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Today... today is just one of those fucking days, man.
*drinks to forget*
Its just... umm
I'm tired. I'm really tired.
WOW, what a problem. Heh
I'm sure your the only one in the entire world, poodiepie
No, I know, I, I, Trust me, I know
And I know these rant videos have been just uh,
A little bit too far in between, alright
and I'm sorry. I don't mean to make this a habit,
Tired is not the right word. I'm struggling, I'm fuckin struggling is what I'm trying to say.
Let me try to explain this in the... this so fuckin ranty this video is just going to be so ranty.
*drinks more alcohol*
Last year,
Th.. uhh worst month of my life.
I'm pretty sure at least.
I, I, I think I went Insane.
I think I went crazy
It probably didn't show on camera,
Like it is right now.
I lost my mind
I went crazy
'cuz I had too much stuff to do,
and usually I'm pretty good at taking it
but then umm...
It just went overboard,
and I then, I literally, I think i hit the wall,
I hit the wall pretty hard.
and I "oh boo hoo it's hard, it's hard for you" I get it.
But this year I'm just really conscious about getting too much. Errmm. Work on me.
And i'm pretty sure I - em - I'm getting close to that limit again. and I'm ahhh I'm scared that I'm going to hit the wall again.
Where I'm just going to fuckin lose my mind again.
And ahhhh, you know e- i- e- you work all day on a video,
and the people just fucking hate it, and uhh
I just can't help feeling a little bit personal invested alright.
Usually i'm pretty far ahead with content so i really don't give a shit it's like:
"Oh yeah that video i made that two days ago, I don't give a shit"
But now it's like I'm- I'm behind so I feel so.. like I have all this build up of this video and i want to share it
but all I get is like "Where's Resident Evil 7, Pewdiepie?"
and I'm like: "Motherfucker, I made this for you! this video, I put all this time and effort into it,
'Cuz my strategy has lately been to just make videos that ar- are as good as they can be, ignore this one 100%
But uhh, now that Resident Evil comes out it's like it's fucking hard to keep up like I'm struggling like crazy
And all these- eh- like apparently every Youtuber on the planet is playing Resident Evil 7 right now and it's just like:
"Fuck man, how am I going to keep up?"
like two years ago you could upload like 10 minute parts and you'll be fine,
Now it's like, "oh you got to upload at least an hour otherwise I'm gonna go watch Toby Turner play this shit"
Fuu- like it's always like I'm trying to step everything up and I'm just,
(hand gestures stepping it up)
For me, this is as much as I can give and I need you guys to just realize that I'm ju- I'm a person alright?
I make mistakes, I can only do so much.
It's a fucking weird ass video, e- e- I usually have some kinda coherent.. line of what I'm gonna say
but this is just fucking ba- rambling I'm just waste... *laughs at pain*
Basically, I just wanted to let you guys know that uhm.. struggling, I'm really struggling right now
uhm.. I gotta work ahead, that's always something in my mind, I always got to work ahead because there's..
I have all these other obligations that I gotta do I got TV appearances that I'm locked in to do I gotta travel and shit
and oh I know, "so hard for you" but no I just want to make videos, that's all I really care about it's like
"Hey, Poodiepie, you wanna go for lunch later?"
Aww no, thank you though I, I don't have time
"Hey Poodiepie, you want to go on holiday with me, I'll pay for it." That's great but I, I gotta make videos
"Hey Poodiepie, uhh can i suck your dick?" Oh yeah, no, actually you can please do...
and I know everyone's gonna be like "Oh Pewdiepie, why don't you just take a break relax" Don't get me wrong
I appreciate that but at the same time if I want to go on holiday, I'll just do it.
I don't want to go on holiday I just need you guys to understand that if-make a piece of shit video
this is the explanation I make self-deprecating jokes on this channel now I think I started doing that and you
bros and my audience are playing along with that but sometimes it gets a little much, okay
sometimes I need you guys to just be kind of nice about it alright because I have feelers damn it
i feel like this video is some kind of "weird celebrity freak out" like I'm fine it says I'm feeling very tired alright
I'm literally rendering a video while I'm recording this one to save time like I'm so short on time
the problem is I have too many things to do right now and I'm trying really fucking hard to juggle everything
when I see you guys just come about your shit because video wasn't good enough even though
I spent a shitload of time trying to make it as good as possible it hurts alright I feel personally invested
im trying my fucking hardest it's like everyone's like oh I is even more uploading videos he doesn't even have to
well I care alright I care and was like why do you can't I don't know I don't know why I give a shit
I'm not gonna upload on mondays anymore but I used to do that before right now I have too much shit to do
I think im gonna have to make the decision that I'm not uploading on mondays anymore
I know resident evil it will probably just last like a week and a half or whatever it's not a big deal
I'm already short on time and then to do these episodes it's even more time I do want to say that
the support that I am getting uhh when you kind of feel like shit and you have too much to do and you
stress that I really appreciate that like those when I read a comment when I really need it a it means alot
and then don't don't think I'm just focusing on all the bad stuff
I'm not I do want to apologize for this video for being extremely ranty
I fucking hate when people make rants on youtube and here I am making one I just didn't know how else to make this one
I just wanted to speak from my heart and without a script or anything like that youtube is really promoting
10 minute videos it's so obvious like a lot of people are joking like his channel is dying but it's like my channel is doing
better than he's ever done because I started doing like 10 minute videos because watch time is is king on
youtube now so you have to make longer videos but I really feel strongly about keep making good content
even though it's longer I know a lot we were like oh looking only makes 10 minute videos that we only cares
about money but it's like I'm still really trying to make it a good ten minutes not like fucking titled cards for
30 seconds 10 minutes you know
and I don't mean to complain I'm just more speaking honestly how I feel and I hate it I hate for it to be
considered complaining I don't want to be just the guy that keeps complaining or whatever
but it's also like a lot of people have
the approach of like "Oh poodiepie I makes so much money why does he complain?" I hate seeing that it's
almost sad seeing that because they make me think so it like the majority of people value money more than
anything it makes me think that people think that just because you have money all your fuckin problems are solved
maybe some people don't care that much about money you know it's as long as the i can afford to live
"comfortably" I don't give a shit about rest like I'm not I don't want to buy 5 Lambos I don't give a shit
and it so just because people it's commonly known thanks to fucking media by the way thanks a fucking lot
that I make a great living like I'm not allowed to express my feelings it's fucking annoying as shit
i need to get a haircut leave a comment down below what haircut I should get
top comment will get pinned and i'll pick it thank you also be sure to check out my other blogs
*Everyone say robbie rotten haircut plz*
Why do birds suddenly appear, ev'ry time you are near? Just like me, they long to be close to you. Why do stars fall down from the sky, ev'ry time you walk by? Just like me, they long to be close to you. On the day that you were born the angels got together. And decided to create a dream come true. So, they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold, And star-light in your eyes of blue. That is why all the girls in town follow you all around. Just like me, they long to be close to you... On the day that you were born the angels got together. And decided to create a dream come true. So, they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold, And star-light in your eyes of blue. That is why all the girls in town follow you all around. Just like me, they long to be close to you... Just like me, they long to be close to you...
right here. im so tired genuinely tired can you tell, like



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