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  • welcome to English in a minute.

  • This week's expression sounds unpleasant and also dangerous.

  • I'm a little worried about Ana and Jonathan.

  • Hey, Ana, will I see you at Fred's graduation party tonight?

  • No.

  • Can't make it.

  • My deadline for the teacher training video got moved to tomorrow instead of next week.

  • Wow.

  • Sounds like you're really under the gun.

  • Need help?

  • Yes.

  • Here.

  • Can you edit these by five?

  • Uh, okay.

  • Well, I'm under the gun.

  • No, Jonathan, we're under the gun.

  • If you are under the gun, you feel stressed out and under pressure.

  • You might feel this way when you have a big project at school, a deadline at work or when you have to make a difficult decision by a given time.

  • And that's English in a minute.

welcome to English in a minute.


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A2 初級

英語一分鐘。在槍口下 (English in a Minute: Under the Gun)

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