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  • i think i'll be in college is something that can be very challenging because

  • colleges really stressful as a lot going on you're prolly working line or

  • multiple jobs they obviously going to school full time you're trying to

  • balance the way from home new social life honest kind of stuff

  • and a lot of people resort to promotional eating at this article calls

  • that and

  • occasionally that's ok you know in case to you we all have a bad day need like a

  • bag she does or whatever and he usually you know we often think we've all

  • probably ben married is youi we like eating it happens but it's not a habit

  • that's good to get into if you're doing it consistently

  • uh... and over a long period of time

  • because

  • uh... for one thing it ye it's not stress vinny into once you get out of

  • college life gets oftentimes more stressful

  • and that

  • you don't wanna developed a habit in college where your your eating it too

  • cult every time you get stressed out a retired or

  • borrower or whatever it may be because that's gonna lead for one thing to allot

  • of weight gain

  • and for another thing just to an overall unhealthy lifestyle you're gonna be more

  • lafarge next monday's you're not gonna be working

  • out just like cholesterol lifeless trusted cancer everything

  • everything's gonna go godown help from their uh... did you know a lot of people

  • in concept or even now that lately jet or unhappiness work it's funny because i

  • thought previously on this show about how much weight again for showing your

  • college

  • and i think back on it and not to have that much stress that it is a scene in

  • freeing so it wasn't even to relieve stress

  • um but yeah i think most people do i mean i think people generally like to

  • eat

  • for whatever reasons the stresses of cigarettes use by the governor concert

  • even

  • even more than that funny thing happened actually recently so can horcher sort of

  • working for two mighty

  • uh... and recently she was having a bad day and so it's a little time to get you

  • like some candy or something to make a few marches like

  • ally no i don't the are not the most elite

  • and that action on the first replied

  • who do you think you and

  • i think judy no they don't like the whole detainee constantly throughout the

  • day because i'm just so stressed out

  • increase you get buck that trend

  • but anyway i mean if it grow at sushi as it is that it is getting increasingly

  • shape but

  • the the perfect is

  • we eat to relieve the stress

  • but you can actually do something that relieves the stress that's good for you

  • like you can like do deep breathing or you know there are some like and that's

  • our assembly but you can actually did little to publish the same thing of

  • relieving the stress of the food is supposed to relieve it might actually

  • get healthier physically emotionally exactly so there are some things that

  • you should do in place and stress eating

  • either if you have not already started stress eating it you know be aware of

  • this means duties and said if you have a racist receding are not one thing that

  • you can deal which which is sounds really time consuming and light and

  • total drag but i do think it's actually been advice is to the food journal

  • and rate down like wait what time of day a reading what you're eating

  • and like how you're feeling around that time

  • and i know that kind of sounds a little silly but it will help you identified

  • patterns in your eating behavior if you haven't already identified those and

  • then you can figure out credit what are the triggers

  • of your emotional eating an

  • when you feel like one of those tears coming on yet you

  • like go out for a little job gets an exercise do some you know that

  • find another way of stress relief

  • or it

  • abs bang protonated badminton would've

i think i'll be in college is something that can be very challenging because


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如何控制情緒化進食! (How to Control Emotional Eating!)

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