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*clap clap*
Meme Review!
*clap clap*
Meme Review! (Did you say potato?)
Meme Review, the most important show of our time,
of our generation. And in the future,
they will analyse these videos under a magnifying glass, and saying:
"What touched these people?
What touched their heart, what touched their soul?
What made them think, what made them believe?
And what made them not want to KILL THEMSELVES?"
Well, the answer is simple - to not be part of a Logan Paul vlog.
Now, this week's Meme Review could be the strongest one yet.
Blessed be thy memes. We have some great material,
and dare I even say it - the Meme Of The Month
The Meme Of The Month could be in this week's episode.
First off, we're gonna start off with the
You probably seen this meme already, if you follow this channel,
which of course you have, cause you're a meme connoisseur.
This video was posted by the user 'Darkcode'
and uh, it sort of made it into my
"You Laugh, You Lose",
[Flashback to the recent 'You Laugh You Lose']
(snort) Goddamit.
That's right everybody, I am taking 100% credit,
and all the royalties for this meme, for making it skyrocket so high.
"PewDiePie kills all the memes", the haters say.
Excuse me, "Somebody toucha my spaget".
This is important stuff. This is- this is where it's at.
of course, you get different variations of this "Somebody touch ___"
What can you add in, instead of "spaget"?
[Intro of "All Star" by Smash Mouth plays] "Some-
I love the tracking, it's so good.
We have of course, the "Thomas the Tank Train" Somebody toucha my spaget,
which makes more sense the more you think about it.
(facepalm) SOME - BODY - TOUCH - A - MY - SPA - GET!
Someone (toucha MY SPAGET) spend hours, making this.
Thank you for your great sacrifice.
We, of course, have the "Blend S" version of the "Somebody toucha my spaget" meme.
We also-
And of course, when you have someone yelling really loud, really angry,
there's bound to be the- the version, that really takes it to the extreme!
Take it to the Moon.
[Ear rape]
Because of course, who WOULDN'T be infuriated,
by someone touching your SPAGET. If somebody toucha MY spaget,
you know, you would get the... the backhand.
Like that.
Never touch another man's spaget.
It's written in the Bible.
First paragraph, first sentence:
"Never-a touch, somebody's
[Earrape ] SPAGHET!"
There's the "Ting goes skrra-PAGET!"
(echoes) SPPAGETT...!
Someone spent hours to create this.
Blessed be the meme with you, "MineTronic".
"Little piece of SPAGET"
We even have the PewDiePie version of the meme!
Is it possible, that I foresaw this meme?
I think yes, which is why all the royalties should go to me.
But then of course, we have someone that takes it to a hundred, and then a thousand.
[Family comes in]
"Somebody toucha my SSSPPPPAAAAGGGGGEEEEEeeeeettttt!!"
I know what you're thinking. We've come far. We've come far as a mankind.
Incredible, just incredible.
How could anything top the "Somebody toucha my spaget" meme?
It is the perfect meme. It is the greatest meme.
I'm gonna rate this one...
a seven... point seven.
Because it's a... AAH!
Spaget! I just- someone just touched my spaget.
It is now a 6. It's a great meme,
but we all know this meme will be gone tomorrow.
This is not The Meme of The Month.
It's- it was fun while it lasted, but where else could you possibly take this meme?
It's a 6, no one even cares.
It's a 6, I'm sorry. It was fun while it lasted,
It's a 6.5, I'm gonna give it a 6.5.
MEME, (clap)
Can I get a
MEME (clap) of (clap) THE MOOONTH (clap)? (Somebody toucha my-)
Ugandan Knuckles, everybody.
Ugandan Knuckles - it's The Meme
POTENTIAL Meme of The Month, I can't say for sure.
But it's- it's painting out to become a very, very strong meme.
You might have seen these, huh? The "Stupid Knuckles" thing.
"I can show you da wae". What do they mean?
Why is there Knuckles everywhere, and why does he look so damn cute?
It's origin stems from
this old classic Vine,
where a man chases another whaman, and asking:
"WhY are you running?"
[some weird screams]
"Why are you running? Why are you running?"
*small chuckle*
Combined with Knuckles, and a little sprinkle of VR chat,
has created probably one of the most god-awful memes, I have ever seen in my life.
It is so awful, that it doesn't get better than this.
It does get better than this, but it doesn't at the same...
Shh! Be quiet.
Basically, this meme started with Gregzilla making an animation,
Oh my God, I keep getting me-
Basically, this meme started with Gregzilla animating Knuckles, just for a few seconds.
Gregzilla: So, without further Echidna... Ugandan Knuckles: Oh no!
Gregzilla: Let's take a look at Sonic's Lost World.
Did you see that? Did you see that? Can we see it again?
Ugandan Knuckles: Oh no!
So, a DeviantArtist called "tidiesflyer" took this picture,
and turned it into a 3D model, and put it in VR chat.
Now - that embodying the Ugandan vine,
"Why are you running"?
and embodying the memes of the Ugandan Warriors,
which comes from the streamer 'Forsen', another racist streamer-
I mean another Swedish streamer,
who does uh, videos, where...
his chat is basically all Ugandan Warriors that try and kill him,
typically playing PUBG.
Action is coming!
Action is coming!
[Eurobeat plays in the background]
And, it's sort of all these sprinkle of elements coming together,
[more Eurobeat]
creating this god-awful, horrible meme, Ugandan Knuckles.
This meme should never exist.
This meme is if you roll the dice, and you get a six. That just doesn't happen.
This meme is the most unlikely meme to have ever existed,
and we are blessed for this horrific thing, to exist in our lives.
You have this incredible, strong army of fighters, of warriors,
that are united, and they are ready to strike at any moment.
But they don't have a leader, and they don't know "da wae".
They need to find "da wae". Can someone please help these poor Knuckles find their way?
They are looking for their Queen, they are looking for their Commander,
and if they find anyone that isn't one of those,
they will proceed to make clicking noises, and spit at them.
That is basically the Ugandan Knuckle meme, everybody.
I've just explained it, and I realized that takes all the fun out of it.
'One Way',
'Da Wae'.
They always ask him: "do you know de way?"
But they never ask "how are you today?"
This emo-Ugandan Knuckles came to me and said,
"There is no way". (laughs)
"Lightning Mykween", everybody.
"Lightning Mykween".
[Reads the tweet] "Someone referred to me as a 'Queen',
a bunch of effing people with Knuckle avatars came out of nowhere,
and started inhaling into their mics super loud."
Beautiful, incredible. So beautiful.
My God... I've got tears, real tears.
Now, the Ugandan Knuckle meme is in danger, it's in great danger.
It's gotten media attention, with Polygon calling it "problematic".
It's a problematic meme, it's a racist meme.
People are saying, left and right: "This meme is racist!"
These people just don't know "da wae".
We have people saying:
"Y'all are aware, that Knuckles VR chat video is incredibly racist, right?
Like literally, jokes that a middle schooler would make?"
"Ugandan Knuckles is a racist joke.
Please retweet this, because this does NOT need to be a viral meme.
Stop giving it attention. Come on, now."
(mockingly) Just give me more attention instead, and retweet MY message,
that Ugandan Knuckles thing is pretty racist, you guys.
But there are SOME, who are resisting and saying:
"The Ugandan-
The actual Ugandan dude, who made the movie the meme is quoting,
loves the meme, and retweets it all over the place."
That's right! The guy that made the original Vine,
loves the meme, which gives it a "Seal Meme of Protection™"
"As an African I can actually fully tell you, Ugandan Knuckles isn't even slightly racist.
Imitating accent is funny, get over yourself."
Although, you know, maybe I'm not the right person to talk about this, but...
seeing 14-year-old white boys,
going with an Ugandan accent, going "Do you know da wae?"
It's uh... it lessens the meme a bit.
I wanted to give this meme a 9 so badly, but... It's an 8.
(Ugandan dude) "We must pray for this one, we must pray for this one."
It's a great meme.
It could have been an actual, really strong meme, a really powerful meme.
But it's up to us, to see where this will go.
Are we... where else can this Knuckle meme go?
Only the future will tell us, but for now - this meme gets an 8.
But thank you for watching anyway.
Leave a like if you enjoyed, and
check out more Meme Reviews,
and as always, have a great time.
Somebody toucha my-



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