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What's up SquadFam?! That's right..
SquadFam. SquadFam.*CLAPS* That's your new name.
I'm changing it. Due to popular vote, you are no longer sisters, It's SquadFam
It's a gender-neutral term and I think you guys will appreciate
my progressive thinking on this channel. Thank you. Thank you. I know I am a saint.
I know I am perfect. I know these things already, but don't mind me, there are actual issues out there in the world
SquadFam. Let's begin this video. Last week I asked you guys
Asked SquadFam. I asked SquadFam, to do fan art, to do fan art of me, my face
*LAUGHS* I don't know
I said you don't have to draw me. Okay! I said you can draw whatever you want
I will review it for next week.
Next week's challenge
I challenge you bros this one is going to be difficult. I mean SquadFam, SquadFam, SquadFam
I challenge you SquadFam next week to do anything. You can literally do whatever the fuck.
Pu...Sumbit anything that will get popular enough on this reddit thraayy....
the thing that I link in the description reddit.com/R/pewdiepiesubmissions
Anything. Anything you can think of post it there.
Now let's review you guys fan art, Pewdiepie minimal fan art. Well you see my hands here. Look like they merged together
I look like the penguin from Batman, you know when his fingers are all together. Thank you. I love it
It's a dream of mine SquadFam.
How did you know? He Protec, but he also?
Whamon I like you guys drew on the the new merch. That's very cool
I'm glad you guys love it by the way. It makes me really happy, Melix Drawn in Tim Burton style. That's cool
Oh look at Maya and Edgar, So cute!
Thank you for giving me a hideous green face as I always have. As people know me by
Disgusting (Family-friendly) Green Face Felix. That's me
Holy shit! How did this one get so low in ranking? that real? Is that an actual drawing?
This is one of those fake ones where they just run it in photoshop filter and be like look at this
fan art that I drew you I am so talented right please acknowledge my existence
Even though I have no talent or anything to contribute with but this is amazing, holy shit, Monzana
Monzana21. God bless you this is the kind of thing
I want to print out and frame in my home and kiss every night before I go to sleep
God damn that man is attractive. Thank you for making my nose a little smaller as well. I appreciate it. Okay
So there's a higher version available look at that. I'm gonna like that because that was incredible. I can't believe it. Yeah
Good old Donald duck. Am I right?
Good, Old Don... My favorite Donald duck cartoon. It's really good. I see a lot of people
Use this cartoon as some sort of evidence that of like
Oh look Disney used to be terrible as well. If you've seen the cartoon. It's clearly against
Hitler and all that *LAUGHS* It's not it's not something positive. It just shows like how bad it is to live in a
That's the right word
Dictatorship dictatorship, Jesus Christ fuck happened very nice. I would rate that one 1 out of 1 very good
Why not commit Suicide Pewdiepie's advice reason to not commit suicide?
Zero Deaths. Don't want to ruin that k/d
Don't joke about suicide nothing funny about it. Nothing! Pencil Hoe
WOAH!!! So sexy, I think I can pull off that face again
Damn, God damn that's so cool. I love it. We just got started and I'm already fucking blown away
Thank you for giving me hair. I appreciate that Jake Paul: 5 million subs on YouTube in six months never done before Ok
Bless these new YouTubers coming in out of nowhere. Oh look how popular I am
Pewdiepie is next. Nah Fam nothing
I've been crunching for years bitch bring it at bitch bring it ok. Fuck, That's cool
I love these colors these are amazing. Hell, Yeah, you guys are so talented
God damn oh my God
This book has Content
God damn it has cause I wrote it
Okay, no ghostwriter bullshit. God damn. It's so cool
This is making me feel shitty because I'm so bad at drawing. A very lit fanart
Hell, yeah, you took my my Instagram post. Pewdiepie the dragon
skater. He Skates Dragon
I Especially appreciate the the slippy version oh
Nice one very nice. Oh, this is so fun. Jesus Christ
Zero deaths. Next time I ever need some art. I'm going to commission you bros cause God damn. This is so fucking cool
Maybe I'll look good with green beard maybe I should color it that looks so fucking cool
Rick and morty
except its pewds and Jack,
That's so cute. I know jack will appreciate that one. He's such a big rick and morty fan
I love Rick and Morty too of course that's really nice. I really like it
STOHPPP!!! I'm not worthy of this amazing fan art. What the fuck a black and white pointillism?
Are you kidding me these are all dots Hellion Shark
Incredible. Oh my God. I like how you added the the kawaii
pimple, I almost said pillow very nice very sexy leg here as well a lot of great details such as edgar farting it's
Actually probably maya that farts or more because you can literally just squeeze Maya and she she farts king of the web
What was that six years ago? I'm glad you remembered. The fuck is this? Jake Paul dating simulator Jake Chan
Listen it's not like I like you or anything. H-hater *dabs*
Talk shit and I'll end you on Twitter Th-The Jake Paulers are the strong
I kind of want to see a youtube dating simulator like a
Dream Daddy style, you know it'd be kind of funny very creative. I really like it. Good job, Catie Sakie
I said your name perfectly you're welcome. That's not how you say your name. That's how you say it now
I've seen this one. This is an old classic, but goddamn. It's beautiful. It's from until Dawn. I missed that game
Such a fucking good game more games like that please, and I will play actual playthrough ah this is so cute
I will actually save this one ironically. It's so good Marzia has a beard you drew the fake one
I'm blown away, These are sod good. Wa Which page I'm on the like the third page I'm not joking
An all time classic
You know why draw me in a. In a way where I look about
20 times more attractive than actually am when you can draw me like this. Thank you so much.
I really really appreciate it. Oh
OH! Its Edgar, Maya and Sleepy. so cute!
Family Portrait
It's adorable. It's really nice. I love sleepy as well, so unhappy always it's edgar all along
I wish you know if I could train my dog to do my work for me
That would just be really great more time for me to just play PUBG would be better
I love how accurate you drew my face this face out of all faces. I've done
It's probably the ugliest face I have ever mastered my hair is way too long
I look
I look completely insane when I'm passed away, hopefully hopefully far in the future (R.I.P Felix Ketchup and burger)
But when I have you always have a beautiful picture right? This is the picture
I want to be shown this is how I want people to remember me. God damn perfect. That's how I want whoa. Oh
My God, this is so good
Welcome the newest member of the Pie family please fight the urge to dip this beautiful specimen in frying oil
It's Nick Crompton
I want it. I want one. It's so cute and even Marzia's forest creature in the back. That's so cool. Whoa?
Pewdiepie respects like every second this is so dope the art of respecting whamen
Thank you for drawing my legs like that
Really appreciate it
This is so good. Oh my God
I need to write that book someone asked me yesterday if I will ever make another book this I just found out
I said no, but now I want to and that's definitely the title the truth behind pewdiepie and team 10
NOOO!!! How did you know?
You were not supposed to find out this way. That's so creative. I thought I was good at Photoshop
I could not do this I'm saying that shit for reposting later. Hell, yes
20:27 uh-huh nah Fam next year
This is gonna be 2017 this beard will flourish from all the whamen
Respecting. it will flourish like a flower. I ain't shaving this time. I don't care one honey
We all say well. Shave the beard pewds. Fuck off her breasts. Zero Death
Yeah, just like dark. Oh. I love the style of this. It's very cool. Love the spit effect as well
No, I know no. There's no way. This is real
No, fucking way, holy shit
I was going to down vote because I thought no way this is real
And then I saw your video and now I'm sorry. I ever doubted you wait
there's a video of this what how I mean, I see it happening in front of me, but
Jesus Christ, I don't believe it. I still don't believe it. Ha ha I feel so
Overwhelmed I'm like I really didn't expect. I'm so humbled really I feel so lucky to have you guys
I thank you guys so much a million times, for each of single one of these I'm sorry
I didn't go if I didn't go through all of them
I did as many as I could remember next time you can do whatever you want music memes
Shit, whatever you want check out the reddit. Thank you guys domo domo domo squad Fam squad Sam
Fam's fist



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