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If there's one type of channel that I enjoy more than BuzzFeed....
BuzzFeed Clones.
I have found it right here. The only thing better than Buzzfeed...
BBC Three
Lewis! Pause the online game!
Hey Guys! Let's grab a bunch of people with a colorful background!
That's POPULAR right? We can do that too!!
If you're not familiar with BBC Three the most popular series they have is things not to say to
It's the things not to say to people with disabilities.
Which I think it's a good idea because you generally want to be respectful to these people and a lot of times
I'm like I don't know. I don't know what to say to you
I had a boy about same age as me turn to me and say
Ew..What happened to your face
and I looked him dead in the eye and I said
Umm I got a horrible disease that you'll catch if i breath on you. and then i went
And he ran off screaming
so it starts off by that which is you know EHEH a good thing.
somewhere along their line they ran out of ideas which BBC three if you're watching I can relate ok I understand your suffering
Finally finally a video of things that I'm tired of hearing as a gamer all the time
oh, It's so hard being a gamer people don't understand the suffering maybe you can relate to this as well. Let's watch it
Let's watch it together.
Yeah you play video games, but you don't play proper video games (because you're a whamen).
Whamen can't play video games. What are you... well I bet you play...
I bet you play Sims! Bitches love sims am I right ehrhhr? (NO you aren't...)
I don't know what it is with girls
They want to prove to themselves so badly that they're *gamers*, but it's like no one cares. Like no one cares.
Aren't you too old for that?
That is what I hear all the time. No. I only just got good. Girls can't get good at games.
This has been scientifically proven because they have whamen brains which is inferior to male brains.
I'm joking! I'm joking...
i'm joking :/
(it's scientific fact tho)
You may as well just say then again like TV shows are for kids, movies are for kids
In other words books and films are for filthy casuals
filthy casuals man
I made a 4chan meme in real life, what up? What up dawg?
games are for pros
Games are for (drumroll) epic people... like myself.
I am an EPIC.. I am a.. why do I keep doing that :(
Such a waste of money!
Oh, whatever.
Have you not heard of piracy?
Heyyyy listen. You can't steal what in you're copying.
I like her response. Oh, whatEVER, I'm on welfare anyway.
That is not true. It is a far more effective way to spend your money
No. I... I can 100% agree because like I've definitely
finished all of these games I..
I... played them from start to finish
And I really got my money's worth on all these all these titles because I spent time playing through all of them
It's a really really money... money well spent!
If you're into music you spend so much money on an amp or a guitar or drums set or something like that
And it's just like everyone's got a thing.
if you're a gamer you have to buy a computer,
display, a keyboard. Like what is your argument here? I don't understand.
gaming encourages violenceee
This statement is actually true. Just like uh
gaming encourages sexism, which has both been proven at many several
occasions can we move on with this argument, please?
one of the most annoying things
Look how ticked off they are
look how angry.. you see just see how furious they get when they get this statement?
It's because they are so extremely violent
Look how violent they are..
Again, completely but you know when I come off I don't start murdering innocents.
If you are a violent person you're a violent person and video games
are not going to make you no more violent.
I only just met you, but I know this one's going to wind you up.
Oh god, okay.
Did your boyfriend get you into gaming?
I think that's a yes.
*screech of frustration*
Why can't just women just be into games by their self.
No, you just can't.
I'm joking by the way, it's a joke!!! It's just I don't get why they get so ticked off
That's why it's funny to me okay? I'm provoking. That's the joke okay calm down, but Jesus Christ. I don't get it!
Just like stop caring and no one's going to be all like "you belong to the kitchen."
They're like, oh you play gaMES. Oh, you must be really crap.
Because she's a whamen and whamen are inferior to video games.
I played Candy crush, but I'm not a gamer. Now, that is not true. That is a lie that is a paradox. You are a gamer.
Why does that tick people off? Are you serious? You are? It's like even the people that are like I've got pokemon go but like
I'm not a gamer like yeah, you are, really. If you can't accept you're a gamer
there is something wrong with you, sir.
Well. I guess there's something wrong with me.
*more violently* Well I guess there's something wrong with me!
I don't understand why do you think there's something wrong with me?
I don't understand why you have to define yourself by the fact that you play video games. To me
that's just fucking pathetic. If you watch movies you wouldn't go "I'm a movie viewer, I'm a mover!"
Yeah, mover (dawg)!
What up? I love movies. Pff, have you seen a short film? You're a mover.
Do you watch Youtube? You're a movie watcher. What the fuck do you mean?
Can't you just play Candy Crush without having to define yourself as a fucking gamer?
Can I not just play
*banging* Candy Crush iN MY SPARE TIME WITHOut being defined as a goddamn gamer?
What's the best thing about gaming?
Ohhhh, that question, really.
Oh, I hate when people ask me that question
It's almost when people ask me what's wrong with my face. Ohhh!
How dare THEY!!
Look at the smile on her face? *squeal*
What isn't the best thing about gaming? Everything, everything.
Quality, quality content.
Moving ON everybody!
As a whamon on the internet, it's tough. It's tough out there. It's a tough...
It's a tough world to live in. You know I try to be on the forefront of respecting whamen.
I am part of the ambassador program
for respecting whamen dot org slash
People don't understand what it's like,
so thank god for BBC 3 because now we are going to learn what it's like to be a
*noise* on the *noise* on the internet
Things you'll know it you're a women.
Facebook requests. I get these all the time to the point that it's like
I just sort of glance at it, and I just like switch off.
That never happens to me.
Never ever have I gotten a random Facebook request and if you're a male watching this as well
I'm sure you can agree with random Facebook request just doesn't happen to us males.
We are so privileged and so lucky to be here and
not having to get a bunch of friend requests from people that you don't know.
And you might think uh well you're Pewdiepie.
That's why you're going to get it. I got them before ok I got I've always gotten them
It's because I am half whamen damn it
dick pics
Whamen get dick pics. Who takes dick pics? Why would you take a dick pic?
I don't understand the concept of dick pic like you
I wouldn't spread my ass and take a picture of my butthole even though it's a
~*beautiful*~ butthole by the way, it's absolutely beautiful.
Impeccable perfect symmetric, but I wouldn't take a picture of it yet alone send it to someone.
See I'm concerned cause I'm like oh dick pic
Does girls like dick pic?
Am I missing out on something here because I thought, girls didn't like dick pics? (pewds gets excited)
MARZIA!! *High Pitch Voice*
Never think to myself "You know what I could really do with tonight." A dick.
I wouldn't really want a picture of someone's vagina.
Does that make me gay?
Hell no!
Maybe a little bit.
I don't know why I'm talking about this. :(
In a coffee queue, and then you're just like bombarded with this like phallic monstrosity on your phone that you just don't want
What did she just say?
~Phallic monstrosity~
I hate.. I hate just being in line for coffee and then you get bombarded with *spitting* dick pics
Speak to a dick pic connoisseur and be like bruh
But you don't get a dick pic and be like I'd really like to have amazing consensual sex with you
Did her phone become a dick like I don't get it.
I don't want the dicks just stop sending me the dicks >:(
Finally a wha.. that gets it.
Dating apps!
There is a lot of I think fetishisation of like particularly women of color on dating apps.
Yes, this is my perfect opportunity like to catch a black woman. Like, I'm not a pokemon.
are you kidding? are you serious?
I swear she was Hitmonlee. No, wait...
Now I'm just confused.
Is that the same as when you're walking down the street and someone's like hey, baby and if you don't say anything they're like
"Fuck off bitch!!!"
To be fair. Yeah, no guys really have an ego problem with rejection, and I understand this one. Stop being so fucking pathetic
Okay guys on the internet if she's not interested that means you're ugly just deal with it
Targeted advertising. I don't know where to start with this. This make me so angry, I start shaking.
It makes me angry too when I get targeted ads
towards myself. If I get an ad for for the latest video game, I'm just like oh....fucking....
Ah, it makes me angry. Because I'm a man it doesn't mean I like games!!!
I always get the advertisement for like lose your belly fat.
That's because you're fat
you're fa-fa-fa-fat
Sorry you can't body shame. I forgot about that I forgot.
How about this. Maybe it's because you're fat.
BBC is a tax paid channel, the BBC is run by the government of UK. If you have a TV licence, you're obligated to pay for it.
Now, I don't have a TV licence. The first thing I fucking unsigned up when I move to UK and they keep sending me like
are you suuuuuure?
Are you sure about this TV? Like fuck off.
No, no, you wi- I would not support this shit. To be fair some of these videos
I thought were good. Some of them flat-out cancer.
But that pretty much sums up Buzzfeed type of content anyway and my content for that matter.
This has been Pewdiepie remember to respect whamen and leave a like - for every like you respect one whamen
I'm sure there's going to be some montage about all the whamen joke I made at some point in the future, but until then
Stay awesome Bros.
ahh, Sister Fister, sorry Sister Fister
*Yay The Brofist is back :D



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