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  • How are you doing with Warren?

  • Peace Trawler Brown.

  • I just finished reading the dust.

  • Many is the book report that has been written by just reading the dust jacket put.

  • It's such a long book, Linus.

  • Look, it's 1100 36 ages long.

  • I bet it weighs more than I do.

  • When Leo Tolstoy was writing Warren Peace, his wife Sonia, copied it for him seven times and she did it by candlelight and with the dip pins.

  • And sometimes she had to use a magnifying glass to make out what he had written.

  • Linus, I really had to do it after their child had been put to bed and the servants had gone to their Garretts and it was quiet in the house.

  • Just think Charlie Brown, she wrote the book seven times with a dip.

  • And you're telling me you can't even read at once?

  • Hello?

  • Hi, Jack.

  • This is Peppermint Patty.

  • Oh, hi.

  • Right.

  • News check.

  • Marcy and I are gonna throw a New Year's party, you know, ring out the old and bring in the new Well, I don't think I It's gonna be great, Chuck.

  • Games and dancing and everything but I don't dance.

  • And besides, I have to read war and peace.

  • This is your chance to ask the girl of your choice, Jack.

  • And I guess we know who that will be.

  • Hot Chuck, you sly dog.

  • But you don't understand.

  • Like I said, I can't do anything over vacation because I know you're a little nervous.

  • Check being at your first real date.

  • Call me later.

  • Check why?

  • We were just with Marcie.

  • There's gonna be a great New Year's party.

  • It's boy asked Girl, and I just know my sweet Babou will ask I am not your sweet baboon and I wouldn't invite you toe chicken race.

  • And I expect a certain piano player to ask what I've got this book report to do.

  • I'm enrolling us in a dance class.

How are you doing with Warren?


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