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  • Today we're going to talk about four techniques to help you stop translating in your head.

  • And instead, start thinking in your target language.

  • This will allow you to have conversations with ease, read smoothly and better understand native speakers.

  • These are four methods to help you think in a new language.

  • Number 1: Surround Yourself with Your Target Language

  • This way you'll be completely immersed in the language.

  • Without realizing it, you'll learn pronunciation, sentence structures, grammar and new vocabulary.

  • Play music in the background while you're cooking, or have a radio station on while you study.

  • Just use one of our endless podcasts available to you.

  • These are easy to listen to in the background while doing other things.

  • Number 2: Learn through Observation

  • This is how we all learned our native languages as kids.

  • Words will develop their own meanings that relate better to your target language rather than meanings that are translated directly.

  • Number 3: Speak out Loud to Yourself

  • Even if you're a little embarrassed, it forces you to listen to how you speak, it makes it much easier to spot simple grammar mistakes.

  • Number 4: practice daily

  • If you practice everything for only one day, you won't retain the information you learned.

  • The brain can realistically only focus for about thirty minutes, so studying a little every day allows you to absorb better.

  • Follow these steps and have patience.

  • You'll soon be able to achieve your language learning goals.

  • Just make sure to remember these four methods.

  • Sign up for your free lifetime account! No credit card required and you'll get the best free online resources and start learning more every day.

Today we're going to talk about four techniques to help you stop translating in your head.


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別再用腦子翻譯了,開始用英語思考吧! (Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English!)

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