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  • well my passion started with football or as its known as soccer in US, yes I really mean

  • it, I use to spend most of my time in the field playing football and the dream that

  • I had at that time is to become a player in Manchester united and for years I was passionate

  • about it.

  • defiantly I was shy to tell to people about it because I thought they would make fun of

  • me, I mean I was afraid of the feedback, are u stupid? a football player, let me note something

  • here that I was only 8 at that time and I was pretty much happy with my life because

  • I use to play it everyday but as I grew up, things changed, yes I still loved soccer and

  • even up to this day, I still enjoy playing it but that's not what I want to devote

  • my life to, basically I at that point of my life had no idea what I wanted to do with

  • my life, I wasn't motivated to achieve anything, I was basically living my life until my last

  • years of school where I discovered something called economics and I just loved it, finally

  • I found a purpose in my life and finally I am motivated, I literally at that age started

  • reading around 3-4 books in economics every month.

  • so the plan was, finish school, go to college, get a bachelor degree in economics, then masters

  • and then PhD in economics, yes I really wanted to get PhD in economics, If you have followed

  • this channel since the beginning, you would have known that I have uploaded couple videos

  • about economics when I just started, as I was reading books in economics, I also started

  • reading books in personal development, books such as the 7 habits of highly effective people,

  • or how to win friends and influence people for dale Carnegie.

  • As I was reading more and more about it I found a bigger interest in personal development

  • than economics, especially when I started going deeper into it, on the other hand, economics

  • started getting boring and that's how I basically found what I am really passionate

  • about.

  • now this doesn't really mean that you have to go through the same process in order to

  • discover your passion, there is a shorter way.

  • the first thing you have to do is that list down what you are most likely interested,

  • you might not know your passion but definitely there are things that you know that you are

  • interested, you might have enjoyed the math when you were in school for example, or maybe

  • you are very curious to know how softwares or apps work, or you are simple interested

  • in becoming an entrepreneur.

  • write down 3 things that you are really interested!

  • And here is what you have to do with each of them.

  • Take a professional course in each of them

  • watching videos on YouTube can give you a background about it, but if you really want

  • to understand it much deeper, you have to take a professional course.

  • I know that professional courses can be very expensive but you can use this website which

  • called is coursera where you can find professional courses almost in every topic, these courses

  • might take you weeks to completely them but they will really give you a deeper understanding

  • if you are really interested in this.

  • I have taken multiple courses from here for the last three years.

  • Read books

  • There are people who probably have already achieved what you want to achieve, those people

  • have made lots of mistakes and learnt lots of things on their way to achieve the heights

  • in that field, be it business, science, whatever.

  • And some of them have written down all that in books.

  • if you are inspired to become an entrepreneur, you just have to read couple of books to understand

  • what are you going to face on your way to achieve that and what are the best ways to

  • overcome all those challenges.

  • so, pick up at least 2 books in each of these fields in order to really get to know if that's

  • exactly what you want.

  • Talk to professionals of that field

  • If you can find people who are already gurus of that field, then you are really lucky because

  • these are the people who can give you everything you need.

  • They are more valuable than courses or the books because they can directly answer whatever

  • questions that could possible come to your mind, they can clear out any misunderstand

  • about it

  • It might take you 6 month or a year to find your passion, yes spending 1 year to find

  • your passion sounds a lot of time, but trust me its not, finding your passion that suits

  • your talent is probably the biggest achieving you can reach in your life, I am not exaggerating

  • here.

  • because once you find it, your life is going to completely change, you will live your life

  • motivated and inspired, of course the earlier you discover it the

  • better it is, but if you discover it later, its still alright, there is still time to

  • accomplish what you really desire.

  • I hope this video helps you to find your passion and if you have already found it, share with

  • me in the comments below, if you guys liked this video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe

  • if you are new to the channel Thanks for watching and I will see you guys

  • in the next video.

well my passion started with football or as its known as soccer in US, yes I really mean


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