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Covid-19 and lockdowns suck in so many ways.
But when it comes to our relationship, it was actually pretty great!
This is the true story of our lockdown.
Before the two-month lockdown Alyne and I were having problems: We were not communicating enough.
So, on average, we would spend two hours together every day.
And in that time, we would be tired, grumpy, and in a bad mood.
And sometimes, we would fight!
No, you can't randomly say (inaudible).
These arguments would last for days at a time, and we would never have the time to actually fix them... until all of a sudden: LOCKDOWN HAPPENED.
I couldn't go to the office anymore, and I couldn't travel anymore, and we were forced to stay inside as much as possible.
So every hour, every minute, and every dang second, we spend together.
We would wake up here, and we would go to work here every single day!
And this lockdown forced us to communicate.
Corona said, "They need to stay together."
"Let's make a lockdown happened, so they have to hang out and talk about things, and now I'm very happy."
So, anytime we had an argument, it didn't take us hours to resolve!
It only took five minutes because now, it's illegal for you to escape.
So, you said before lockdown you were eight percent.
So you had eight percent left to break up with me!
Well, for us to break up with each other at least.
-And now, what's the percentage at? -I'm at 98! -98?
I'm very pleased right now.
Lockdown does one out of two things to a relationship.
One: It makes it stronger.
Or two: It breaks it.
That's why after a lockdown, the divorce rate in many cities went up, people couldn't take it anymore, while others fell in love more and had more babies.
That's why in nine months people expect a baby boom.
And while we're definitely not going to have a baby, at least we still have each other.
This is the story of one relationship out of many, and the idea behind it is simple.
A lockdown is like using a pressure cooker for the first time.
If you don't know how to use it, it could explode in your face.
But if you do, it will make you a very delicious meal. And that is how the pressure of a lockdown fixed our relationship. -For now! -For now.
-See you next week. -(Speaking Spanish).
Hey there.
How are you?
Thank you so much for watching the video.
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I think you'll enjoy it every day.
There's gonna be a much better video coming your way.
Thank you so much.


Corona VS. Relationships

128 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 2 日
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