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-Chip and Joanna Gaines.
We love you guys. Thank you for being
not only on our show but on our big Texas show.
-Yes. -They love you. We love you.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I'm so happy you could join us. You know I love you guys.
You two are Texans.
You live in Waco now, right?
-Waco, Texas. Yes, sir. -Waco, Texas.
[ Cheers and applause ]
That's where you did "Fixer Upper."
You both went to Baylor University, right?
-Yes, sir. -In Waco.
Is there -- There's a --
Is there a big -- [ Laughter ]
-Hey, hey. -Is there a big rivalry?
-Take it easy. -Is there a big rivalry
between U.T. and Baylor?
-Well, Baylor University thinks of our rivalry as a big rivalry.
But I'm assuming that the University of Texas
thinks of it as maybe a little bit of a smaller rivalry.
[ Laughter ] So you can imagine, you know --
To speak in like a New York native language, it's like
The University of Texas is the New York Yankees,
and the Baylor Bears are like the Oakland A's.
So it's sort of a different -- different concept.
-Yeah. -All right.
-Yeah, that's cool. I mean, but do you have, like --
Do you have like "Hook 'em Horns"?
Do you have that? What do you have at Baylor?
-We have our own version of "Hook 'em Horns,"
and it's the "Sic 'em Bears."
Any Bears in the crowd, we would say, "Hey, sic 'em, Bears!"
Something of that nature.
-I think they like you. -And it's like, "Arrr!"
It's like "Arf!"
-Yeah, they're not really booing.
-No. It sounded to me like, "I love y-o-o-o-ou!"
[ Laughter ]
-I think that's what they were doing, yeah.
-Okay, all right. All right.
-I love that. Well, I think U.T.
is playing Baylor soon. -Yeah.
-Couple of weeks. We are very excited.
It's always a big, big time to play the Longhorns
'cause they're such a big deal.
And obviously, a big deal for the State of Texas.
But currently, the Baylor Bears, our alma mater,
our Baylor Bears, are 8-0, number 12 in the country.
-That's great. Good, that's fantastic.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-And for that exact reason, without further ado,
I brought you a little, uh -- -Oh, shoot.
-A little memento.
[ Audience booing ]
-Now, I know for a fact... -Everybody, calm down.
-...that was not, "I love y-o-o-ou!"
[ Laughter ] No, I could feel it.
I could feel that.
I'll put this on when there's security around me.
Okay, yeah. [ Laughter ]
I've gotta say, I've been having so much fun here.
I couldn't wait to see you guys,
'cause you have so much going on.
You're starting your own network.
-Yeah. -It's not like a show.
You're starting your own network next October.
So, less than a year out. -Sure.
-Are you ready? -Oh, my gosh.
Remember last year when he prematurely announced
that we were having a network?
And then Jimmy pulled us aside when we were done and said,
"Hey, are you serious? That's gonna be a lot of work."
And we were like, "It's gonna be so much fun."
And you're like, "It's a lot of work."
And now we're like, "You were right.
It's a lot of work." -I told you.
-But we're knee-deep in it right now.
And I think what we love is just the idea
of just finding amazing stories, people who are passionate
about what they do, whether it's cooking, design, business.
So, we're excited.
This is a lot of fun and a lot of work.
-People just love you.
I mean, it's such a good combination.
The chemistry's there. You're smart, you're funny.
You're creative. Your book, by the way --
your cookbook -- I think that might've been
the last time I talked to you -- was crazy best-seller.
It was the biggest selling book out of any book.
I think it was Michelle Obama
and then your book, was the cookbook.
-That's crazy. -So now you have a second one
coming out, volume two. -Volume two is coming out.
-That is coming out soon. -Yep.
-And then -- [ Cheers and applause ]
I don't want to tell you how to do your network,
but I would do a cooking show, if I were you.
-I like that idea, Jimmy.
Now you gotta talk to this guy. -Oh, I'm cool with it.
I'm cool with it. You're talking to the executives
of the Magnolia Network.
And when Jimmy Fallon says, "Jo should do a cooking show,"
I vote that Jo does a cooking show.
-Yes, I think you should do it. Come on!
[ Cheers and applause ] I'd love to be a guest.
-I would love to have you as a guest.
-Yeah. Will you do one?
Will you do it? Or you don't know?
-We're doing one. We're doing one.
-You are? -Yes.
-You are gonna do one? -We're gonna do it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Great!
You're gonna be great. -It's gonna be fun.
-Matthew McConaughey said he was gonna be a special guest.
What I love about opportunities like this --
-He never said that, by the way.
-You basically get to -- -How do you know what?
-No, no, no, Chip, he never said that to you.
-You corner people in the greenroom
and you make them agree to do things.
-Oh, you cornered Matthew McConaughey
before the show? -Exactly.
I said, "Hey, do you mind being a special guest?"
And he said something like, "All right, all right, all right."
[ Laughter ]
Sounds like a commitment to me. A verbal agreement.
-Chip, you wanted to teach me something
while you guys were here. -All right.
-I'm only in Texas for one more night.
-Hey. -And I've had a great time.
What exactly did you want to teach me?
-While you're in the great city of Austin --
I'm from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, originally.
[ Cheers and applause ] All right, all right.
So, anybody from the Dallas-Fort Worth area,
you know, sort of shading towards the Fort Worth area,
knows about a great place called Billy Bob's Texas.
[ Cheers and applause ]
If there's one thing I learned as a Texan --
-There's only one Billy Bob's Texas?
[ Laughter ] Sounds hard to believe.
-Lots and lots of Billy Bob's. -Okay, good.
-There's only one Billy Bob's Texas.
So if there was anything I learned in the great city
of Fort Worth growing up was how to two-step.
And so I'm gonna teach my boy Jimmy how to two-step tonight!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-A little country music for me.
All right, here we go. Here we go.
-Yeah. -One, two, one.
One, two, one. -Stop, stop.
That's not how you teach. What do you mean?
-All right, all right. Two fast, one slow.
-Oh. -One, two, one.
-One, two, one. -There you go!
[ Cheers and applause ] One, two, one.
One, two, one. [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah, come on, now! Whoo!
-Oh, my goodness, that's how you do it!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Chip and Joanna Gaines, everybody!
[ Cheers and applause ]


Chip and Joanna Gaines Teach Jimmy How to Two-Step

17 分類 收藏
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