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-I want to talk about "Under a Rock."
-Oh, I do too. That's why I came here.
[ Laughter ]
-I think it's such a good idea for a show.
-Thank you. -I think it's brilliant.
Basically what happens is they bring you --
it's a talk show that you host.
You probably have a microphone, stuff like this on the desk.
-Absolutely not. [ Laughter ]
-And you talk to a person that you have no idea --
you have no idea who they are.
-Yeah, the producers give me --
I don't follow a lot of pop culture.
And so they give me what they call are face sheets.
And they're celebrities, but their names aren't on them.
And I go through, and I say, "Never seen them in my life,
yep, nope, nope, nope, nope."
And then whoever I say I've never seen,
then they reach out to their reps, and then their reps,
meaning agents and what have you, and then if --
-Short for representatives. -Representatives.
-And then if they agree to come on the show,
then I interview them face to face and try and figure out
if they're a singer, an actor.
-How are they famous, or how would you know them.
-Yeah, so you've had people on --
James Van Der Beek has been on. -Correct.
-You had no idea about "Dawson's Creek" or any of that stuff?
-Never seen the man in my life.
[ Laughter ]
-You had Wolfgang Puck.
-Yeah. I've eaten his food. I just didn't look at his face.
[ Laughter ]
I didn't look at the can. I just opened it.
-Does he sell canned food?
-I don't know.
[ Laughter ]
-I think he sells pizza.
-Yeah, I think he sells more than pizza.
-I don't think so. -I was very --
[ Laughter ]
I was very hungry,
and I tore through whatever packaging he had.
I just didn't look at his face. -A can you tore through?
Wow. [ Laughter ]
Kaley Cuoco -- You had to know her.
-I did not know her. She was so funny, though.
In fact, my producers, they're kind of used to being shocked --
and obviously I do know who some celebrities are.
I've worked with them, socialized with them.
Anyway, with Kaley, the producers were so shocked --
and on each face sheet, there's about 10 different faces.
They snuck different angles of her face
onto like five different face sheets because they're like,
"How does she not know her?"
-I want to show a clip.
Here's Tig Notaro with Kaley Cuoco
on "Under a Rock." Take a look at this.
-So happy to be here.
-Are you? -Yeah.
-I'm thrilled to have you here. -[ Laughs ]
No clue though. None, right?
-No, not yet.
-No. -No.
-Alright. -How does that feel?
-It -- It's new.
-It's new. -Yeah. Yeah.
I usually get it with the sound of my voice sometimes.
-Okay. -Yeah, but maybe not.
-Are you a singer? -No, I'm not.
-Can you sing? -No.
-Would you sing? -[ Laughs ]
I'll do anything you want me to, absolutely.
-Two, three, and -- ♪ -Ahhh ♪
-That's enough. That is enough. [ Laughter and applause ]
It wasn't that you sounded bad. It just --
-Didn't feel right.
-It didn't. -Yeah.
-It felt like -- -Like someone asked me to sing.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-That's exactly what it felt like.
Tig Notaro!


Tig Notaro Had No Clue Who Kaley Cuoco Was Before Interviewing Her on Under a Rock

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