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There are nicer ways to gain views at least play a stupid game or something!
Pewds, if you're running out of ideas just play a game
Stop posting boring shit like this!! Start posting good stuff
Play the new south park game
or a COD game
or go skydiving (ew) just stop posting boring shit!!!
Pls poods stop making yourself a fool and play a game
dude just play a video game, jesus!
why doesn't he just like play a long game until he has an idea
shUt Up
ThE REasON I'm NOt PLAyiNG anY GAmeS
is cause there's no such thing
as a good game
(guitar song plays as rocket league gameplay is showed in the background)
wait a minute
(loud screeching noises of rocket league cars chasings the ball)
what is this?
(Horrible screaming part 2 begins)
(zooms into mole)
(Disk error screaming)
This game came out, literally on the same date as Fallout, Fallout 3 I think.
So pretty much, Everyone ignored it
It was also at a time where this type of games
were oversaturated but now Jesus Christ himself
came down from the sky and said
"Hey, you know what, aahHh, this game,
*more stuttering*you can have it on PC"
what a lot of people actually DON'T know
is that this game is a uh- a mod
for an older game -uuh minecraft
made by Notch back in 2011
this is just a texture pack, really
and I- I think if you pay close attention
you can- you can see this in the gameplay
*robot whirring sounds*
a lot of people also don't realise this game is just like "The Search"
*laughing* []
I fucking meta myself with a joke
female voice:"Sam! how's the view on your monitor" Male voice: "Looking good. The scenery's a little bland tho"
Sam is not a copy of Solid Snake
it's a common misconception
he's actually a copy of Sam from minecraft
you know that generic minecraft character
THAT'S who he's taken from
alright here we go
actual gameplay
so the beauty of Vanquish is the sliding option
with the slowing down option
it's-it's sexy as fuck
youuuuu've just gotta slide down
and watch out for carpet burns
ah fuck
this is how it's done
that's what i'm talking about
*voice cracking* hELL YEAH MAN
[quietly] oh i can't hit that one
FUCK yeah, this game is badass
what is even happening
are those *burps* [you are disgusting pewds]
are those space lobsters
aw hell yeah!
finally...a-a science fiction i can get behind
alright it's time to sLIIde babYY
oh god, oh sh, oh oh fuck, wrong door
i'm sorry
Slide, shoot and papa's got a brand new bag!
Ye..Yeah Boy!
Thats what I am fuckin talking about.
I love
Its so impressing with it
Impressing about what you can do with minecraft.
The modern community has really has done a great job
Well here's the real question
Can we slide upstairs?
Ohhh maaaa goooooooooood
Sliding Stairs!
Finally a good game.
I waited soooo long
Thank you
Keep sliding..
Keep sliding...
Yeaaaahhhh Boyyyy!!
Now thats what I'm talkin about.
{Evil laugh}
Minecraft is the best game
Game of the year
[game cutscene] Sam: Burns, I need some backup.
Pewds: I like that his name is burns.
Burns: Franklin. Rios. You two escort Sam.
Burns: Everyone else provide cover
Ironically I should be called burns
For all the carpet burns I m getting haha.
{more laughing} [Airhorn SFX]
Burns:I think Im gonna need a bigger gun.
Hell yea Santa Claus! Oh my god
Is that a giant enemy crab?
So here's this giant enemy crab.
Oh my god is that her underwear?
Hey,why did you go to military?
Oh don't worry about it...
Just ehh break dance
I just had a break dance class.
There ya go
Stupid Russians!
ehhehh [russian flag flys in blackground] Ohh my god I take it back
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Ultimate breakdance
Dodge everything
can't hit this?
Oh my ****ing god!
Its megatron. What are you doin here?
Ahhh jeeez
Jesus christ!
I think that what a lot of people don't realize is that this is an actual representation....
Of when trump is down with his presidency.
and I'm okay with that [laughs]
Woah!Its happening
What the **** is this?
What the **** was that?
How do I do that again?
Got em' Hell yeah!
Yeahhh boyyy!
He's dodging.
Woahhh ah hahhaha {Laughs}
That's what I'm fuckin talkin about!
Hell yeah man
That was fucking awesome
Ehhh sliding into your dm's ehehehhh
aw aw aw aw aw f**k aw aw aw
Dont worry about it.dont worry bout it
Wooooahh huhhu
This game is just like gears of war!
I mean dark souls
Is this a nipple electrifying device?
Should I stop or...
He made a reference "Ebay"
What the **** is this game?
ohhh maan
Hell yeah
If anyone understands what is happening let me know.
Ahhh shit
Wait, I finished a mission?
I just died. wtf
I gotta say this game is fucking glorious to play on pc
I can finally see santa's butt in hd
This is what I've been waiting for
Isnt that right santa
**** u bitch. Shut the **** up bitch I'd love to **** at you.
Fuck yeah!!
Im playing my favourite disco song for them!
{Disco song in background}. I cant stop dancing.
Take this!!!
oooh sh**
Its wall-e!
Its wall-e on steroids what the **** happened?
Visual footage of when me and Marzia...
Ohh what was that {music plays}
Oh shi...Oh no..Oh no..
Oh jesus
Im sorry Im sorry
Im sorry
Im sorry buddy
Ohhhhh dick thing!!
Yeah! uh..
Oh shit
Its Jackspedice
[Russian national anthem]
Shit his Irish titties are super strong
Oaa Ohh ohh
Oaaa ohhh ohhhh oaaaa
Just like jerksaw {What?}
Hell yeah
Its piston time!
Well, well, well clap it up everyone
For Vanquish....
Sponsor...Sponsored video ehhhhh
If you guys enjoyed, that's a little preview of vanquish.
I think its a really fun action tough game if you're into that sh**
check it out and...
and as always..
Sister...Sister fist!
[New Wiki how video]:How to treat carpet burns.
Narrator: Wash your hands then clean the wound with warm water.
Narrator: Take a soft cloth, an antibacterial soap and disinfect the wound with hydrogen peroxide.
[youtube comment] Dude just play a video game! Jesus.
Subtitles by Deck of king.Thanks for watching!



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