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(copying ali-a) What is up guys today we're going to do the LWIAY challenge
Ali-A meme taken to new heights
pa pa pa pa pa
pa pa pa pa pa
Welcome everyone to LWIAY
YouTube's favorite show everybody where I review the memes and
you guys post them
You are welcome
by the way
the most glorious honor in the whole platform of YouTube,
is to have your meme appear on the LWIAY subreddit (true considering the sheer amount of reuploads and submissions)
if you end up in this video
if you end up in this video
Pewds_ali-b.exe is thinking hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Feel free to retire
LWIAY intro. (10000000 times better... I mean worse than Ali-a meme intro
Le LWIAY intro (by dave of course)
Hey look everybody, more Alinity memes, Hey look everybody more Alinity memes, that's not out played already at all!
Hey look everybody more Alinity memes, that's not out played already at all!
Oh, copy strike.
That's-that's pretty good
Her: he's probably thinking about another woman.
Her: He's probably thinking about another wahmen Him: Why is Pew News called Pew News if it's hosted by Gloria Borger?
Him: Why is pew news called pew news if it's hosted by Gloria Borger?
*oh god please stop hmm meme is dead
China may be using sea to hide its submarines
*no, seriously, stop
Pood's channel
Are you s...
Are you s-
Originaln't content
It is original content.
It has my face. Is that not original enough?
*laughing* This is America
This is America.
Buzzfeed 2 must be steaming right now, that's right
That's right
Vice, Buzzfeed 2, my favourite news site
Buzzfeed 2, The definitive guide to enlightening information.
Yes, of course
The truth, and nothing but the truth
It's this pewdiepie? (hahahahaha)
Is this Pewdiepie?
Don't know if you guys saw this there was an article from Vancouver that posted that
There was an article from Vancouver, that posted, that
I went to the suicide forest
Consider Pewdiepie, the world's most subscribed youtuber, who earlier this year visited Japan's suicide forest
Aokigahara, and posted footage of a men, who died by suicide
How could he do that? Arrgh. I hate Pewdiepie. When will he learn? He never learns.
Alinity: I'm 10% nibba
Stop, okay guys,
I See, I see like everyone is still trying to get like attention from her
Just we both clearly moved on. Like there's no reason to keep on memeing it. Although it was very funny.
-Did you do it? -Yes. -And what did it cost? -399
Everybody. have I told you about my cha...
*such sadness... poods has no chair... 1 like=1support*
Where did he go? Where did he go?
Stay with Thanos stick right chair official crush of Pewdiepie fan base kind of weird for me to have a crush
I'm only 9 after all that's right army of nine-year-olds hurray
In the future we're gonna need
Hieroglyphics to understand this meme it's so weird
running from thanos,
Fighting thanos, find a weapon to kill thanos, turning thanos into a meme and then killing him with meme review
*clap clap* (Me: MEME REVIEW)
Hey look someone fixed it! You memed it right with the cola light! :D
Twitch thots, calling them twi.. guys, please
Stop. So after meme correction. I decided to buy the right...
Well done. Well done. Congratulations everyone, what do you want an medal? (yes)
Eating a picture of pewdiepie every day until he... wait, he's still going? he's still going!
At 399
399 mark my words. Okay, maybe a hundred. How about that if you can make 200, I don't know
I'm not even gonna say what is channel name is cuz YouTube this is gonna ban him again... PUBG suing fortnight for copyright infringement
Can we copystrike Fortnite????
CaN We coPysTriKe foRtnIte???
Health minister of Belgium illusion hundred I would say illusion zero
That was a fat joke everybody very subtle. So it's okay Christian channel
(Yup sure)
YouTube watch through the video. They're like, wait a minute
what is that???
Is that????
And it keeps going congratulations everyone now, I'm actually starting to think that you are actually nine years old like Jesus Christ
There you go, thank you for correcting... a meme correction well done everybody
Yeah, this is what it's getting now, like come on. This subreddit is about me. Okay, stop it. Oh my god, please
What the heck don't worry girl
You are now under protected by the nine year old army because you supported our kid. Yeah. Well, what about the king?
What about me?
Upvote, if you want Pewds to change the name of the fan base from squad fam to nine year olds. It's already happened
It's inevitable (Drink my toenail juice)
(Why hello there pewds o_o..... whatcha doin?)
(uhhhhhh okay......)
We are now entering the final page of memes hooray
Maybe we can get some actually decent ones. That actually makes me feel good. That makes me Skratta
ABCD... alphabetn't great great this made it to the front page everybody
Congratulations, 'if women rule the world said my wife there would be no wars'. That's true
I replied wars require strategy and logic
Hell yeah!
Vice! Write an article about this. This is terrible. This is so
This is so offensive not just for me but for whamen all whamen are queen
I am pewdiepie
Gloria Borger. No, she did not tweet that, she did not, no! There's no way she would mean that
Too serious. Oh man, maybe one day
Jesus Christ, do you just want to take over my channel? Well guys it would seem that I have been replaced
The nine-year-olds have voted and I will no longer be doing this channel. Thank you guys. It's been real. It's been a good eight years
Actually, you know what? It's been kinda mediocre to say the least. Goodbye. Everybody. It's been great
Thank you.
(Guess it's just me now)
(Ummmm so hi)
(How are ya?)
(oh wait there he is!)
You guys know that you're literally that mean where
Someone said.... teenager someone's a girl being moderately nice to me. That's what's happening here, right?
Okay, someone at my graduation
Has this on their cap, is that real that's not real
Pew can copystrike her degree now! Yes! I kind of wore Pewdiepie merch on New Zealand national live television
Is that a nine year old? Brook from the audience to keep you up-to-date Who am I reading that please Brooklyn?
thanks, Jeremy you and I only just met so need to wait it out before we call each other just friends really how long
Well, we'll tell you after the break, please
What is this show it looks like a news show... are we infiltrating the system? Well done proud of you whitetiger5502
Pewdiepie merch, awkward handshake Congrats. You're a real fan nine years old. Thanks
It's in our DNA, okay, we don't do handshakes on this channel. Hey, look at that everybody
Fantastic, it's just become that the ally and the enemy of the channel. Basically Hey look another one
Another one... upvote, if you want... look another, wh- what the hell?
Jesus Christ petition for Marzia to host pewnews. That's right Marzia is queen everybody
Can we ge-
*video* "Meme review! *clapclap*
"WELCOME BACK TO..." ohhhhhhh
Grande, what did you do boyyyyyy "if you love memes and you know it, clap your hands!"
Hey! "if you kill memes and you know it clap your hands"
"If you love memes and you know it"
"And you really wanna show it"
"If you kill memes and you know it, clap your hands"
"meme review, the most important show"
"Of our time"
Grande, you're the best
Of course it can
I got a really bad dirt bike accident, broke basically everything in my chest colt- collapsed my right lung, was bleeding my lungs
Was bleeding into my lungs. I couldn't move my right arm the stupid outfit and me was all I could think of
"but can you do this?" (brave soul he is)
You guys are weird, you guys are 9 year olds
I don't know what else to say at this point, but honestly, that's hilarious
madmax199932, I hope you get a good recovery and
Thanks for keeping the memes alive. If you guys want to keep the memes alive check out subreddit check out subreddit
How is Eeeenglish? check out subreddit down below and the post it? Something interesting?
Something nice something cool. I am bored, alright everybody? Jak się masz?(How are you?)
(s'okey poods stuff gets better)
Alright so-uh like I said, I'm not gonna do this channel anymore. There's really no point. Clearly I've been replaced so
Take it Sky, Thank you
(noooo come back)
Well, hello there it's SkyLOL and from now on I'm taking over this channel
Thanks to 9 year olds, so don't forget to hit that like button three times subscribe to this awesome child
And I will see you tomorrow



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