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Hey what up, SWEDE_CUCK_84 here, back again with another
video. That's right. I really just wanted to make a video- a follow-up video (laughs)
one of those. Of the video I made
what was it called? Fuck, I don't remember.
*Flashback* I've been doing youtube for seven years and I guess I'm really just tired of being in try-hard mode. Tired of trying
that's right. I'm tired of trying. It's the kind of video
I was really nervous about uploading because I didn't know what sort of reaction it would get, but I gotta say it was truly heartwarming
to see how you guys understood where I was coming from and appreciating my honesty with the situation.
Basically I've been sorta treating Youtube as a startup almost like I've been working crazy hours
Just stressing out over it for such a long time
And I just realize I'm in a position where I just,
I want to take it a little bit more chill, and my approach this week to making videos has really just been like
What do I feel like doing today?
Do I feel like making this kind of video? Uh not really, but it would probably get more views.
I've just been focusing on what I
personally find really interesting, or fun to do.
I'm just really, really glad that you guys enjoy that shit 'cause
It's stuff that I enjoy making. It's sort of like a new direction of the channel, the fact that you guys enjoy it-
It really, really, really means a lot. Just because I feel, like
I want to try less hard doesn't mean I don't care as much anymore
I really still do care a lot about you bros, that sounded pretty gay, um, you guys are
okay I guess is what I'm trying to say. I've really been enjoying the player unknown videos, you guys seem to as well
I really been enjoying the fan interaction videos you guys seem as well
And I've really be enjoying just sharing and reacting to stuff that I personally
Find really interesting, and you guys have as well. really just the only point of this video
is just for me to say thank you because I think it's really cool to have an audience that understands and
Respects me I know maybe that's obvious
But I really don't think it's the case for a lot of people on YouTube looking back at how I was treating YouTube
a couple months ago
It's very different from now. I had an office. I had a couple employees
I had
I was running a business on the side. I was doing all these projects, but I found that
these were all just things that I thought I had, that I thought I needed,
Personally because I thought I had to be more
"Professional" but I think in reality the more I try to be a professional
the more I sort of lost touch in and just the direct connection with with what's so good about Youtube
in the direct connection with your audience it sort of became layers upon myself
And I don't know why I thought that was a good idea like obviously that's a terrible idea and personally these weren't even things I
Liked to begin with I don't like to travel and do other things
I don't like to do other projects that I don't really care about but they'll bring in money these past two weeks have
I've been so much happier as a person I've been so less stressed out just chill
I feel really good and I don't think I would be unless you guys was on the same page as me is
What I'm trying to say, I don't know. I don't know what's next to be honest
I'm just going to keep doing what I feel like doing that's really the plan here, but I love the videos
Because they feel more like me than they did before
Because I passionately enjoy playing Battlegrounds, and I really love fucking shitting on different things
So I feel like I'm back in a way. I don't know if that makes any sense
I'm probably just rambling at this point, but at the end, I just want to say domo arigato (thank you.)
thank you, for being a Sister Fister, and
letting me
Be the kind of channel that I wanted to be I wouldn't be here without you
So I'm never going to ignore you guys, but at the same time like I said
I really appreciate that you guys still respect where I want to take things. That's all
I don't want to get too mopey and shit. Thank you guys so much
domo(thanks), domo, domo, and I'll see you bros tomorrow with another video. And as always,
Sister Fister.


I'm stepping back..

33 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 2 日
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