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Hello, everyone. I'm George.
Today let'stalk about how to do your autobiography in English for college.
Okay. I have a lot of students who are ready to go to college.
They just finished their biggest test in their life.
If you're one of them, I sincerely wish you good luck.
So maybe you are now ready to prepare for your portfolio,
including a lot of your report cards from senior high school,
or certificates that you get to prove your abilities.
and there is one thing that my students are preparing right now.
That would be the English autobiography.
It is not required by a lot of departments,
but it's alwaysnice if you can include something in English into your portfolio.
You know you can impress professors when they see a whole page of English.
So today, we're just gonna tell you how to make English autobiography.
And there are some things you really have to pay attention to.
I'm not gonna tell you step-by-step how to do it,
There are just some tips that you have to know.
And I have prepared three tips that you really have to listen to,
if you are preparing for your autobiography.
Here we go. Number One.
I know a lot of times when people ask you to do your autobiography,
you're gonna talk all about your family members,
like how many brothers or sisters you have,
or what your brothers or sisters are doing right now,
or your parents' jobs.
It could fill up the space for that A4 page you're preparing,
but don't you think it is too much to just always mention your family members?
My suggestion is, your family members are crucial to your life.
We get it. Everybody's family members probably play a very important part in their life.
However, if your family members' jobs or what they're currently doing
has nothing to do with what you are right now or the department that you're trying to get into,
then just leave them alone. You don't have to mention all of them.
The point is why are you writing something that nobody wants to read,
or after they read it, they think is a waste of time.
The professors are more interested in you not your family members,
unless your family members are super rich,
or super prominent in society. No No No.
That is still cheating. Don't do that.
So when you're doing your autobiography, try to leave your family members alone.
Don't always mention them. You can probably talk about
how many members you have in your family, but don't give us any details that is not required.
And let's move on to Number Two.
This is also very common when I am reading students autobiography.
They want to tell me all about their childhood,
their school life
,how they were born,
where they got their first scar.
I get it if you say that you want to tell everybody about everything that happens in your life.
But don't you think it is going back too much?
You're applying for college,
which means anything that is before your senior high school life
is probably not required,
unless it's something that is nationally or internationally important,
Don't mention it.
We don't want to know if you are the best students in your elementary school,
or you're a kindergarten life.
You might be a very good boy or a good girl,
but we care more about your senior high school life.
For example, what kind of clubs that you've joined?
What kind of special abilities you acquired in senior high school?
They are more to the present, which means they are the things that you should mention.
Don't dwell on the past too much. Don't trace back too much.
And let's move on to Number Three.
I know you've probably accomplished a lot during your school life.
For example, if you were number one in a speech contest,
or you had some kind of scientific experiments, and you
you made a big breakthrough.
I know therewere a lot of things that you want to mention in your autobiography
because you want people to know,
but think about it.
If you are talking about how good you were as a student, like you always aced your tests,
then your report cards would say everything.
So just try to mention those things that are relevant.
For example, if you are going to an English department,
mention anything that is language related.
Don't talk about your math competition,
or your science experiments.
They're not relevant. It is always recommended that for your English autobiography,
You have to make sure that everything fits into an A4 sized page,
so that is why we have to make sure that whatever you write down is necessary.
You might have a really colorful senior high school life.
You might have won hundreds of prizes during those years,
but those things that are worth mentioning
should be the ones thatare relevant to whichever department that you are applying for.
So notice that unless it's gonna amaze people,
you don't have to mention them.
You want people to look at that simple piece of paper,
and know as much as possible about you.
So those are the three tips that I think might help you when you are doing your English autobiography.
Leave your family alone.
Don't trace back too much.
Be relevant.
Of course maybe in your Chinese autobiography you have to do the same thing.
I don't know. You might have to ask your school teacher.
For the English autobiography, as an English teacher, I just want to make sure that
you want to get the professors interested in you, so keep it short,
and make sure that everything in your autobiography can catch their eye.
So if you like this video,
make sure you click the like button down below,
or you can subscribe to this channel.
I'll see you next time. Bye


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