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[Tips to find a job.]
[Top 10 interview tips.]
When it comes to getting your interview right, you want to have confidence in going into that interview.
So we've got 10 tips to help you on your way.
The first thing, is you wanna actually understand the company and where you're going to be interviewed.
Get to know them so you feel confident knowing about them.
The next thing you want to do, is practice your interview questions.
You can practice with friends, you can practice in front of the mirror, or just do it with yourself.
But practicing your response is really important.
Then, you want to think about what you are going to wear and how you'll present yourself.
And it's good to have an idea about that company, so that you know what people are wearing and how you can match the culture.
Then you want to think about your hair and being neat and tidy.
This is an expectation of most employers in how we present ourselves.
The next thing you want to do is: How you are going to get there?
Make sure you research beforehand how to get there.
If it's driving, if it's walking, if it's public transport.
Make sure you've got a plan in your mind so that you're prepared and not nervous at the last minute that you've taken the wrong bus or train.
Then you want to make sure you're arriving 15 minutes before your interview.
You want to get there and feel relaxed.
And trust me, when you get there earlier, the person seeing you notices this, and this is an important piece.
You don't ever want to be late to an interview.
You also want to make sure you have put your phone on silent, not vibrate, but silent.
This is really important, interviewers pay attention to these things.
So make sure when you're shaking the interviewer's hand, you actually apply the same amount of pressure that they are giving you in that handshake.
This is important because it helps establish rapport and trust and you're not overpowering your handshake but you're not underpowering it.
Then you want to have a list of questions that you can actually ask, that you've thought about that mean something to you.
This shows initiative and the interviewer will enjoy knowing that you've done some research and you're curious about the company.
Another great idea is, ask your friends about their interviewing experiences, what's worked, what hasn't worked.
The more you can learn from others, it really does help you relax and calm yourself as you go into any interview.
So finally, take your time answering questions.
You have all the time in the world you need in doing this.
This is a really important thing, don't rush it.
Breathe, relax, and enjoy the process.
This gives the interviewer a chance to get to know you.
And that's ultimately what you want to be doing.



【生涯規劃】新鮮人必看!兩分半教你十大面試準備技巧! (Top 10 interview tips)

3117 分類 收藏
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