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*screams* Scared you, Oh boy! That's just the beginning!
Welcome to FNAF 6. That's right.
This is actually a pre-alpha of Dark Souls 4, everyone. Uh, last time I didn't get scared at all.
It's almost like the game isn't scary, but everyone in the comment was like. Oh, you don't play in the dark
That's why it wasn't scary, oh okay, all right
I'll turn off the light that's fine okay, and I'm not doing it because I like to eat shit
I'm doing it because it's so goddamn hot okay. This light...
I cannot record for more than 40 fucking minutes until I can't fucking breathe
Because I can't install an AC in this goddamn office
Multi-millionaire goddamnit can't even get an A/C installed I got the guy come here. He's like
Why don't you just get a fan all right? Well?
I got a fan, okay
But I still can't fucking breathe
Because of the goddamn light let's play a level two of this one the living room looks a little hard
Okay, sure. Sure it's a little hard. Sure, buddy. Oh
"Is someone there?" I'm here. "If anyone can hear me, please respond immediately." ma nama jeff!!!
Ohh cool Okay, so I got to defend myself in here this time
That's cool. Maybe I should listen to the instructions, actually. Alright so what do we got? We got a couple options, right?
I should probably just restart because I need to actually know how to play the game to beat it. Let the games begin!
Alright, It's paused. So I don't know how to unpause it. It doesn't... how do I unpause this, huh?
Okay, there we go. Alright, so...
So this is their feed, okay.
soooooo, uhhh
What I'm looking at here, oh
That's really cool. I'm seeing through their eyes, their little nose and everything. So this is Foxy and Freddy here?
Oh, that's easy. Alright, so
Foxy is Gonna make r- okay, okay, okay. Then Freddie's gonna be like "Oh fam. Hell ya man"
Alright alright. It's not the sound of like over here... Hello? Hello?
We're fine. We're fine everybody all right. That's good, so
Are they just walking circles in my house, or shouldn't I hear them?
I'm very confused
They're in there, okay. That's the door isn't it
They both arrived to a door right now at the same time. I think they are my side doors.
Okay, well what?
Each animatronic always go through a specific to work try and identify and remember where they come from?
But they came both at the same goddamn fucking time. Where do you hide? There's nowhere to hide.
Where do I hide in the fireplace? Do I kill myself like what, fam?
Why would I pause the footage?
I get it. I pause them not the footage, but why?
Interesting. Really interesting gameplay
It's a fucking rhythm game. I swear to God, this is like a rhythm game, like, it's like-
Okay, so he's about to enter that door
So let's pause a lot here so that Foxy that can get a head start
Okay, so now he's in there. We're gonna hide here. I don't know
Okay, that that didn't really work at all [laugh] okay, so let's let foxy come first
And I'm guessing like bonnie or some shits going to come through the main door
We need to offset their sync or whatever
What is he doing..? Okay
Okay, the fox is about to come where do we hide then let's just see if we can just hide here see if that works
I don't fucking know. I don't fucking know, what am I supposed to tell you mate? I don't fucking know
Hey, fam. How you doing, buddy? Don't... don't kill me
How you doing, buddy?
You're looking good. All right. See you later. It worked. Okay cool. So we have Freddy now.
Don't know what happens to foxy to be honest. He's about to walk in the door
Well, just we'll just be chillin here by the God damn fucking light
Listen I would just take the bookshelf hide behind the bookshelf. Hey, buddy. I'm right here right here. Love your hat hello
Hello. I'm nice wow incredible
You just check out a tank on the horse with a rocket life incredible
Alright, now what?
Alright were back at foxy fam. They're both sort of reset, okay. We'll pause foxy. Oh
What was that sound by the way?
Ah God, I have to look at other stuff.
Ah, that's not good is it?
Ah Fuck. I'm sure it's fine
I'm sure it's fine. Let's er one, two, three, four,
Okay, and I'm sure that was up alright. Are you going to are you going to fuck me or what's happening here?
I don't get it
Where do you hide if it comes through there, okay? Oh, God go fu- go go...
Hey, fam. How you doing? Looking good man, looking good as always man. Alright, get the fuck out.
Oh god!
I was like should I just hide or go. Fuck, I don't know about this one. This is not scary
I mean the game is kind of comfortable. You're just sitting on a couch
It's pretty nice man; not every day you get to do the privilege of that, man.
Alright is Foxy coming through soon?
All right, he's coming through now
It's interesting though. It is kind of cool. All right. Let's look at Freddy. How is he doing?
My man Freddy the fingering fucker
Alright, so he's coming now. I'm just gonna be like "Fam. I'm chilling..."
"relaxing, maxing, all cool"
relaxing Maxon, oh
Hello? oh shit!
Hello?!? Oh, shit
(Freddy: Where are you go? ;) i want hug you!)
[BURP] (Freddy: Ewww)
If the weird that I just want Chica to come in and fuck me. That's all I want
Is this weird that I just want Chica to come in and fuck me. That's all I want you know.
Mr. foxy is at it again, back at it again
So we here Mr. Fam here. Go through here, and he's like "ahh, fuck you"
I'm fuckin but I don't know what to do when he comes
I really don't know maybe you need to stand by one of the doors
Okay, so it seems we need to pause, my man.
Just cool it for a minute fam.
Fox's coming through
We'll go here
This is great, having a great, having a great time
Freddie should be coming by soon.
Oh God. He's really close. I don't know how close until he actually comes out
But I'm guessing I have to hide by the bookshelf. This is a little awkward. I think it's gonna come through any second fuck
Fuck I fucked up
You're gonna have to leave really quick because I have other guests coming soon, okay?
Cool okay, so I think this guy's right. Yeah, okay, so we'll go here now. Isn't that right? I said that's right
Oh, wow. I sure hope no one comes in here. How fucking close do you need to get?. Oh my lord
That guy wants to suck my balls
Hey welcome to the Fam
Squad Fam all right. He doesn't want to be part of a squad fam.
I'm gonna have to look at foxy right now cuz ah "AH ZABENYA"
Ha ha ha okay. I may have fucked up the timing just a tiny little bit. It's hard
There's so many of them fuck man alright actually let's pause Freddy as much as possible
Just as much as we can
Okay, now we have to go though
She's really slow at getting up the couch. I'm thinking I'm an extremely
Overweight Youtuber who's stuck in a maze with some; read too much FNAF fanfiction and here I am.
Here I am baby
Sound, seen, deliver - let's have a look at my man, Freddy fam.
Now let's pause foxy as much as possible
Okay, it's like an and one two a three four five six seven eight nine ten!
Okay! I'm going, I'm going, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Blah blah, [incomprehensible noises]
Oh, we're fine, oh shit dog
It's a really cool idea this one, but it doesn't really have the horror effect
I'm gonna have to pause him as much one two. Oh, God that does not sound good. How close are we looking here?
Okay, not too bad. We'll pause him some more.
Was Freddy doing spread it at the corner. That's not good
Ah, fuck I er, I completely missed the timing on this one. Listen fam, shut up like I don't have time
Geez okay, he's gonna let me just check on him
Okay, we're fine. We're fine. We're fine. Alright fam. You're welcome.
Oh god it, he just went closer didn't he.
Alright, I need you to leave right away cuz like I have business to attend. Thank you fam. Now. I do believe oh, God
I'm not good at these games. Okay? I'm really not come on
Come on. I can do this
I know I can I'm the best horror gamer on YouTube as everyone knows just look how scared
I am don't you feel the fear that I'm feeling because wow
just wow.
Ah, we're fine, we're fine, oh God we gotta go we gotta fucking go, man.
Hey, you wanna s-, you wanna $5 sucky man, come on man.
Okay, let's look here. It's all clear math Fam
Easy this is easy
I never played a game so easy in my goddamn life easy peasy titty squeezy as I always say it's my catchphrase
Everyone knows me about it
Hey, Freddie, you wanna fuck-a? You wanna fuck-a in a sock-a? Come on Freddie, come on boy.
Right here my ass. Look at it
Very nice, I know
How you doing fam? How we doing here fam? All right you you say well, you will stay away from for a while
Yeah, okay. I don't want to get fucked by you, man. all right Foxy, I'm gunna let you Cock-sy my...
Come on. Ah Fuck. It's moving closer. Isn't he?
(Pewd Rages)
Fuck this fucking piece of fucking shit fuck you fuck everyone and so fucking done


They say this game is hard..

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