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In Taiwan, you might stumble upon this small village filled with colorful paintings of dogs, cats and celebrities.
Welcome to Taiwan's Rainbow Village.
These paintings were all done by one man.
Locals call him the "Rainbow Grandpa."
(Cantonese) Who is the Rainbow Grandpa?
(Cantonese) It's me, Huang Yung-fu.
(Cantonese) I am 97 years old.
Eight years ago, Huang's village was slated for demolition.
To save it, he decided to paint murals on the remaining houses.
(Cantonese) Everything was originally white and yellow.
(Cantonese) It was so freaking ugly.
(Cantonese) I usually paint at night.
(Cantonese) There are too many people during the day.
His village used to have more than 1,000 homes.
It started out as a settlement for Nationalist soldiers and their families, who fled mainland China to Taiwan after they lost to the Communists in the Chinese Civil War.
But gradually, all the veterans moved away.
Today, there are only 11 houses left, and Huang is the last man standing.
(Cantonese) I've enjoyed painting since I was young.
(Cantonese) I started in school when I was 6 or 7 years old.
(Cantonese) Later, I joined the military in Hainan.
(Cantonese) I was 17, not even 18 yet.
(Cantonese) I learned how to fly planes, military planes.
(Cantonese) We fought against the Japanese.
(Cantonese) Later, we fought against the Communists.
Unlike many of his compatriots, who chose to leave the village for better housing, Huang decided to stay.
His murals have given the village new life as a tourist attraction and Instagram hotspot.
Every morning, he still gets up early to paint whatever he feels like.
(Cantonese) I like painting celebrities, singers, athletes, volleyball players, basketball players.
(Cantonese) I only paint people I like.
(Cantonese) If I don't like them, I don't paint them.
(Cantonese) Who's your favorite celebrity?
(Cantonese) Pai Bing-bing.
But many of his murals also depict childhood memories, from before the war.
(Cantonese) I also like painting animals.
(Cantonese) Dogs, cats, and birds.
(Cantonese) My favorite color is red.
(Cantonese) It's pretty and eye-catching.
(Cantonese) I also like dots.
(Cantonese) No one else does it.
(Cantonese) I'm happy.
(Cantonese) Because this is my creation, and everyone comes to see it.
(Cantonese) And they all know me as Huang Yung-fu, the Rainbow Grandpa.
Wasn't that guy cute?
I've actually been to a lot of these villages in Taiwan where people paint the walls and go there to take selfies.
If you want more videos on Taiwan, check out our video on sky lanterns up here.
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【多元文化】台中彩虹眷村的故事 (One Man in Taiwan Saved a Village By Painting It)

978 分類 收藏
Eunice Lin 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 22 日    Cindy Lin 翻譯    adam 審核
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