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Hey, how's it going fellow comrades?
That's right. Today we're doing another vlog
We're going to Yokohama which is about an hour away from Tokyo.
We've never been, it looked cool.
But it's raining.
It's supposed to clear up pretty soon, but most importantly we are
We're here, and we're heading over
somewhere. Somewhere behind me.
Best vlog.
So here's a boat.
Look how cute, they all have little hats!
We uh really picked the busiest day to come here.
It's just so many people.
That's the thing about Japan, you just have to be ready that
huge amount of crowds
Can you ride this?
Let's go. Oh music's playing. Oh, we're going!
My legs are too long.
This is so c- watch out Marzia!
Oh look there's Pikachu.
Let's go to Pikachu
in three years.
You just left him.
I guess we're going upstairs.
When you're on the wrong ride clearly.
I'm joking. No I didn't, no I did nawt, I did naawt.
Minus thirty in the Ice World.
This is not the best vlog, keh heh heh.
minus oooooooooooooooheh (laughs)
That's insanely cool.
We're going in.
Oh my god, it's so cold. I'm so cold.
(Marzia) Whoooa!
(Felix) Whoooa!
I don't know what I was expecting with minus thirty, but Jesus Christ
My nostrils are freezing up. How are you not dying?
That's kind of cool
Can I? Oh my god.
Ooh. Mah ASS is frozen.
How does it get colder?
It gets colder!
That was so refreshing! Now we're out in the hot again.
It feels nice now.
Someone died. That was my joke. Wait, we're going on the family banana store over there. Whenever we go to Brighton
There's the pier and they have a bunch of rides on it
And I hope we always see a lot of Asian people going on the rides
And I'm always like why why would they come here to go on and on like these shitty rides and here we are in Japan everybody
All the rides are really fun where they last like
10 seconds yeah, so the haunted hous is shut down, but it's called Dr. Edgar
Virtual reality vehicle a thousand meter drop, so I'm doing this one
Whoa wait this is the score, they got zero points oh
Let's go we got to get the high score
You have to scream as loud as possible on the last jump, and there's a high score we have to win
We just came for the wheel, but this is so awesome. They have so many things
Okay, we're going to die
233 I was not good enough
People are laughing at us
Okay, so this haunted house is open Jesus Christ
Oh my god, Japan. I don't know if I want to do that. We get to pick how scary. We pick maximum.
Ooh this is creepy
I'm actually scared, yes.
No, oh my god, there's something there, I'm protecting you Marzia-
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
Did I scream in your ear? (Yes) Oops.
Oh my god
Why is it so quiet
What if there's something in the cage with us, Jesus, it wasn't even that scary, wasn't even scared
Are you kidding me
Look at that
I did it
I won you this one, so good. Pikachu, what did you do Pikachu? What did you do?
We're going to the Cup Noodle Museum now, which you can make your own ramen with your own flavor
Apparently cup noodle was invented in Yokohama. That's why they have this giant museum here, but they have them everywhere. Look how much ramen
It's amazing
Yummy, so this is the first ramen ever Chikin Ramen, and then it just kept growing
So now we get to draw
Alright, let's see them. Yours looks so good and then
Ooh cuuute
Does it say ramen? Then we have mine
I wanted it to look spicy like, you think so, and this is how I want to look when I eat it
There you go very nice, thank you
Oh, it's hot it's really hot.
I'm so hungry now
I'm so proud
Okay, so last thing that we planned on today's trip was to go to Chinatown and here we are
It looks amazing so pretty
So apparently the Chinatown is really famous here. That guy straight up look like he murdered people for his sushi business.
I could be wrong. I'm sorry if I'm wrong
Marzia don't look
What's up with these?
Hey Felix!
I really liked the hat that you have. I went and bought it on represent.com/pewdiepie and
it's one of my my best purchases. I think all the comrades should buy one as well. What do you think Marzia?
Yes it looks fancy
Thank you
We got a cute picture
The waiter was so sweet. He kept asking if we wanted to take pictures, and we were like sure
Oh god the food was so good. I love Yokohama. Oh my God look at that
So pretty
All right. Well.
Here we are. we went back just to see the wheel
when it's lit up. We had a great time, great vlog and thanks for coming along.
Thank you for leaving a like and buying the merch. Appreciate you. For real it really helps out. I really really appreciate it
Thanks for all this support so far
[Has to hit the 10 minutes spot :p]
[Dammit Pewdie]



71 分類 收藏
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