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  • [How to predict the future and plan for it.]


  • So if you're lacking a little bit of motivation and you want to get yourself inspired again, you might want to consider making a goal board.


  • Some people have used the word of vision board or a dream board, but let's just call it a goal board.


  • And simply put, it's a piece of cardboard with pictures of the things you want.


  • Now, it might seem really simple, but it's incredibly powerful when we start to create images of the thing we want.


  • 'Cause it's about conditioning our brain to focus on the outcome of what we want.


  • So you can look on the internet you can look through magazines and start to collect the images of the job you'd like.


  • It could be a representation of the job.


  • Or it could simply represent like a palm tree could represent I want to travel, and my job is going to get me that.


  • So look for things that represent the goal or the job that you want and put them on a piece of cardboard and notice it.


  • So here are some examples of some goal boards from real life job seekers.


  • Now, what's interesting, what takes place here is that our mind starts to notice this and we begin to pay attention to what's out there.


  • I've worked with so many people that have actually gained a job simply by creating this goal board because they're paying attention to it, as opposed to not having it around to see it.


  • So you can have it somewhere special, and if you don't want to use the cardboard, just put some pictures up on your fridge.


  • Put some ideas around the place of what it is that you want to be doing.


  • This is gonna get you motivated at a very unconscious level, which is the lazy way to get motivated.


  • So why not give that a go?


[How to predict the future and plan for it.]


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A2 初級 中文 澳洲腔 目標 紙板 意象 規劃 達成 代表

【生涯規劃】一招讓你立定目標、規劃未來、達成夢想! (How to predict the future and plan for it)

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