn't trying to work at travel like we do now
it was just pure travel Pyrrhic spear en shil back then so it's just whatever
whatever I got up to you I got up to you for the day yeah yeah I thought it was
so cool like in one of your Emirates our episodes that you actually found the
hostel yeah or the guest house where you had a stayed I just recognized this was
the place where I stayed on the very first time I went backpacking across
India it was called the cigar in guest house it's near the Golden Temple and it
looks exactly the same like over 10 years ago and it's still a
budget-friendly place yeah I mean for me I'm just the rice what I was at the
right age to be doing travel like that I don't think I'd like it as much no I
want to get more of a plan we're back then they were just like total
spontaneity I love that about you how about your first trip then yeah my first
trip this is before we knew each other it was okay so technically I was
supposed to be going to India with my friends and the plan was let's go to
India together and then we'll also do Thailand and we had about three weeks to
play around with and I remember going to her house and you were like starting to
plan the trip like the destinations how many days do we need an inch place and
her mom walked into the kitchen and she was like but you're not booking anything
right now right and she was like oh no no no
do that later and that probably should have been like my first little belt like
this girl is not going to come sure enough a few weeks later she's like yeah
actually I'm not gonna be able to go to India blah blah blah so then I was like
what am I gonna do like am I going to India by myself for a while but then my
other sister Ashley was like I'll come to India with you let's go together
because it was for my boss's daughter's wedding but like my boss it was super
cool he was basically like family everyone at work loved him they called
him uncle Francis so I got to meet him yeah um so yeah my sister and I ended up
going but we flew to Mumbai mm-hmm a few days before the wedding so like Ashley
and I were there on our own first time in India no smartphone no laptops no
nothing we were like this is pre this would be even before 2010 where anywhere
you want you mister didn't you before me maybe 2009 um but yeah we didn't know
what we were doing like we had no guidebook like I said no smartphones no
Maps so we just went out of our hotel and we started walking and we were
jet-lagged so we were like I would have four in the morning but it was already
daylight we were there in the summer and I just remember like walking along the
ocean and seeing the Sun come up and like it was fiery red and it's like
that's the Arabian Sea and then we walked to the the Gateway what's that
called in Mumbai Gateway of India yeah it was like wow there it is in front of
us and like we were just blown away but yeah we were just walking around
aimlessly without a plan I feel like that was the norm back then
No especially if you're backpacking yeah have a few you have a few points of
interest that you wonder is it mm-hmm and the rest of the day was an adventure
yeah every day every days of you you yeah no that was it was a really fun
trip so then after like three days in Mumbai I think it was we drove down to
Pune with the whole family their family
and then they had the wedding in Pune and that was a lot of fun a whole bunch
of the couple's friends had flown in from the Middle East where they were all
working and then after the ceremony we all hopped on a bus and we went down to
Goa and I think we spent like a week on the beach things go I never made it
there no I was there in monsoon season like it reamed non-stock there were like
rivers flowing down the street and yeah it was a lot of fun though even though
we didn't actually spend time on the beach tanning swimming and nothing like
that it was it was a good time that's so cool and then um we I've been to India
three times the second time is with you and my parents yeah I was a real
adventure yeah she loved that it was a it was a entirely by training yeah
strippers by train and we wanted to do that so we booked we booked the train
tickets like two or three months in advance
mm-hmm with such an awesome way to travel in India because it just it's so
fascinating to see the landscapes and and so on when you go and place the next
and the over there's something just like that I love about taking an overnight
train and just sleeping on the train I mean it's not just an anything not just
an India world anywhere in the world for that matter that was a fun trip as well
yeah and then the most recent one was with David where we were just kind of
going all over the place it was a it was kind of like just a whirlwind trip and
we we hit up a lot of different cities and I went back again I think that means
so many people have told me you should go through Kerala yeah that's where I
would want to go Kerala or the northwest or the north for that for the
for the for the beautiful scenery and different culture and food up there I'd
like to spend a few days on a riverboat oh yeah and some Tigers yeah it would be
amazing that would be amazing Tigers in the wild so you know what we
should try it out is the vegetable biryani mmm and the chicken tikka hmm
you got some room on your plate I do my plate is looking very messy I apologize
a little bit of rice I really love my nan I just want to keep eating non
flavor explain again that's spicy too I love the long the long grains of rice
yeah that's my favorite type of rice the seasoning is really nice don't forget
the chicken tikka yeah she can take her from the tandoori oven that's good
oh hello chicken tikka mm-hmm spiced again huh mm-hmm I'm actually gonna grab
a bit of this yogurt sauce he should have grabbed some sooner it's a kind of
quench the spice Oh oh-ho Sarnia pull yeah oh yeah I had a lot of curry and
then now that I'm moving on to the raisins I guess I still got room for
some more of them this is probably gonna be like the meal of the day the meal
I'll see myself having something hmm such a feast that was a lot of fun
seriously it was we need to do it again maybe what we can do is we can try self
Indian food because by the time by the time we film that video we're gonna be
deep into the South India part of our series in Bangalore and then Chennai I
think we'll try to find some place here in Brampton that specializes in uh
myself Indian delights oh I'm sure that will not be a problem yeah we've got all
the Indian restaurants there yeah but that's what's so awesome about living in
Brampton being in Canada is to be able to eat this delicious authentic Indian
food this amazing uh Punjab you food I just love it I just
love it so can you give us a little teaser and tell us what's up um in South
India cuz next is Bangalore and Chennai so what were some highlights down there
we've got some dosa is coming up we ate Adam at a roadside dhaba with
specialty restaurant on the on the highway okay we try some more non veg
and fish items especially in Chennai when you get into the fish doses are
really famous especially in in Bangalore would you say the food was spicier in
the south and I've heard things you know what it really depends on the dish
really depends on the dish some of them like some of the fish
curries are really spicy that I remember but I mean like the dosas weren't as
much there were more oh yeah I'm really excited because the series were filmed
many months ago so now that I'm editing in we're putting it out it's like it's
like reliving the trip all over again enough time has passed I mean I wasn't
there so I'm experiencing it for the first time yeah I kind of do the first
cut of the Edit and I headed over to Audrey she polishes it off so yet you're
seeing all this stuff for the first time hmm Oh feast of a feast ah I'm so full
but also my mouth is on fire yeah yeah same here same here
oh man so so that was tons of fun guys we will try doing more takeout we still
can t get restaurants no reserve is there is there option for the time being
yeah so if you guys would like us to try some specific dishes here in Brampton
and Canada let us know in the comments also we're thinking of attempting to
cook some Indian food for the first time or so I think we can do it yeah yeah so
if you'd like to see us making any particular dishes please let us know
leave it in the comments we we so appreciate all the comments so guys
thanks so much for watching this video and we'll have more coming soon Tata for


INDIAN FOOD in Canada ??: Trying PUNJABI FOOD in Brampton + Stories From Our FIRST TRIPS to INDIA!??

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